Hawaii Five-0 Season 9 Episode 9 Review: Mai ka po mai ka 'oia'i'o (Truth Comes from the Night)

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Some of Five-0's adventures have taken on a comic-book quality.

Now superheroes were at the heart of Hawaii Five-0 Season 9 Episode 9.

Fortunately, most of the team could still get in touch with their inner child. Excepting, surprisingly, the youngest, Tani and Junior. They're too cool for that scene.

Urban Vigilante Tall  - Hawaii Five-0 Season 9 Episode 9

This was a Jerry episode. And aren't those also the most fun ones?

Of course, Jerry was at the forefront of this investigation of the murder of a real-life urban vigilante. Jerry is a true believer in the archetypes of comic books. Was anyone surprised that "Jeremiah" had a pull list at Other Realms?

I loved Jerry's dissertation about why he wanted to be Batgirl as a child. As a misfit with an active imagination who didn't fit in, his explanation made perfect sense.

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Jerry's knowledge of superheroes and his righteous indignation at the nonbelievers were crucial to solving the case. So what if not everybody got his geek speak. If he didn't find Gene's hidden room, the case doesn't take the necessary turn that allowed it to get solved.

I like that Steve is giving Jerry the chance to grow as a detective, rather than just keeping him as the mascot. Jerry has a specialized skill set, but McGarrett is giving him an opportunity to try new things, in a controlled environment. And Jerry has responded well to that.

Best of all, the case didn't make fun of the comic-book culture. Although no one embraced it as much as Jerry did, at least the others seemed to be able to understand the appeal.

Next Generation - Hawaii Five-0 Season 9 Episode 9

Of course, McGarrett could get into it. After all, he already leaps between tall building in a single bound, even if he really shouldn't. That's what made those final scenes drawn in comic-book fashion so amusing. He already had jumped onto a helicopter, more than once. Hell, it's almost a monthly thing.

And, for all his grousing about Will's hobby, Grover got it too. He admitted that he'd like to still have some of his old, now valuable, comics. For the enduring legend that the late Walter Payton left behind, I agree with Lou that he qualifies as a superhero. 

Of course, Danny "You kids get off my lawn" poo-pooed the whole idea of superheroes. He's too often an old man in a middle-aged man's body. But with a young son, he had no choice but to come around.

Watch Hawaii Five-0 Online: Season 9 Episode 8

Of course, it was the lawyer. It's always the lawyer. Unless it's a legal show. Then it's the opposition lawyer.

As soon as Pope insisted on sticking his nose into the sainted Captain Ishikawa's business. you knew he was seeking to obstruct justice. Of course, until it was revealed that he was the prosecutor who benefited from all those false convictions, his motivation wasn't at all clear. 

Jerry was able to give The Night Sentinel closure, both in the case and in his comic-book series, which made for a very satisfying conclusion.

Enjoyable Read - Hawaii Five-0 Season 9 Episode 9

Another satisfying conclusion: Adam didn't kill Noriko.

We need to give the powers that be some props. They seem willing to admit that some storylines that aren't working just need to be brought to a close.

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First was the restaurant, which should only be used for final scenes on special occasions. Nuff said.

Now it's the whole "Adam is being framed for killing Noriko" fiasco.

No one bought that storyline. Period. So put it out of its misery.

Bagging a Suspect - Hawaii Five-0 Season 9 Episode 9

That's what was done. The whole thing was a pain in the Yakuza's ass. So Kimura, who had no motivation to have Noriko murdered to frame Adam, turned himself into Five-0 rather than have the Yakuza punish him for their aggravation. It made no sense, but who cares? It's thankfully over.

That still begs the question of whether Adam even belongs on Five-0. Imagine the message that sends to HPD members aspiring to something more: McGarrett giving Adam a job largely to take his mind off his impending divorce.

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I like the character of Adam, and I wasn't offended by him as a Five-0 detective in this episode. But he didn't really bring anything special to the table either. Which is a shame, since the show doesn't have to share Ian Anthony Dale with Salvation anymore.

Would I be surprised if, as in the above examples, producers decide this too is a mistake and Adam takes a bullet in a very special sweeps episode, which causes him to leave the force? No, I would not.

To check out all these developments, watch Hawaii Five-0 online.

Did you enjoy the superhero case? Are you glad the Noriko case is over? Should Adam stay?

Comment below.

Mai ka po mai ka 'oia'i'o (Truth Comes from the Night) Review

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