Roswell, New Mexico: Who Got Promoted?

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The CW renewed Roswell, New Mexico for Season 2 earlier this week, and all eyes are now on who will be back when the show returns. 

According to TV Line, Amber Midthunder, who recurred as Rosa Ortecho on Roswell, New Mexico Season 1 has been promoted to series regular

Amber Midthuner Attends Premiere of Legion

The news is unsurprising, especially when you consider the jaw-dropping twists from Roswell, New Mexico Season 1 Episode 13

Rosa was dead when the CW drama debuted, but it was revealed that Noah put her body in his pod, presumably holding on to a shred of hope that someone would be able to revive her. 

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Enter Max, who learned that he was a savior during Tuesday's finale. As such, he used his powers to bring the deceased sister of his love interest, Liz, back to the land of the living. 

Battered and Bruised - Roswell, New Mexico Season 1 Episode 11

It presents an interesting hook for the sophomore run, especially because Rosa seemingly returned to the land of the living the same age she was when she died ten years before. 

Rosa was widely recognized as a troublemaker in town, and everyone has hated on her family ever since because she was blamed for the deaths of two teenage girls who apparently died behind the wheel of a car Rosa was driving. 

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We all know there's more to that story!

As for Max, his decision to bring Rosa back seemingly killed him, but there's no way the show would part with someone who is considered the male lead this soon. 

Who Are You? - Roswell, New Mexico

Little is actually known about what the second season will be about, but there's a good chance we will delve deeper into the conspiracy and government coverup that transpired in the aftermath of the alien crash in 1947. 

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The CW has yet to confirm when Roswell, New Mexico will be back, but we will get some clarity in the coming weeks. 

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