Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 4 Episode 6 Review: I See You

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Unlikely friendships come from unexpected trips.

Pairing off the most unlikely people for various adventures was the perfect way for many of them to confront something they haven't realized about themselves.

During Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 4 Episode 6, three different road trips bring the most unlikely pairings together. Darryl and Rebecca head out to a food place they both wanted to try, attempting to avoid stepping into the wrong topic of conversation along the way.

Heather ends up giving Nathaniel a ride when his car breaks down, and she ends up finding out more about him. Meanwhile, Paula needs to pick up a desk and ends up going with her least favorite person, Josh. 

A Day Out - Tall - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 4 Episode 6

"I See You," written by Jack Dolgen was an inventive way to change things up. Letting characters grow sometimes means putting them in situations with other people that they might not usually spend time with. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend accomplished that, and it even managed to throw some surprises in there.

Who would have thought that Darryl would lose his mustache?! 

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Nathaniel and Heather

Ever since Nathaniel and Rebecca broke up he has been in a desperate need for a reality check.

Having him pair off with Heather allowed Nathaniel to go through some personal growth, but it also served as a reminder that a lot of his decisions are rooted in self-preservation.

Nathaniel cares and yet he forgets to show it in any kind natured way. The way he shows his appreciation is limited, and he needs to work on it if he will ever find that better version of himself.

Here is your burger and cabbage. They call it the No One Wants That.


In fact, Nathaniel was just one example of the broader spectrum of characters that are using this season to look within and improve before they can move forward in any direction.

Nathaniel's past is riddled with trauma and pain, but it can't reflect on his present-day attitude which he learned from the one person who wasn't usually going to associate with him.

Heather Dancing - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 4 Episode 6

This allowed for an outsider perspective because Heather owes nothing to him and because of that makes sure he hears the harsh truth.

The same could be said for her, with Nathaniel pointing out that she could afford to get a better car in his own special way.

These are all the same ways that Nathaniel shows he cares, not knowing how to go beyond that sarcastic side comments, much like with Burt.

Nathaniel: I’ve been trying to get an Uber but these idiot drivers keep canceling on me.
Heather: You must have a bad rating.
Nathaniel: The ratings go both ways? Socialists.

There is progress to be made there though, especially with his relationship with the other owner of the firm. It is obvious that Burt cares for him, and Nathaniel attempting that awkward kiss was a promise of what is to come.

Nathaniel might not be with the woman he loves, but he is learning how to be a better version of himself so that he doesn't just restrict his inner circle to one or two people.

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Darryl and Rebecca

It couldn't have been the point of this arc, but Darryl and Rebecca almost kissing still has me absolutely shocked.

Imagining them together is impossible, and yet what a lesson that they both learned leading up to it. 

Rebecca may not be focused on guys at the moment, but obviously, her love life won't be on a shelf collecting dusting forever. And it shouldn't be.

Doing baby laundry makes me want to cry.


Most of Rebecca's issues are rooted in her interactions with men, it doesn't mean that she needs to cut herself off from love to avoid that.

She is doing better and her breakup with Nathaniel was the first step in figuring out the relationships she should avoid. Her connecting with Darryl was the confirmation she needed that she can try again because what she was desperately looking for in the wrong guys isn't there anymore.

Now she is looking for a more healthy connection, which sounds like the perfect moment for Greg to show up. It sounds like they won't be getting back together, although perspective and growth may be what brings them back together for good this time.

Darryl Dancing - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 4 Episode 6

Regardless of all that, as much as Rebecca grew, she was still wrong to talk to Darryl like that.

Based on her conversation with AJ, it was obvious that she still felt like talking about her past.

Not wanting to do that for a day is fair, but Darryl is someone that is always in his feelings and Rebecca had to know that. Brushing him off the way she did served as a reminder for that that she still has work to do.

Rebecca and Nathaniel Dancing - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 4 Episode 6

Rebecca is doing well with herself, yet she still has some associations with some of the people around her. Darryl truly was patient with Rebecca when she didn't treat him well, but everyone has their breaking point.

Darryl is also going through plenty of issues, and there is that common ground where he doesn't force Rebecca to talk about herself but also is allowed to just be himself.

In time, hopefully, these two will hang out more and figure out where that compromise can lie for them. 

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Paula and Josh

It has been a while since we've seen Josh, and not to be mean but that loss wasn't truly felt.

The good part about a show with such scene-stealing characters is that you can never go wrong with exploring one, but at the same time the shift that Rebecca felt has been imparted on us as well.

Josh is more or less in Rebecca's rearview mirror so the same happens for us during Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 4.

I was at Kate Middleton’s wedding and we barely speak anymore.


Using Paula as the bridge that brings Josh around lets us also see a different side to Josh. As much as his story was told in previous seasons, it would still find itself clouded at times with Rebecca's perspective.

Paula is brutally honest about her view of Josh, not giving him an inch that he doesn't deserve. In doing so though, Paula got exactly what she dished out.

Having Josh go with Paula to get the desk meant she would get her anxiety called out by someone. If Paula went with anyone else like Rebecca, she would just be enabled more. Rebecca may have picked up eventually on the fact that Paula is nervous, but it had to come from Josh.

There is that sense of realization that only comes from hearing the news from a person you wouldn't usually go to, or even talk to.

Paula Dancing - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 4 Episode 6

This also served as a way to check in on how Josh is doing, it may not be a concern for everyone but it is still important. 

Josh used Rebecca's attempt to be better for herself as a jumping off point, and it honestly sounds like he is doing better. He may look like he is still absorbed in only himself, but even just picking up on what Paula was doing was a huge step forward.

Josh was able to see beyond his limited perception of a situation, and he clearly knew Paula better than any of us expected.

Of course, there is that consistent mention of him still living with Hector's mother, a tiny fact that he has to work on because even as a comedic pattern it is getting worrisome.

Josh could take a few lessons from Valencia and Heather, they have both grown so much and it would only help him to move in that direction with them.

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What did you think about the show pairing everyone off as they did? Which twosome did you enjoy the most? Who do you hope will hang out more now?

What are you hoping will happen in the next episode? Do you think Josh not playing as big of a role this season is a good idea or are you hoping to see more of him? Which song was your favorite this time around?

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