Whiskey Cavalier Season 1 Episode 8 Review: Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

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Don't you adore this family? 

Ollerman tried to break the team up on Whiskey Cavalier Season 1 Episode 8, but he may have brought them closer together.

Not only did the hour highlight how close the team is, but it showcased how far they have come as individuals since their first introduction.

Old Nemesis - Whiskey Cavalier Season 1 Episode 8

Ollerman was back, and while there is no way in hell he should've have escaped and taken off into the wind without the team taking him down, I'm glad he did.

He's such a great villain for the series. He's their best adversary because of how well he knows most of them. He spent years working with Will, Ray, and Susan, and he was a quick study with Frankie, Jai, and Standish.

The best villains are those who can play mental warfare with the protagonists. The moments where he was reading everyone so well was as good as any fight scene or shootout.

I must say you two are adorable together. The suppressed tension is right there below the surface.


They call Susan the Mindhunter, but Ollerman was wreaking havoc on the team by pitting them against one another. He knew all the spots to prod at, and he used their words against each other to stir the pot.

The only one who didn't seem as affected by his games was Standish. You have to give Standish props; he's a self-aware person, so when Ollerman started mentioning how he's insecure about Martyna all he could do is agree. Standish is also used to the others pointing out his shortcomings, so he was fine.

Breaking Trust - Tall - Whiskey Cavalier Season 1 Episode 8

However, it was interesting to learn about Frankie requesting to kill Will for her mission. Of all the revelations, her sentiment about Will was perhaps the most shocking. I think the timing was everything, so in the end, could they be upset with one another about their first impressions of their teammates? Not really.

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Jai was upset to hear about Susan's initial assessment of him not being able to work well with others, but much of what Ollerman tossed out there was stuff Susan has told Jai to his face.

Ollerman was having a blast, and I'm dying to learn more about The Trust. You have to love a shadowy organization that wants to take over the world and is motivated by money and inflicting maximum chaos and destruction.

The Trust isn't just planning one attack. It's planning dozens.


Who do you think the hooded figure is though? For some reason, the first person who came to mind was Tina! It somehow would suit her.

Their plans weren't going well, but everything went pear-shaped when Ollerman arranged for Susan to get taken. She's the heart of the team, and it was a great way to have them rally together to rescue the woman who always tries to keep them together.

Todd working with Ollerman wasn't a huge surprise, but I loved the continuity of how much he loathed the team. The rescue mission for Susan was one of the best moments of the hour because of the team-up of Ray and Jai.

Jai  - Whiskey Cavalier Season 1 Episode 1

Ray and Jai are badass, and they should work together more often. The headshot was insane and impressive! The only thing which would've made Todd's demise cooler is if Standish did it himself.

Jai has this insecurity about not working well with other people, and Ray was still trying to prove himself. Ray may have screwed up during Whiskey Cavalier Season 1 Episode 1, but he had quite the turnaround, and he has solidified his place on their team.

He's proven to be reliable in the field, and he kicked some major ass too. Yeah, he had a moment of weakness when he barged into the interview room and landed a few punches, but he got his head in the game.

Ray Improves

He has many assets, and it was sweet how Will could cast aside his grudge to encourage Ray and let him know that even though they were at odds, he trusted Ray with rescuing Susan.

I'm a grudgeholder myself, but I even want Will and Ray to be friends again. It seems they may be on their way towards truly mending their friendship, and enough time has passed where Ray has earned Will's friendship back.

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His reaction when Will gave him kudos or a job well done was adorable, and it lifted his spirits since he was in a funk about Ollerman going free.

Ray: If I had my gun I would've shot him in his smug face.
Frankie: Damn, Ray. First time you looked attractive.

Of course, Ray isn't the only character who has developed well over the season. Jai may be the one team member who has had the most realistic growth. Frankie has changed too, but her growth hasn't been nearly as consistent and organic.

Jai has come a long way from the guy who didn't share bits of himself with anyone or function on a team to this guy who talks about his feelings and insecurities and understands the importance of teamwork.

Then there is the bromance between him and Standish which is one of the best things about the series. They are so stinking cute together as the often grumpy one and the more exuberant character feeding off of one another.

Jai and Standish Chest Bump

They have graduated to chest bumps. I couldn't stop grinning during that moment.

Standish has that effect too, although he can also make a person cringe. His romance with Tina is endearing, but his lack of confidence in relationships gets the better of him. He was so insecure and worried about Tina's mission where she would have to seduce someone.

Frankie didn't help matters when she told him sometimes you have to sleep with the mark to keep up appearances. She can be so mean sometimes.

Standish: I don't go anywhere without my laptop.
Will: OK. I think Standish is in shock.

Can you believe there was a time where no one would've have expected Standish to cover them during a shootout? Now he can handle the guns with the big kids! I'm so proud of the hacker nerd.

Frankie and Will have reached a solid ground in their relationship, so some of what Ollerman was telling them was bound to rattle them. He couldn't resist making comments about the sexual tension in the air and commenting on how he could tell Frankie had feelings for Will.

Will's first hot take of Frankie was that she could be disloyal, and it was a fair assessment during their first experiences with one another. It made sense for them to use that to their advantage by having her pretend to betray them and work with Ollerman.

An Eagle Scout - Whiskey Cavalier Season 1 Episode 3

She could've sold it better had she not looked back at Will after shooting him twice. What kind of person trusts a woman turned on her partner and then not followed up by checking to make sure her partner was dead?

Frankie turned too quickly, so Ollerman either was dumb, which we know he isn't, or he didn't care because of his escape plan. He knew he could wiggle his way out of their grasp, and he did.

Frankie huffed over Will trading Ollerman's freedom for her life, but this new Frankie would've done the same for Will. At least he got the microchip out of the Caute ring though.

Will: I can't believe you shot me.
Frankie: Oh suck it up, you said it was OK.

Frankie and Will are in a great place in their relationship, and it's evident the team element has rubbed off on all of them. Will has influenced Frankie a great deal, and she's not the hardened, emotionless woman she was in the beginning, and the team has affected Jai a lot.

They are stronger than ever, which means they'll be a formidable team against The Trust when the time comes.

Susan the Matchmaker - Whiskey Cavalier Season 1 Episode 7

Don't you adore this show? What other series could commit to a Christmas themed episode in spring? Jai in those antlers was a hoot.

Over to you Whiskey Fanatics.

Did you love the return of Ollerman? How adorable is the bromance between Jai and Standish? What do you want to know about The Trust?

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Hit the comments below with your thoughts.

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Confessions of a Dangerous Mind Review

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