9-1-1 Season 2 Episode 10 Review: Merry Ex-Mas

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It's the most wonderful time of the year! Literally. 

Christmas themed hours always bring the feels, and 9-1-1 Season 2 Episode 10 was no exception. They were daring rescues, one cute little kid and the best proposal of all time. 

And then there was that ending. Boy oh boy, do we really have to wait until spring to get some answers?

Happy Athena - 9-1-1 Season 2 Episode 10

After the saddest Halloween episode in the history of the universe, we were due to get some feelgood holiday cheer, and that's exactly what we got.

All the emergencies had a certain amount of charm, which sounds like a weird way to describe life or death situations, but that's just what this show does. There's a little background attached to even the shortest character arcs, and it lends so much to every situation that sends the first responders out on the road. 

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The man trapped in the box and the marine, in particular, were two stories that were really told beautifully, even if they took up such a small amount of screentime. 

Celebrating Christmas - 9-1-1

The marine's determination to see his daughter sparked something in Eddie and gave him the answer he was looking for. 

Eddie: I guess sex complicates everything.
Buck: You said it, brother.

It was obvious from the minute we saw Eddie and Shannon making out on 9-1-1 Season 2 Episode 7 that things were going to get complicated. They gave in to their attraction which is all well and good, but they weren't working on any of their issues. 

They were hiding behind the passion and avoiding the very large problems that exist in their relationship. There's a lot of love still there between the two, but also a lot of resentment. 

For Eddie, it was important for him to acknowledge the role he played in the position in which he now found himself. Shannon has the perception of him as the bad guy, and that's not unwarranted. But learning that Eddie also ran away, albeit differently, makes their situation murkier than ever. 

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Christopher deserves two parents who can not only be honest with him, but honest with themselves. They will never move forward if they can't learn from their past and hopefully, their Christmas reunion is the start of something good. 

I still have my reservations about Shannon, but I'm willing to give her a chance for Christopher's sake. 

On Bended Knee - 9-1-1 Season 2 Episode 10

While Eddie was figuring out his life, Bobby and Athena were at a crossroads. And can I say how glad I am that we weren't subjected to weeks and weeks of them trying to figure things out?

Once Athena got past her hesitancy, it was evident that she was all in with Bobby. And he has seemed the same, that's why it was a bit jarring to see him so taken aback by Athena's move-in proposal. 

But then again, this is all new to Bobby and considering the places he's been, it does make sense for him to digest the information and not make a spur of the moment decision. 

One of the greatest things about this pairing is how likable and easy they are to root for. Bobby's proposal was heartfelt and beautifully stated and Athena shutting him up because he had her at hello was totally in line with who she is. 

This wedding is going to be epic guys!

A Friendly Hug - 9-1-1 Season 2 Episode 10

Maddie was having a hard time with Christmas, and it was nice that she continued to open up to Chimney about the horrors from her past. As she continues to move forward in her life, she has to deal with all the demons she left behind. 

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Taking Christmas back for herself and not letting Doug ruin anything else was a powerful moment for her and it feels like she is making so many positive steps towards a better future, which means that naturally, her world is about to be turned upside down. 

Chimney's stalkerish guardian angel was very clearly Doug; that wasn't a surprise. What was surprising was that he's played by Jennifer Love Hewitt's real-life husband!

We always knew Doug was bound to show up one day and we'll have to wait a little bit longer to see how this all plays out.

All I know is nothing better happen to Chimney. He's been through enough!

Wrapping Gifts - 9-1-1 Season 2 Episode 10

Loose Ends

  • Michael doesn't get much to do these days, but he always comes through with sound advice. And it's nice to see how supportive he is of Athena and her happiness. 
  • Athena's ring was beyond gorgeous. Bobby really did well there!

We have a long hiatus guys, so make sure you get in the comments section and tell me how you felt about the first half of the season! What were your favorite moments? What are you most looking forward to seeing in the back half of the season?

Leave your comments down below and make sure you watch 9-1-1 online, so you're all ready when the show returns!

Merry Ex-Mas Review

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9-1-1 Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Look I'm not trying to give you an ultimatum. I mean, move in or else. That's not me. That's not it. I just wanted you to know I was open to taking the next step.

Athena [to Bobby]

Brandon: I look like an ornament.
Buck: Better on the tree than under it, right?