Katy Keene: Riverdale Spinoff Casts Two Key Roles

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Katy Keene is starting to take shape. 

The in-the-works Riverdale spinoff has added Jonny Beauchamp and Julia Chan to the cast of the pilot, and they will star opposite Riverdale veteran Ashleigh Murray. 

Deadline first reported the news of the casting

Jonny Beauchamp

Katy Keene will follow the lives and loves of four Archie Comics characters. Katy Keene will be the lead character and will be joined by three friends as they chase their dreams in New York City.

The musical dramedy will focus the humble beginnings and struggles of four aspiring artists trying to make it on Broadway, on the runway, and in the recording studio.

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Beauchamp is on board to play Jorge/Ginger Lopez. He works at his family's bodega during the day, but that all changes at night when his drag alter ego comes out to play as he bartends and performs at a local club. 

Aspiring to be a Broadway performer, we're sure he's in good company with the other characters. 

Beauchamp is probably most well-known for his role on Showtime's Penny Dreadful. 

Julia Chan

As for Chan, she's on board to play Pepper Smith, a hip young woman who is that center of the world of fashion and knows everything that is trendy. 

Her big dream is to open her own version of Andy Warhol's Factory. While she's living an expensive lifestyle, nobody knows where she gets all the money she has to spend. 

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Yes, this sounds interesting!

Chan s most well-known for her series regular role on Saving Hope. Side note: If you haven't watched the Canadian medical drama, you've missed out. It was great!

Ashleigh Murray Attends POPSUGAR Event

It was revealed earlier this month that Katy Keene will take place several years after Riverdale. 

As such, there will be no crossover episode to introduce this new world and cast of characters. 

Thankfully, fans will have a familiar face in Murray's Josie McCoy along for the ride. 

It was announced that Murray would be leaving her role on Riverdale behind to take up residence on the spin-off. 

Ashleigh Murray as Josie McCoy - Riverdale

That means she'll be older and finished with Riverdale High, and it will also make it natural for some of the other characters to pop up as older version of themselves. 

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