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By the end of The Fix Season 1 Episode 3, I was left yelling one question at my screen.

When did Maya Travis become so foolish?

In some ways, Maya appears to be on the top of her game. She used Jessica's video's to land a powerful punch against Sevvy's defense and even had some believing that Ezra Wolf pushed an innocent man to suicide. 

Turning an Asset - The Fix

Maya and Loni got Dia to wear a wire which worked out better than they could have hoped for, short of Sevvy actually confessing to Jessica's murder.

It looked like Maya was holding all the cards but instead of biding her time and playing them in court, she couldn't wait to show them off to Ezra Wolf. 

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It was as though Maya's ego was in control and not the smart prosecutor looking to win this case. 

Wouldn't it have been smarter to let Wolf bring forth that alibi in court, and then submit that recording to show it was all a lie? Wouldn't that have damaged Sevvy's defense while severely wounding Wolf's reputation?

Maya's At a Party - The Fix Season 1 Episode 3

But ego's are at the forefront of this case. Ezra Wolf refuses to lose but he's certainly feeling the pressure this time around, both because his bookie has been breathing down his neck and that, as he pointed out in this The Fix quote, Sevvy's circumstances have changed.

Wolf: This is not eight years ago, Sevvy. I worked a miracle in that first trial because the whole world loved Sevvy Johnson.
Sevvy: They still love me.
Wolf: Oh yeah, in Japan and Bulgaria, not our jury pool. Maya 2.0 just stuck a knife in what little reputation you have left.

Buck was correct when he said that Wolf has a client control problem. Instead of sticking to the script and letting Wolf work his magic, Sevvy sneaks off to his mistress. Sevvy is a public relations nightmare even if he didn't kill Jessica which is why he's being dropped by his agency.

I'm still torn over whether Sevvy actually cares about Gabe's torment, or if he's worried that Gabe can dig up that evidence he had him bury. The truth is, it is probably both. Sevvy is a twisted guy who physically and emotionally hurts the people he loves. 

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And even when those close to him have distanced themselves from his abuse, Sevvy still finds a way to use them, such as with his ex-wife, Julianne.

Julianne may be just as twisted as Sevvy. She paid some guy to beat Gabe up just so she could come to his rescue and control him. 

Someone's Son - The Fix Season 1 Episode 1

I feel for Gabe most of all. Sevvy has raised him. I think he really believed that Sevvy was innocent and now that's all come crashing down. Imagine realizing that the man you looked up to as a father probably killed your mother. 

If there was anyone I was impressed by, it was Dia. She may have been waffling between turning on Sevvy and warning him, but that was before Buck paid her off like some hooker in order to get her to go away. 

I bet Wolf didn't expect her to go pounding on Sevvy's gate and make a scene while the paparazzi gawked. 

When Dia realized that Sevvy really was going to cut her loose, she was all business. If not for Dia, Maya and her team may have never known to what depths Wolf would sink to get his client off. 

Vanessa Vasquez as Dia Briseño - The Fix Season 1 Episode 3

But then Maya took that upper hand and threw it all away. Knowing that Wolf plays dirty, why would she give him the heads up? Why give Ezra Wolf the time to come up with a way to spin that recording?

It seems like nothing more than anger and arrogance on Maya's part. It's the same kind of conceit she showed in not taking her stalker seriously. 

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As this case drags on, both sides may end up in the mud. Could Wolf get any dirtier than blackmailing his ex-wife with the death of a patient in order to get her to give Sevvy an alibi?

It certainly proves how desperate Wolf is and how little he believes in his client or in his own powers of persuasion with a jury. 

Now that Maya's shown her hand, Wolf won't hesitate to use everything he has to take her down and destroy her life. 

Buck Neal - The Fix Season 1 Episode 3

He proved that by sending Buck to visit Riv at the farm. I don't know what he might find there but I'm sure we'll hear about it soon enough. 

Maya doesn't realize how much she needs to watch her back. 

Matthew may have a crush on her but that doesn't mean he won't throw her under the bus to save his own career, and his wife would be all too happy to see Maya take the fall. 

Wolf has Loni in a vice. As much as I despise what Loni has done, I also feel sorry for her. She's suffocating under the pressure of waiting for Wolf to take her down. 

Maya's only true friend and ally is probably CJ, and I hope at least that doesn't change. 

But with every week, there's a new twist and a new turn. Did Sevvy Johnson murder Jessica?

I'm still not sure but I'm enjoying the ride until we find out.  

Dia the DJ - The Fix Season 1 Episode 3

Check back for my review of The Fix Season 1 Episode 4 and until then, you can watch The Fix online here at TV Fanatic. 

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The Fix Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

You think you pay me a lot. You don’t pay me enough.


You know what the scariest thing about you is? You’re a brilliant liar. You make everybody want to believe you.

Gabe [to Sevvy]