Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 3 Review: Hospitalidad Sureña

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Oddly enough, Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 3 felt like one giant game of whack-a-mole.

Every time Teresa turned around, a competitor, antagonist, or villain popped up for her to deal with and the game looked exhausting.

I'm still not sure whether she's won or lost, but at least she's still alive to play.

Dealing With the Competition - Queen of the South

I couldn't wait to learn how Teresa was going to deal with Kelly Anne, and I felt for Pote as he scrambled to tell Teresa before the two came face to face.

Look, Teresita, Kelly Anne saved Tony’s life. She could have stayed dead but she took a risk because she knew Tony was in trouble. I’m not defending her, I’m just letting you know what happened.


Pote laid out the facts and then waited for Teresa's verdict.

Teresa and Kelly Anne were almost as close as sisters, and that's why Kelly Anne's betrayal cut so deep. I'm not sure Teresa will ever be able to forgive her completely, and I can't imagine her ever trusting Kelly Anne again, at least not with anything to do with the business.

But might she trust her with Tony?

Tony Is Safe - Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 3

Kelly Anne risked her life to protect Tony, and Tony needs someone to look after him in New Orleans because Teresa won't have the time.

I can't see her sending Tony to another boarding school until they're certain that all of the sicarios after him are dead. 

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Tony needs the stability that I'm not sure Teresa can provide but having Kelly Anne in his life might be a start. 

But Kelly Anne was willing to live, or die, with whatever verdict Teresa handed down.

I made a horrible mistake. She trusted me and I betrayed her. Trust is just a really hard thing to get back once it’s been lost.

Kelly Anne

Kelly Anne Pleads Her Case - Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 3

How long will Kelly Anne be allowed to hang out at Pote's place is anyone's guess but at least she's still alive. That's a plus. 

But back to that game of whack-a-mole.

Just as Teresa got Marcus squared away, Joel Bouche popped up, a vicious shylock with a bad temper who'd rather get his way than make a solid deal. 

I don’t think you realize where you is. This ain’t old Mexico. Hell, this ain’t even America. This here, this is New Orleans and we’ve got our own way to do things down here.


Pote had this guy pegged from the start. They'd kicked over the hornet's nest, and there was only one way to deal with it. 

Pote Has Important News - Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 3

The guy driving the van obviously didn't know who he had chained in the back or he wouldn't have taken his eyes off of Pote and would have kept a gun trained on him. 

As for Bouche, I couldn't quite tell if he was looking to intimidate Teresa with those gators or feed her to one. It could have gone either way. 

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Just when they'd gotten away from Bouche, Judge Lafayette raised his head once again, only this time, things took a turn I hadn't expected, and neither did Teresa.  

What it comes down to for me, my long-standing relationship with Mr. Bouche notwithstanding, is the amount of money generated by, let’s say, narcotics trafficking versus that of a white trash, shylock gutting a trucking company for parts. [After killing Bouche] I never liked that son of a bitch. I especially didn’t appreciate the way he spoke to you. It offends me, as a Southerner. So, to the victor go the spoils.


Judge Lafayette - Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 3

Joel Bouche was a low life who enjoyed taking advantage of poor, desperate people. Lafayette had him killed as though he stomped on a bug. 

The man is no fool, and he can see that there's real money to be made in aligning himself with Teresa. The only question is whether they'll be able to work together or will Lafayette demand to be in control. 

Teresa knows that information is power, and it won't take her long to learn that Lafayette has a vulnerability in his mentally ill son. It's just a matter of how she'll choose to use that information.

After all of that, it's understandable that Teresa needed a break and she found that with Eddie.

A Surprise Appearance - Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 3

I'm not sure what to think of Eddie. I hope he's a good guy that Teresa can enjoy her downtime with and not someone who has only gotten close in order to betray her. 

And this game isn't even close to being over as Teresa doesn't have any clue what's waiting for her back at the bar.

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When Boaz first showed up, I groaned. I thought that no good could come from having him in New Orleans.

Boaz Pays a Visit - Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 3

But his conversation with Teresa was so civil, at least for Boaz, that I almost believed him in this Queen of the South quote...

Teresa: You run Sinaloa but you represent me there. I need to know that I can rely on my people. I need to know that I can rely on you.
Boaz: You can.

I never thought I'd be grateful that Boaz was at the bar, but I was. Without him, Javier might be dead.

Poor Javier. Honestly, I'm surprised he didn't snap sooner. 

Rene wasn't only a hateful bigot; he was also dumb.

Did he really think he could mercilessly taunt and belittle members of a Mexican drug cartel and that there wouldn't be any blowback just because he could hold their liquor license over their heads?

But Javier dealt with the racial slurs, the ignorant insults, being treated like an errand boy, and even having the man pee on the floor in front of him. 

Javier Snaps - Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 3

It wasn't until Rene insulted Teresa and called Javier her bitch that he could no longer restrain his temper. 

And when Javier hit him once, there was no going back. If Rene lived, he had just enough power to destroy them, so he had to die, and I'd be lying if I said watching Javier smack the man's skull into the bathroom tile wasn't at least a little satisfying. 

But what next? 

If I had to guess, I'd say we'll be seeing plastic wrap, a lot of bleach, and a trip to that gator farm coming up soon. 

Check back for my review of Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 4 to find out if I'm right.

Until then, you can watch Queen of the South online here at TV Fanatic.

Hospitalidad Sureña Review

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Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Tony: I’m making my own graphic novel.
Pote: Whatever you do don’t call it a comic book. He goes crazy.

Teresa: Listen, I know you have every reason to walk away after what happened. I’m glad you’re still here.
Birdie: Well, every bar that I ever worked in my bosses have always been men. I knew what I was to them, eye candy, nothing more, even as I built up their business. I don’t know, you’re different and I believe in what this bar could be. So, that other stuff, that’s your business.