Brockmire Season 3 Episode 2 Review: A Player to Be Named Later

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Who doesn't need a pint glass of Chardonnay with a server on standby after Brockmire Season 3 Episode 2?

My heart breaks for Jim Brockmire, and let's be serious; I needed a drink after this one.

Jules' career might be on the incline, but she still doesn't have the pull to ask the elite for personal favors. She's not afraid to ask Jim to do it for her, though.

Jules is Back! - Brockmire

First of all, I've missed Jules and Amanda Peet. 

Peet is so good as Jules, and she matches all of Hank Azaria's comical strides step for step.

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That's not an easy achievement, but she's always done more than hold her own.

So when Julies returned with news of her love life and a giant ask of Jim, it felt like old times. Except it wasn't.

A Pint of Chardonnay Please - Brockmire Season 3 Episode 2

Jules is making a go of the major leagues by getting her consulting company seen and heard. She knows baseball is dying, but she also loves the thrill of a live game. 

If baseball is going to survive, it's all coming down to the live, in-the-park experience. 

It's funny in that it's so true. I've often told friends that baseball games were once one of my favorite things.

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I'd never watch on TV or, God forbid, listen on the radio like my dad did back in the day, but going to a game is a lot of fun.

Except my ass doesn't fit in the modern stadium seats. How sad is that?

So Jules found a way to get people to the park and make it something they'll never forget. H

er chat about nostalgia was nostalgic, and I can't help but wonder if younger fans need something like what Jules proposed to get them to the games.

Lovelorn Brockmire Season 3 Episode 2

And of course Jules would date Jim's only friend in the world. She's not over him, but she can't sit around and wait for him, either.

Practically the whole conversation between Jules and Jim at the restaurant made it into the Brockmire quotes.

From the moment Jules sat at the table, their conversation was golden.

Do you mind if I drink in front of you? If it's a trigger for you, I can put it in a paper bag or just take nips in the bathroom...


It should have been an indicator to Jim that things weren't going to be how he wanted, but who could have expected Jules would be dating George Brett??

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Talk about nostalgia. I remember being a young girl and someone I looked up to had a crush on Brett.

He probably would be hard to resist with his background, but what's with the Crocodile Dundee bit?

Jules: You know how I always had a crush on Crocodile Dundee growing up.
Brockmire: Yes, well George is very Paul Hogan-esque, I'll give you that.

Does anyone really think Brett looks like Paul Hogan? I'm still laughing at the way Jim dragged out "Paul Hogan-esque."

That's an image nobody should aspire to be (sorry Paul Hogan fans...).

Pink Eye and Other Sporting Events - Brockmire Season 3 Episode 2

It took a lot of Chardonnay and a pretty big set of kahunas for Jules to ask Jim to step in with George Costas to get Brett a job.

But it was even more ballsy for a chardonnay-cradling Jules to tell Jim that Brett, like Brockmire, got sober.

Brockmire: I hope you and George go out and just get drunk as two skunks tonight.
Jules: Mmm. Nuh uh. No. George is sober.
Brockmire: Sober as in serious, like in how you would describe a heartened pilgrim woman named Goodie who watched all of her children die?

So if they've both been sober about the same amount of time, why is Brett jumping into a relationship when Jim wants to take it slow to get it right?

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That can't bode well for Jules and George, but would George want his name dragged through the mud for a Brockmire joke?

Gus Saw Crocodile Dundee - Brockmire Season 3 Episode 2

HOOOW DARE YOU?! HOW DARE YOU DATE SOMEONE WHO IS SOBER WHO ISN'T ME! All this time I thought you were just too damaged to handle my sobriety, but now I see I was just too young for ya. Now I see you JUST WANTED TO FUCK YOUR DAD!


I don't know what the plans are with Peet and the show, but she's missed.

Gabby isn't Jules, and while she isn't trying to be, she's the only woman other than Jules on the show, so it's impossible not to compare.

Jules is missed as much as alcohol is on the show.

Yes, it's noble that everyone is sobering up, but the loss of the funny that drinking brings was apparent immediately with Jules' return and her nasty little crutch. 

Hopefully, there will be more of her to come during Brockmire Season 3.

Bob Costas on Brockmire Season 3 Episode 2

Costas was a great sport as he recounted the history of his pranking with Brockmire, as well as lamenting his fate since the Sochi Olympics in which he famously contacted pink-eye.

Tying that together with Brockmire was incredibly clever, but even better that Costas played along.

You never realize just how little baseball gets recognized until there is a show like Brockmire on which they can pull in some very hot guest stars.

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The season is shaping up nicely even if it's hard not to long for what was. 

In that, I share a thing or two with Jim, so that's not all that bad.

Maybe we'll both be rewarded if Jules' job has her grabbing fans for more stadiums at which Jim and Gabby are announcing.

It could happen.

Hey -- I know there is at least one of you out there who can call yourself a die-hard Brockmire fan.

What did you think of "A Player to Be Named Later?"

Do you have answers to any of the questions I posed above? 

If you do or if you don't, pop a comment in the area below. I'd love to hear from you!

A Player to Be Named Later Review

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Brockmire Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Do you mind if I drink in front of you? If it's a trigger for you, I can put it in a paper bag or just take nips in the bathroom...


Brockmire: No wonder we get along so well. I'm one of those straight men who has always preferred the company of lesbians.
Gabby: Oh, you mean like a dyke mike?
Brockmire: Yes, exactly.
Gabby: No, I just made that up. What you're describing does not exist.