Grey’s Anatomy: The Link, Meredith & DeLuca Love Triangle Is The Worst Idea Ever

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We have something very important to discuss.

Grey's Anatomy Season 15 has focused significantly on the love life, or lack thereof, of Dr. Meredith Grey.

Since her husband Dr. Derek Shepard died, Meredith has been living the single life focused on her three kids. There was a brief fling with Dr. Nathan Riggs, but the love of his life came back from the dead, leaving Meredith single again.

Love Triangle Edited - Grey's Anatomy

It was all good though because Meredith is married to her work and Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital

However, at the beginning of the season, Grey's Anatomy made it clear Meredith's love life was going to be one hot topic.

The show started building a love triangle consisting of ortho God Dr. Atticus Lincoln, a.k.a Link, Meredith and hunky Dr. Andrew DeLuca on Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 1.

Meredith, Link DeLuca - Grey's Anatomy - General Hospital

Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 9 only confirmed that Shonda and company are moving forward with what I believe is the worst love triangle ever in Grey's Anatomy history.

I am all for Meredith finding love again. She deserves it. However, I do not believe that Link or DeLuca is going to be the next great love of her life.

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Let me start by saying I am a fan of both DeLuca and Meredith, separately. Link is still a relatively new character. Fans don't know a lot about him yet, other than he is very cocky. Therefore, the jury is still out on him for me.

There are a couple of reasons this new threesome is a terrible idea, none of which have to do with the characters as individuals.

Meredith DeLuca - Grey's Anatomy

First, Meredith has zero sparks with these men. There is no chemistry in either of the potential new couples.

Yes, in the winter premiere, Meredith and DeLuca had a moment in the elevator where there was a glimpse of spark. However, their almost kiss was not enough to convince me these two people might have a thing for each other.

As for Link, well his good looks do not mean he has chemistry with a woman and Meredith is no exception. Every time those two have an exchange, it is awkward and comes across as forced.

Link also seems more interested in winning a date with the famous doctor, than actually going out with her. I get the feeling from him that she is more of a prize or trophy and it is not flattering at all.

Meredith is not swooning over either man. There is no physical attraction on her part. She is only entertaining the idea of dating one of them because of Cece.

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At least if there was some chemistry between two of the characters, I might root for this love triangle. Without any sparks though, I am not sure why Grey's Anatomy is continuing to push this storyline on fans.

Another reason the love triangle is an awful idea is that Meredith already met the great love of her life at the hospital. A love that gave fans one of the best couples in TV history.

Link Meredith - Grey's Anatomy

Why are the writers even going there again? They tried with Riggs and it failed because no one other doctor love will live up to Derek.

Instead of doing a been there done that story, how about a new twist like Meredith meeting a man outside the hospital.

A man who didn't already know she was super surgeon Meredith Grey. Someone who doesn't put her on a pedestal but instead got to know her because of her, not her accomplishments.

Link DeLuca - Grey's Anatomy

I was hoping viewers would get to see more of Meredith going on random dates outside the hospital. Yes, her date with John on Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 4 took an awaked turn at the end, but it was quite funny up until that point.

It was a refreshing change of pace to have Meredith interact with someone new that had no connection to her tight-knit group of hospital peeps. She does not go outside her comfort zone very much. It a new side to her that I really liked.

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Honestly, I would rather watch her go on a string of first dates then be further subjected to a blah love triangle.

Finally, Meredith does not appear to be overly interested in either of her suitors. From the beginning, she has acted like she was entertaining the idea of going on a date with each man because Cece told her to get out there.

Yes, she had a steamy dream about DeLuca, but that was not about dating him. Mer wanted to get laid plain and simple. Her dream was all about sex, not finding love or dating.

Teddy Owen Amelia - Grey's Anatomy

Now I am all for her getting her freak on with both guys if she wants. I would rather this be a more fun, casual dating situation than have to watch a train wreck of a love triangle.

Besides, there is already Owen's ongoing love struggle between Teddy and Amelia. Do we need another love triangle on the show right now?

Grey's Anatomy fanatics I have said my piece on DeLuca, Meredith, and Link, what do you think?

Share your thoughts in the below comments section or connect with TV Fanatic on Facebook or Twitter and watch Grey's Anatomy online if you need more proof before you reach a verdict!

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