Murphy Brown Season 11 Episode 5 Review: The Girl Who Cried About Wolf

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The rhetoric was dialed down on Murphy Brown Season 11 Episode 5, and it's a good thing. This episode was far better than Murphy Brown Season 11 Episode 4 and proves my theory.

The way they presented that storyline didn't predict the rest of the season.


A Wild Goose Chase - Murphy Brown

Of course, Murphy and the gang had their lines addressing different issues, but the writers wove the topics into the storyline. They peppered the shots and funny moments over and around the story instead of creating a stage and shining a spotlight.

Messages are easier to digest when presented the way they were in this episode. And they don't have you reaching for the Tums.

We all should've known with Murphy's history of assistants that her assistant was the leak.

I never thought it was Frank or Avery.

Well, I've been lying to him since he was born. I know what I'm doing.


When Frank confronted Murphy at Phil's about the possibility that she was the leak, and Avery stole the story, Murphy was offended.

I kinda get it because she's Avery's mom, but let's get real. Murphy just got finished accusing Frank of leaking the story. He denied it, but he wasn't at all offended by the suggestion.

It appeared by the way she reacted that it would be an ongoing problem between Murph and Frank, but it wasn't.

Frank at a Party - Murphy Brown Season 11 Episode 5

She must've thought there might be a whiff of possibility since she asked Avery herself.

The point is, the whole episode revolved around trust.

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Frank may have ruined a nice relationship with Christy, but I hope not.

Surely, Christy can understand Frank's point. They work for rival networks, and like Avery pointed out with Murphy, there have to be some ground rules.

Hey pal, when you're in this bar you're in my America. And if you can't behave yourself I'll deport your ass right out that door.


What I didn't like were the sweeping generalizations that have appeared in Murphy Brown. It was apparent on Murphy Brown Season 11 Episode 4, and it appeared here too.

Over and over, the characters' lines put all conservatives in a bucket. They attack Christy without knowing her as a person.

Murphy in the Morning has no idea about who this Christy person is nor do they know her personal beliefs. They know what she reports on, and they know where she works. 

They slap a label on her and give her extremist characterizations.

Avery with a Shovel - Murphy Brown Season 11 Episode 5

That's not okay.

Why is it okay to lump all conservatives into a pile and say they're all alike?

What does that sound like to you?

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It sounds a whole lot like bigotry to me.

Each person who works at Murphy Brown is an individual. They might share some of the same views, but they aren't carbon copies of each other.

I never know what this kid is saying.


Look at Avery. He works at the Wolf Network, and while he shares some of Murphy's views, he doesn't share them all.

If he did, he wouldn't stomach working there.

The strong points of the show were the parts with Pat. He brings another feel to Murphy in the Morning trying to pull everyone into the digital age.

It was a great idea to get Murphy an AI assistant. She couldn't screw up or show up drunk. Right?

Oh, but she's a powerful beast. Left in unknowing hands, add a few misinterpreted words and she can still screw up royally.

Hanging Out at the Bar - Murphy Brown Season 11 Episode 5

And she did.

Poor Murphy. She'll never get a good assistant no matter how hard she tries.

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I hope Frank patches things up with Christy because it would add a different dynamic to the show. As they get to know her as Frank's love interest, Murph and the gang might change their minds about people on the other side of the political fence.

You go through assistants like dairy goes through me.


I'm not saying she'll change what they believe or where they stand on the issues. That's not going to happen, but it could start to soften the political lines enough for some peace.

The bit at Phil's with the racist jerk was well done. The message intended from the exchange came across effectively. Then it was followed up by a perfectly pitched line from Murphy.

That's the way a political comedy should lay out. Get your point across and surround it with the funny.

What did you think Murphy Brown fanatics? Who did you suspect the leak was? Are you getting irritated with the sweeping generalizations? Will Murphy ever find an assistant?

Tell us what you think in the comments.

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The Girl Who Cried About Wolf Review

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