Good Girls Season 2 Episode 10 Review: This Land Is Your Land

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It's very clear that Beth is the glue that holds this group together. 

Good Girls Season 2 Episode 10 was all about the "new normal" for the ladies, as Beth hopped back into PTO mode and Annie and Ruby struggled with the sudden reality of no longer having that extra income. 

Taking Beth out of the equation meant Ruby and Annie working together, and the results were mixed at best. 

Laid Back - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 10

Seeing as how Annie is a bit younger, it's always seemed like she was a bit of a third wheel in the friendship dynamic.

Beth and Ruby were the best friends and Annie was the tag-along little sister, both literally and figuratively. 

We've seen a lot of Beth and Ruby together over the course of the series, enough to recognize and appreciate how close they are. But we can't say the same for Ruby and Annie. 

Proud Parent - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 10

Pairing them together, sans Beth, was exciting in the sense that we got a side a different side of the ladies. 

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Of the three, Ruby is the most worried and Annie is the most reckless. And their personalities simply don't mesh. 

Annie: You know if Beth would have suggested this, you would have been all in.
Ruby: Like I'm some kind of yes man?
Annie: Ruby, want to rob a grocery store? Sure, Beth! Hey, Ruby, want to drink some gasoline? Yeah, sounds yum, Beth. Pour it in my mouth!
Ruby: Okay, you know what.
Annie: But of course, when I come up with a sound solution -
Ruby: Oh, you mean this or up an elephant ass?
Annie: Yes! I put two viable options on the table and all you had to do was choose one.
Ruby: You know what? You're right. You're not Beth. You never will be. You know what you are?
Annie: Please.
Ruby: You're a child. You do whatever you want, whatever you want without thinking about anyone else but yourself.

Ruby was always uncomfortable with the border plan, but she was willing to put all the wheels into motion before backing out at the very last minute. Annie had every right to be upset. 

There were all kinds of things that could have gone wrong, but seeing that everything would have been fine in the end just added to Annie's frustrations.

Smiling Sara - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 10

Their bus confrontation felt like an argument that was years in the making, and it didn't feel like either one walked away gaining any insight into their behaviors. 

The fractures within their relationship won't be solved in a two-minute conversation, but moving forward it would be nice to see them attempt to find a way to understand one another better. 

Ruby is more than Beth's lackey. And Annie is smarter and kinder than anyone gives her credit for. 

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There's a lot these two could learn from one another if they looked past their differences. 

On A Mission - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 10

While Ruby and Annie were off crossing the border and arguing, Beth decided to get some help for her addiction. 

It's been floated around for a long while that Beth became addicted to the life after she first got a taste of the power following the Fine and Frugal robbery.

Now this may be a different kind of dependency then we're used to, but it's a dependency none the less. 

Beth loves her children more than anything, but she needed a greater purpose. And she found that in a criminal lifestyle. 

I Spy - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 10

From the onset you could tell that Beth's heart wasn't in the party planning mode she once excelled at. Stealing the lip balm was a way to rebel, and also give her that rush she was desperate for. 

Watching her dispose of all the cookies and cupcakes felt like the official death of her old life. She tried to just hop back into things, but she can't go back in time.

She's not the same person. For better or worse. 

She and Dean will need to have some serious conversations about their life as a family moving forward. Beth is never going to be the exact woman he married ever again. 

Turner: Lot's clean.
Noah: They knew we were coming.

What is going on with Noah? Does he even know what's going on? 

Noah At Work - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 10

I don't believe anywhere in the undercover manual it says that you need to adorably tell the woman you're investigating that you love them in the pickle aisle of the grocery store. 

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It feels like Noah is in over his head because he does seem to care about Annie. But that did not stop him from doing his job. 

And his job is to bring the women down. 

Now that Annie at least has an inkling that Noah may be a mole, it will be interesting to see what she does. She should go right to the ladies and try to formulate a plan. 

Riding The Bus - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 10

When all three ladies work together, they can get stuff done. I just hope she's not so distraught and embarrassed that she attempts to take everything on herself. 

After everything that happened with Gregg, Nancy, and Sadie, it's incredibly sad to see Annie's face when the realization hits her that Noah isn't the man she thought he was. 

Annie deserves much better than she's gotten. 

Dazed & Confused - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 10

Odd and Ends

  • I know there was a bigger meaning behind Beth disposing of all the baked goods, but what a waste of perfectly good turkey cupcakes. 
  • Blocking Rio's number was cold-blooded but necessary. It was kind of cute that he went looking for her at the park to warn her. Though couldn't he have just called Annie or Ruby?
  • Speaking of Rio, how did he find out about the raid?
  • Annie and Sadie continue to have the best relationship.
  • Poor Sam! It's easy to kind of forget about him with everything else going on, but he was feeling all kinds of depressed and it was sad to see. I'm glad Ruby let him sulk for little, and then demanded that he get his act together. 

We are heading towards the home stretch guys! With only a few episodes remaining, there are quite a few loose ends that need to be tied up!

Was Annie justified in her reaction to Ruby trashing the pills?

Will Annie tell Beth and Ruby about Noah?

As always, drop your comments down below and let me know what you'te feeling. And make sure to watch Good Girls online right now before the season is up!

This Land Is Your Land Review

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Good Girls Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Ruby: So you're totally okay with all this?
Beth: What?
Annie: You know, actual book club.
Beth: I mean, what about you guys?
Annie: Well, kinda miss the money.
Ruby: Not gonna lie.

Stan: Oh, you're going to have your hands full.
Ruby: What are you talking about?
Stan: When I go away.