Why Days of Our Lives Needs to Resurrect Paige Larson NOW!

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Jack's resurrection on Days of Our Lives has been thrilling fans.

Sure, the idea of a drug that brings dead people back to life is as silly as it gets, and the story of someone coming back to life with no memory is an overused soap trope.

But it's told right this time, digging into Jack and Jennifer's rich history and their solid love story to tug at fans' heartstrings. The only thing that is missing is that JJ's long-lost first love Paige wasn't resurrected, too.

Paige Thinks She Knows the Truth - Days of Our Lives

Paige was a sweet girl who had more backbone and fire in her than anyone knew and wasn't afraid to stand up to her crazy mother.

Had she not been killed off for absolutely no reason in 2015, she would have added a lot to the canvas.

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Fans can debate that stupid Eve/JJ hookup story and how it would have affected Paige and JJ's future prospects, but either way 2019 would be a perfect time to bring her back.

Jack's storyline pits Eve against Jennifer once again, while JJ and his current love interest are stuck in the middle. Imagine how much more powerful it would be if Paige were there.

Paige never lost her affection for JJ and knew firsthand how heartbroken he was when his father died.

When they first met, he was reluctant to get involved with her because of his guilt over not picking up the phone the last time Jack tried to call.

Paige also knew that JJ feared that he had somehow inherited a tendency towards rape from Jack and was sometimes afraid to touch her because of it.

This very rich history would leave Paige feeling protective of JJ and again caught in the middle between him and her mother. 

And with Jack's insistence he's not good enough for Jennifer being so similar to the way that JJ pushed Paige away several times for the same reason, Paige and Jack would surely have an interesting dynamic if they were ever to interact.

JJ and Paige's Last Kiss - Days of Our Lives

And Paige was a talented medical student who might have grown into a full-fledged doctor capable of working in an experimental lab and working on recreating Rolf's drug even without the diary.

That would add another dimension to the Eve/Jack/Jennifer story because Eve is working hard to ensure that Jack never regains his memory, and Paige could be the one to undo it.

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Of course, it's a little late for that because Paige would first have to be resurrected and somehow end up back in Salem, but it still would be a fantastic opportunity for drama!

And what about Ben, the man who killed her?

How would Paige react to a cured Ben being back in town if she could somehow get resurrected intact?

Would she forgive him, be afraid of him, or both? 

Would Ciara take advantage of Paige's reappearance to point out to Hope that Ben was no longer a serial killer since the majority of his victims were alive and well?

Would Paige try to stop JJ from confronting Ben over what he'd tried to do to her?

The biggest reason we need Paige back, of course, is to give JJ a better love story than he got since she died.

JJ and Paige's First Kiss - Days of Our Lives

Maybe it would take a while for JJ and Paige to get back on track since they never got to finish forgiving each other before Paige died, but at least they'd be a couple worth rooting for!

We'd finally get to learn what Paige was going to tell JJ when she got murdered, and they might get an honest second chance at love now that JJ isn't drinking and Eve is busy seducing his father instead of seducing him.

And it would get JJ out of this ridiculous "romance" with Haley that's taken all of three seconds to build up and is based on him pushing her to talk to him about her suicidal feelings.

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I take that back. That's the second biggest reason.

The most important reason we need Paige back is that there's a shortage of rootable young women on DAYS right now.

Claire and Ciara both have promise, but they've been stuck in this endless tug of war over Ciara's boyfriends since they moved in together, and neither one seems to have ambitions beyond being with a cute guy and doing some sort of modeling.

There's nothing wrong with modeling, but it would be amazing to have some young women who are interested in other careers.

Paige was passionate about medicine, and at 18 was more mature than Sarah is at 30, so seeing the two of them work together could be interesting.

Paige has family connections all over Salem, too. Her relationship with Eve humanizes Eve, and I'd love to see her interact with half-sister Gabi, especially when Gabi was messing with JJ's family!

Regardless of storyline, she'd be a strong addition to the cast, if only DAYS could figure out both how to write her back in and how to keep her character intact. (No sudden 180s like Jordan becoming evil, please.)

So what do you think, DAYS Fanatics?

Would you like to see Paige Larson alive and well in Salem?

Weigh in below!

And for more DAYS discussion check out our Days of Our Lives Round Table.

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