The CW Cheat Sheet: Which Shows Are in Danger?!

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The CW has some big decisions to make. 

With most shows performing marginally, the network needs to establish which shows it will be taking into the 2019-2020 season. 

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Network politics have previously saved some of its shows based on which of the studios own them, and with most of the shows coming from Warner Bros. TV group, it wouldn't be all that surprising if Charmed ekes out a renewal over one of the DC TV properties. 

Have a look at the slide below to find out where your favorite shows stand!


1. The Flash - Certain Renewal

The Flash - Certain Renewal
The Flash is down over 10 percent to a 0.7 rating in its fifth season. It is still The CW's highest-rated series and plays well with delayed viewing.

The ratings for its season premiere swelled to a 1.4 rating with a week of DVR factored in.

2. Supernatural - Likely Renewal

Supernatural - Likely Renewal
Supernatural has slipped in Season 14. It is currently averaging a 0.4 rating in the demo, and gets a decent boost with delayed viewing factored in. It will likely go on as long as the leads are still interested.

3. Supergirl - Certain Renewal

Supergirl - Certain Renewal
Moving to a new night, Supergirl has dipped a tenth to a 0.4 rating. It still adds a lot of viewers with delayed viewing, so it's hard to imagine The CW parting with it quite yet.

4. Arrow - Certain Renewal

Arrow - Certain Renewal
Arrow moved to a new night this fall and is averaging the same 0.4 rating it had last season. As the show to kickstart The CW's DC TV universe, it's safe for a while yet.

5. Riverdale - Certain Renewal

Riverdale - Certain Renewal
Riverdale may not be scaling new ratings heights, but it is averaging a 0.4 rating. With seven days of DVR added in, the premiere surged to a 1.2 rating. It's not going anywhere.

6. Charmed - Certain Renewal

Charmed - Certain Renewal
Despite the backlash, this reboot has been performing decently on Sunday nights. It is currently averaging a 0.3 rating. It is building over 100 percent with a week of DVR factored in. It's safe.

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