The Code Season 1 Episode 6 Review: 1st Civ Div

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Free Rami!

Everyone's favorite warrant officer got into trouble for heeding his conscience on The Code Season 1 Episode 6.

It was about time that viewers got to learn more about Rami.

A Complicated Relationship - Vertical - The Code Season 1 Episode 6

Listening to Rami since The Code began, it was easy to assume that he, of course, was an American citizen.

In an office full of lawyers, he was the most well-spoken.

Citizenship Hassles - The Code Season 1 Episode 6

No wonder that moron defendant, Lance Cpl. Van Buren was shocked that Rami wasn't a citizen. We all were too.

Instead, the green card holder and his family were trapped in the Military Assessions Vital to the National Interest program.

The way MAVNI was supposed to work is that non-citizens with specialized skills that the military needs (languages, health care) could enlist in exchange for a fast track to citizenship.

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However, the program got suspended in 2017, and more strenuous security clearance standards were put in place in October 2018.

That would especially affect someone such as Rami. He may have moved to Michigan as a child, but being of Iranian descent (just a guess), he's bound to get extra scrutinizing.

That's why his "fast path to citizenship" has taken nine years, so far.

Helpful Soul - The Code Season 1 Episode 6

He finally got a chance to take his citizen test, but he walked away.

That's because he met a Korean woman whose husband had enlisted, but who was getting no cooperation in his citizenship quest.

His office mates supported Rami's stand, even if he hadn't exactly been sufficiently vocal about it. Still, the military doesn't like dissent of any kind.

His protest got him in trouble with the officer in charge of that program, to the point where she had him transferred.

You know this transfer isn't going to stand for the much-loved Rami, and that his co-workers and commanding officer won't take this sitting down.

And, as we learned this episode, you don't want to get in the way of Col. Turnbull when those she cares about are under attack.

Finding Help - The Code Season 1 Episode 6

Fortunately, she eventually found out that Adam wasn't in the path of the MOAB bomb attack she had approved on The Code Season 1 Episode 5.

He escaped long enough to get a garbled call through to her that he was in a Pakistani cave. But then Glenn faced an even more insurmountable obstacle than international terrorism -- corporate greed.

It was great fun watching her eviscerate the smug CEO of the mining company which had the mineral rights and the needed maps to the tunnels where Adam was held.

No wonder he complied almost instantly. That was no idle threat that Turnball could have ruined his reputation and his career before she went to yoga.

It was great to watch Glenn as she saw the footage of her rescued son, although Maholm the intelligence officer was fairly vague about what he meant by "unexpected casualties."

I'm wondering if there might still be fallout for Glenn's involvement in advocating for the rescue mission.

In Charge - The Code Season 1 Episode 6

Abe was suffering through a crisis of conscience.

He has discovered that he enjoys being a family man.

But Abe was conflicted because he felt that he was betraying the memory of his former commanding officer Jason as supplanting him while trying to help Jason's family.

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More things more difficult is that Alex admitted that she enjoyed having him around in that role. Alex said all the things that Abe was thinking but couldn't admit to himself.

Abe continued to try to be the good guy who was helping out, all the while listening to his biological clock ticking.

Both Abe and Alex realized they were being that stereotype of the widow getting involved with her husband's best friend. But they seemed to be passed that by the end.

Tender Moment - The Code Season 1 Episode 6

You know it's not going to be that simple, since they're violating an unwritten taboo.

Also, there's Alex's lawsuit against the Corps coming up, and Abe has agreed to testify. So that's bound to cause tension between them.

There's trouble coming for sure.

The case of the week was the weakest part of the episode.

I get that some men disguised themselves as military personnel to cadge drinks or for better success with women.

But there are web sites where service personnel violently out these fakers? Why?

Harper put it best when she railed against both the fakers and the Marines that lowered themselves to confront those fakers.

Opening Up - The Code Season 1 Episode 6

None of these Marines who submitted videos to struck me as terribly bright, and Albrecht the site administrator took advantage of them.

At the same time, Albrecht seemed to think he was providing a public service by exposing the blight of fakers in uniforms. 

But these Marines getting charged with assault or getting sued in civil court wasn't doing anybody any good.

Unfortunately, things got serious when one of the fake Marines died, and a real Marine got charged with murder.

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But the case suddenly became about how the web site was inciting Marines to violence and needed to be shut down. Never mind that a Marine should have the discipline not to react to, let alone seek out, these fakers.

While Harper's premise that the more violent videos stood a better chance of paying off was correct, the judge also was correct in dismissing the case, saying that it was a stretch to blame the web site for the Marines' stupid actions.

At least the four lawyers were clever enough to get the administrator to agree to a light sentence in exchange for essentially shutting down the site.

To catch up, watch The Code online.

Get Rami make the right choice?

How did you enjoy watching Glenn in action?

Are Abe and Alex making a mistake?

Comment below.

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