The Code Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Maggie's Drawers

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This show is just packed with ethical dilemmas, isn't it?

Col. Turnbull faced the most difficult decision, choosing the good of the many over the good of her family on The Code Season 1 Episode 5.

What started out largely as a trial of Maya ended up becoming so much more.

Difficult Choice - The Code

Glenn wanted to hand Maya what she considered to be an impossible decision, in part to test her and in part to show she still believed in her, even though she had appointed Trey as senior defense counsel.

American command in Afghanistan wanted to receive legal authorization to drop a Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb, a weapon so devastating that it had been used only once before.

Making the Hard Call - The Code Season 1 Episode 5

The target was a most-wanted international assassin, whose death could save many. The catch is that no civilians could be caught in the blast.

So Maya had to consider all the variables in making her decision.

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She uncovered another variable that further complicated the choice. The missing Marine patrol which included Glenn's son Adam is rumored to be held in the tunnels in the area to be bombed.

So the bombing which would eliminate the assassin likely would kill Adam as well.

Weather conditions at the bomb site gave Glenn more time to agonize over her decision, as did a visit from her estranged husband.

Family Drama - The Code Season 1 Episode 5

(Actually, their status wasn't all that clear. She didn't refer to him as her ex. But she also didn't seem sure how to reach him, which was odd.)

In the end, when the call had to be made, Glenn even reached out to Maya for guidance. But she already knew when she assigned the question to Maya what her answer was going to be.

She and Maya seem to be cut from the same cloth, career officers who can set aside their emotions and make the tough call.

It was a touching scene when Maya had arranged for the entire office to stand at attention as Glenn walked to that room  to observe the bombing, working her rosary the entire time.

I'm still hoping there's some way that Adam survived. Maybe bad intel placed his patrol at the bombing site.

New Defense Team - The Code Season 1 Episode 5

The new defense team was still a work in progress.

Maya was pouting, no doubt about it, ducking Trey while claiming that she was buried in work that his predecessor had left behind.

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I'm sure we'll learn more about his status next episode.

She did finally 'fess up to her petulance. She and Trey will make a good team once they get used to working on the same side.

One point that hasn't been addressed is who is in charge of the prosecution office now. It can't be Abe (shudder!), can it?

Trey and Abe received a fascinating case to explore their new dynamic.

To some degree, I felt badly for Lt. Meszaros. He was concerned about a machine uprising, but shouldn't he have been able to find a less lethal way to get his message across?

It was an interesting twist to have the lawyers a step ahead of NCIS, with Abe and Harper doing most of the heavy lifting, investigation-wise.

As soon as they introduced Scout Mannion, you just knew the "To Kill a Mockingbird" jokes would start anew, and sho nuff they did.

I'm enjoying the character of Harper Li but those jokes have been done to death and were old after one episode.

New Prosecution Team - The Code Season 1 Episode 5

Without Trey as his keeper, Abe behaved precisely the same as he had previously, blowing off staff meetings and finding sketchy, last-minute methods to introduce evidence exactly when he needed it.

He left a file about Meszaros's girlfriend who was a Russian agent with a witness and she chose to introduce that information when testifying. And the judge just applauded his cleverness.

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One of the best parts of The Code are its idiosyncratic judges, reminiscent of those employed on Boston Legal. 

Abe's never going to learn if he keeps getting away with those tactics.

Abe was right to tear up his original plea deal with Trey, since what Meszaros did was undoubtedly murder, in part to protect his girlfriend, since his boss Luhr was looking into her.

Keeping Things Running Smoothly - The Code Season 1 Episode 5

My favorite character on this series is Rami, the ultra-efficient warrant officer.

With all the wise-asses in that office, it's critical to have a straight man, and Rami fills that role admirably.

That's not to say that Rami doesn't give as good as he gets when his co-workers try to bullshit him or refuse to listen to him.

An example was when Harper's cell wouldn't work after she failed to complete the firmware updates, and Meszaros had to fix it for her.

Helping Out - The Code Season 1 Episode 5

On the personal front, Abe may be heading for trouble.

He's been helping out Alex, the widow of his former commander Jason Hunt, the man who Abe credits for saving his Marine career.

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He has already agreed to testify at Alex's wrongful-death suit against the Marines, a move that is sure to hurt his career path.

But now he seems to be falling into being Alex's confidant and co-parent to her daughter, Daniella. 

For now, he's just being helpful. But the next obvious step, romance, would be a major no-no, but they may be headed in that direction.

To follow Abe's progress, watch The Code online.

Can Trey and Maya work together?

Does Abe need greater supervision?

Will Abe get in trouble with Alex?

Comment below.

Maggie's Drawers Review

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