The Village Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Yes or No

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That was a very tense hour of television. 

When The Village Season 1 Episode 6 began there was no telling whether things would get better or worse for some of our favorite couples. And by episode's end, things got even messier for some. 

Well, they got messy for everyone but Enzo. He was on cloud nine. 

A Subway Ride - The Village Season 1 Episode 6

Enzo's search for Gwendolina has been very pure and a welcome breath of fresh air.

Enzo has the purest of souls, and while he's always willing to help everyone else, it's nice to see people rally around him. 

The Heart of The Village Season 1 Episode 6

Last week it was Nick, and this week it was Ben.

Ben was the perfect wingman to help Enzo. And his expression when the younger Gwen answered the door was priceless.

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It seemed too good to be true that Enzo would find Gwendolina so easily, and it turned out to be just that.

You can't help but feel sorry for Enzo, as his meeting with his missing lady friend was probably the happiest we've seen him since the series began. 

Upset Nick - The Village Season 1 Episode 6

Being back in The Village with Gabe and so many people who care about him is wonderful, but it would be nice for Enzo to have a second chance at love.

And he may get that now that he has the digits. 

Ben and Ava are getting their chance at love, and it shows how deep their bond is that the pesky little issue of him still being married is resolved in a three-minute conversation. 

When you know, you know. And Ben and Ava seem to know that they're in love, and that's all that matters. 

You have to assume that this may come up again, but for now, these two are the most stable couple by far. 

A Little Champagne - Tall - The Village Season 1 Episode 6

It was cool to see Ava and Sarah bond while drinking champagne right from the bottle on the sidewalks of New York City, though it would have been even cooler if it had lasted longer. 

Poor Sarah is really in a bad place with the Nick situation. Since he arrived on the scene, she's been drawn to him and it's been obvious that there are feelings between the two. 

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If we're honest, the feelings probably never left. But it's very complicated between them, and while they were able to share a beautiful moment, they were thrust back into reality rather quickly when Amy showed up. 

Are there any Amy fans out there? I think she cares about Nick, but it feels like the two of them were drawn together by both attraction and loneliness. It wasn't a relationship born from love. 

Moving in together is a huge step, and it felt like Amy was trying to force something that just wasn't there. 

Peeking Through - The Village Season 1 Episode 6

Amy's entire reason for going to Smalls was to be shady, and put Nick in an impossible situation.

Yes, Nick lied to her, but that wasn't the time or place to tell Deacon anything, nor was it the time to confront Sarah. 

Are you in love with him? You just swore to tell me the truth.

Amy [to Sarah]

Amy handled herself pretty well.

Finding an earring that's not yours at your boyfriend's apartment is probably a bit devastating, but Amy kept her emotions just below the surface until Sarah hit her with the truth about her feelings for Nick. 

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It was interesting and sad that at the moment Nick decided to tell Deacon about Amy, he could only muster up that they were sleeping together and nothing more. 

Dressed Up - The Village Season 1 Episode 6

Nick had a horrible, no good, rotten day, that culminated with a bloody lip and his daughter's devastation.

After Nick decided it wasn't the right time to tell Katie, you just knew it was going to come out in the worst possible moment. Katie was able to connect things pretty quickly, and you could see her face twist from confusion, to sadness, to anger in an instance. 

It took everything Sarah had inside her to step aside and let Katie walk out of that building, but it was the right thing to do. Katie is going to need time to process, and with her emotions already at an all-time high, she won't be able to do that if Sarah is on top of her. 

The fallout from this will be brutal, but I think there's an excellent chance that everyone involved will find support by their many family members that live just down the hall. 

Olivia Sings - The Village Season 1 Episode 6

Everything Else

  • My heart broke for Ron when Gordon showed up at the bar to snatch Olivia away. It also broke when he chastized Patricia. He was taking out his pain and frustrations on his wife, but was he wrong to tell her to back off?
  • Gabe and Sofia have a great antagonistic relationship, and I'm glad she is slowly getting to see what a great person he is. He's nothing like his father, and everything like his grandfather. 
  • There were two great pairings tonight; Sarah and Ava and Enzo and Sammy. 

  • Gospel music and mimosas sounds like a really nice way to spend and afternoon. 
  • Claire seems lovely, but did it seem a little weird that Liam set Katie up with a potential adoptive parent like that? 

Alright fanatics, what did you guys think of this week's episode? 

Will Katie forgive Sarah and Nick?

Will Gabe choose Ava's case or his internship?

When will Enzo and Gwendolina be reunited?

As always, drop a line down below.

And watch The Village online so you can join us in the comments!

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The Village Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

I always wondered how an ankle bracelet would feel. You'll have to let me know.

Patricia [to Katie]

Sammy: Is she your girlfriend?
Enzo: She would be if I had gotten her full name. I lost her.
Sammy: Ben's a policeman. He can help.
Enzo: You're a genius, kid.