Modern Family Season 10 Episode 10 Review: Stuck in a Moment

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On Modern Family Season 10 Episode 10, the Dunphys and the Pritchetts sent us off for winter break with a laugh.

That was one of the better episodes of late, and it was a welcome change from nearly the entire season.

Haley and Dylan vert - Modern Family Season 10 Episode 10

We followed Dylan and Haley as they tried to figure out the perfect time to tell Phil and Claire about the baby. When they finally did, it seemed like Phil took it harder than Claire.

That was a shock.

Phil's so Phil; I would've thought he would've been super excited, especially because he's always been a huge Dylan fan.

He's not one of those over-protective father types who stomps around telling all the guys to stay away from their daughters.

We have an announcement. Dylan and I are having a baby.


Although his reaction in the news was probably typical of a father finding out that his unwed daughter was pregnant, it wasn't what I would expect from Phil.

They were supportive, though, so that's what matters.

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There was no doubt in my mind that they would be anything but supportive. Even though it was understandable that Haley was nervous, she should've known her family would rally around her. That's what good families do.

Christmas in the Kitchen - Modern Family Season 10 Episode 10

It kind of makes you wonder about Dylan's family. They were all worried about telling the Dunphy's, but what about Dylan's?

I wonder if the show goes on for more seasons if they will introduce his family to the audience.

The funniest part of this episode reminded me of older Modern Family episodes that were always spot on with the effortless comedy. When Claire was in the Santa suit, lugging the presents up the sidewalk with the green Christmas lights hitting her face just right, Dylan's line fit perfectly about the Grinch.

Even Uncle Cam's? You have to save those for seven years, like tax returns.


That's the kind of comedy that's been missing from the storylines. We don't need the snark or the deceit or any of that. That's not what made this show great.

What made the show great and kept it running for this long was their ability to make us laugh with smart, perfectly timed jokes that appear to take no effort at all. Theirs has always been a natural comedy that flows, and they've been losing that slowly, but surely.

Haley, Dylan, and Alex - Modern Family Season 10 Episode 10

Aside from the deceit between Jay and Gloria, I couldn't find one thing in this episode annoying -- and that's saying something.

Mitch and Cam weren't in their typical scenario of hiding things from each other, which was a relief. Their storyline wasn't notable and not that funny, but at least they weren't doing what they normally do to each other.

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Jay and Gloria took that role this time.

That isn't the first time Jay hid something from Gloria in the name of vanity. Remember the botox incident? It's got to be tough being that much older than your spouse, and you can't blame Jay for feeling insecure now and again.

Ya' know what? As a former mall Santa, I vow to never comment on a sitting Santa, but you're a disgrace to the red and white.


The only thing funny about their storyline was the fact that Jay uses cream usually used on rhinos and elephants.

Another effortless moment was after Haley told everyone she was pregnant, and Dylan fell out of the fireplace timed perfectly with Mitch wondering what a baby Dylan popping out of Haley would look like.

We need more of those moments.

One more thing I loved about this episode was there was a Phil/Claire awww moment when he set up the tree and saved his wife from embarrassment.

Cam Discovers His Card - Modern Family Season 10 Episode 10

Phil and Claire really love each other, and it's nice when the writers showcase their affection toward each other. It gives you hope and a sense of love and family, and that there is happily ever after out there somewhere.

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Sometimes it's muddled up in life's happenings or kids, but their love bubbles up underneath and shows a warm glow that just makes you feel good.

I took a swing at a new way to cook a turkey.


I hope Modern Family comes back with more episodes like these because the show needs them if they want to keep going.

What do you think Modern Family fanatics? Did you think this episode was reminiscent of the seasons of old? What did you think of Phil and Claire's reaction to the news? What moment made you laugh the most?

Hit the comments and tell us what you think.

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Modern Family Season 10 Episode 10 Quotes

Ya' know what? As a former mall Santa, I vow to never comment on a sitting Santa, but you're a disgrace to the red and white.


I took a swing at a new way to cook a turkey.