Modern Family Season 10 Episode 9 Review: Putting Down Roots

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On Modern Family Season 10 Episode 9, DeDe's widower, Jerry, brings the last of her belongings to her family.

I'm glad they didn't just forget about DeDe and let her death hang.

It was confusing, though, why Jay was so eager to get rid of him. Jealous?

Jerry's a nice enough guy, and Jay got along with DeDe just fine, so why would he have such a problem with helping Jerry out through this tough time?

Jerry Comes to Visit - Modern Family

I suppose they were bootlegging on the storyline of Jay turning off the hot water to freeze Gloria's family out.

Let's get real. If Gloria says one cousin is going to stay for a night, that's what it should be. Granted, Jay could bring up the issue to Gloria and address the problem straight-on, but thinking more about it, he really couldn't.

She's so damn hot-headed, she would've ripped his head off.

Hey, what was all that squeaking in the garage? Are the raccoons back? Damn it!


What happened to the Gloria who adored her husband? Now it just seems like she wants to irritate and intimidate.

Not that she hasn't been intimidating before -- she has -- but Jay doesn't usually back down from her. 

Mitch Trying to Garden - Modern Family Season 10 Episode 9

Remember when they first got Stella and she was chewing Gloria's shoes? She was flipping out about that, but Jay wasn't swayed.

Now he's avoiding and using backdoor tactics to rid the house of her family.

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It sounds like a massive downturn in their relationship.

I'm so stressed. I wish it was the '50s when it was healthy to drink and smoke when you're pregnant.


On the bright side, Mitch and Cam weren't annoying in this episode.

Mitch made a promise to Cam that he never should've made. He'll never be happy on a farm. Asking Mitch and Lily to leave everything and everyone they know to move to a farm in Missouri is unreasonable.

That promise was a long time ago, and before you say a promise is a promise, lives change.

Ed and Ed - Modern Family Season 10 Episode 9

The promise to move to Missouri was probably made very early in their relationship before they even started building a life.

Now they've built a full life right where they are. Not that they have to stay in the same house for the rest of their days, but it would make more sense tor them to agree to spend time in Missouri first.

You can never go home again isn't just a saying, and once Cam gets back on the farm in Missouri, it might not be all he remembers.

Don't break Alex, she's our safety net.


People tend to remember things not as they were but through a rose-tinted lens.

And Cam's city-fied now. As Pameron says, he's not farm strong anymore.

I don't know if I believe that or not, and watching Mitch enjoy pretending to be a cowboy on Modern Family Season 10 Episode 7, they might be just fine on the farm.

Mitch and Cam Garden - Modern Family

All I'm saying is they should try before they uproot and move so far away.

On another note, I'm glad Haley at least told somebody she's pregnant, and if Claire's story about how understanding her mom was upon finding her used condom wrapper was any foreshadowing of the future, I think she will handle Haley's announcement just fine.

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Claire's always come through with understanding when it comes to her kids.

I think she and Phil will fully support Haley and Dylan with this baby. In fact, I'm sure the whole family will rally around her, just like Alex and Luke did.

Well, there it is. I'm just glad E.T. didn't land at your house.


Even though I can't imagine Mitch and Cam leaving for Missouri, DeDe does belong at the Dunphy house. Their family is deep-rooted, and if anybody's going to stay put for generations, it's going to be them.

I imagine that's why it all played out the way it did.

Maybe the writers are leading up to the end of the show, so let's theorize.

Even though I said they shouldn't just uproot and move to Missouri, I think Mitch, Cam, Cal, and Lily will. They're the least rooted of all the families.

The Dunphy's will stay put. Haley and Dylan will get married, and Haley will have their baby. They might live with Phil and Claire for a time until they get on their feet. Once they move, they'll have another child, and become a Phil/Claire family microcosm.

We'll find out Luke's gay.

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Alex and her fireman boyfriend will start coming around more, and we'll get to see their relationship progress as she gets her career underway.

I have no predictions for Jay and Gloria because I think they're so off, it's hard for me to imagine their future.

Given how I usually rant about Mitch and Cam, you'd think I couldn't see a future for them, but oddly I do.

I think part of Jay regrets the breakup of his and DeDe's family, and although he loves Gloria, he's never accepted her family as his own (exluding Manny.) That will be their downfall, if anything.

What do you think Modern Family fanatics? Do you think the Tucker-Pritchetts will move to Missouri? Do you see a future for Jay and Gloria? Did you enjoy the appearance of Ed Begley Jr.?

Let us know what you think in the comments.

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