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Did Lizzie and Josie accidentally reveal their abilities?

That was the key concern on Legacies Season 1 Episode 2 when an annual flag football game with Mystic Falls High went sideways. 

It was all thanks to Penelope who was intent on getting her own back on Josie. 

Meanwhile, Alaric, Hope, and Rafael hit the road to find Landon who disappeared with the dagger and left a bus with a lot of dead people on the highway. 

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Legacies Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Hope: Why should I believe you?
Rafael: ‘Cause I don’t lie.
[Hope stifles a giggle and nods]
Hope: Everybody lies.

Rafael: He’s not lying. I know him, if he says there’s a fire-breathing woman running through the woods. Then there is a fire...
Alaric: [Interrupting] There’s a fire-breathing woman running through the woods!
[Hope is speechless and Landon falls down relieved]
Alaric: Did I or did I not say don’t engage?!
Hope: He’s only dangerous if crappy apologies could count.
Alaric: Well, looks can be deceiving. Now our bus refugee ... turns out she’s a pyromancer.
Landon: What’s a pyromancer?
Hope: A fire-breathing witch.