What We Do In The Shadows Season 1 Episode 2 Review: City Council

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These vampires are something else.

On What We Do In The Shadows Season 1 Episode 2, the vampires begin their attempt at world domination in the most ridiculous of ways, but it's not going as well as they expected.

Well, actually, they think their plans are moving along brilliantly, but they're all too dumb to realize they are heading towards a big fail. 

At the Meeting - What We Do In The Shadows Season 1 Episode 2

Nandor continues to steal the show, but both Lazlo and Nadja are growing on me especially when they do their interviews with the documentary crew. 

Even Colin had some good moments.

Waiting Their Turn

It didn't seem as if Nandor's spell on Doug Peterson worked at first, but Nandor knew it would work -- as long as Guillermo stopped interrupting him.

Peterson turned into a madman at the special council meeting.

But his crazy rants did nothing to advance the vampires' objectives.

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Still, it was hilarious as hell to watch how proud Nandor was until it all fell apart.

Even funnier was Colin's "excited" reaction to the unfolding events.

The utter joy on his face was absolutely priceless.

While Colin's existence in this circle of vampires seems pointless, he actually may be the smartest of the bunch.

Colin Makes a Speech - What We Do In The Shadows Season 1 Episode 2

He's got a connection to the modern world that the other vampires don't.

If it wasn't for him, the other vamps would still be sitting in the "fancy room" having their secret meeting about how to go about fulfilling the Baron's wishes.

Everything about that first zoning meeting was perfection.

If you've ever attended one of those meetings, you know how mundane they are which is why Colin's lesson on zoning worked so well. It fit like a glove.

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And while there was some humor to Colin adjusting the mic before his big speech, it was Nandor's ineptness at talking into the mic that made me laugh out loud.

Guillermo standing there looking at his boss like he was a fool was such a Guillermo thing to do. He's probably still pissed that Nandor didn't turn him into a vampire on his anniversary.

How best to describe Nandor? I would say he's blessedly unburdened with the complications of a university education, but give him an ax and he's second to none. Though you wouldn't want him as your barrister. Don't let him fucking see this.


The vampires are highly annoyed that the Baron is actually making them work.

Lazlo and Nadja Pay Attention - What We Do In The Shadows Season 1 Episode 2

All they want to do is live their life drinking virgin's blood and terrorizing those who get in their way.

But once they started thinking about it a bit more, they realized how fun it would be when they took over and could make all the changes that would make their lives happier.

Both Nandor and Lazlo had some interesting ideas but Nadja's all vampire television station complete with her favorite show was the best.

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None of them could recall when the Baron gave them the orders regarding world domination, but Lazlo and Nadja informed us that the Baron tended to give instructions right at the moment of sexual climax.

When you're in the throes of passion, who can remember something as serious as that?

All they remembered was how skilled the Baron was at giving pleasure which they happily shared in graphic detail -- at least the final moments of that pleasure.

Lazlo showed off how much of a stud he was when he tried to impress Barbara Lazzara, but he was more turned on by her baby grandchild than anything.

Nandor: Are you leaving with us?
Colin: No, I can't stand up, if you know what I mean.

If he didn't have a mission to complete, he would have snatched that baby in a flash.

Instead, he took Lazzara's complaint about the raccoons to heart thinking that would give him a way to control her but all it did was cause chaos when she found the pile Lazlo left for her.

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Eventually, the council is going to realize there's something seriously wrong with the weirdos showing up at their meetings.

The vampires are going to have to figure something else out or take some lessons from Colin on how to be somewhat normal because their plans aren't working very well.

Jenna Gets Turned - What We Do In The Shadows Season 1 Episode 2

Nadja had other plans for her evening than helping Lazlo and Nandor take over the world.

Jenna had no idea what she was getting herself into by befriending Nadja but that's what happens when you're a lonely LARPer with nothing else to do with your time.

We were so poor we used to used donkey dong for fuel and when the donkey dong ran out, we would have to burn the donkey.


That girl was so green even Nadja was taken aback by her naivety.

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Show a LARPER some attention, and they become easy prey.

It's clear that Nadja is going to win the prize for coming up with the best plan for world domination

She's going to do it one LARPer at a time -- even if she doesn't realize that's the route to go just yet!

Over to you!

What was your favorite moment from "City Council"? 

Who's your favorite vampire?

Will Colin take a larger role in the Baron's plans?

There are a lot of other really great 30-minute comedies on TV this spring.

What draws you to What We Do In the Shadows.

Will you continue watching?

What other comedies are you watching?

We want to know!!

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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City Council Review

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What We Do In The Shadows Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

All secret meetings take place in the fancy room.


Vampires love virgins. It's their favorite food.