The Code Season 1 Episode 8 Review: Lioness

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What a great addition Harper Li is turning out to be!

Even better, we got through a whole episode without a "To Kill a Mockingbird" joke on The Code Season 1 Episode 8.

Lesson learned, I hope.

Travels in Afghanistan -- Tall - The Code Season 1 Episode 8

Harper's momentarily command during combat in Syria on The Code Season 1 Episode 7 actually led to a top honor for her.

Harper seemed quite overwhelmed as Col. Turnbull awarded her with a Bronze Star, while her entire office stood at attention.

Bronze Star - The Code Season 1 Episode 8

She had just followed the advice of the Marines who had been in country already when choosing a battle plan.

I think she felt like a fraud getting that award when she was only doing what she had to do to get herself and her men out of that firefight alive.

It was great to see Rami in the office again, even if it was only long enough for Harper's ceremony.

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It's just a matter of time, I'm sure, but Glenn is currently tied up being there for her son Adam during his time of transition.

Meanwhile, the office was suffering with Glen "One-N" Eick trying to handle Rami's duties.

A prime example was his giving Harper those files from Abe right after her ceremony, which still gave her time to catch the flight to Afghanistan, despite Abe's thoughtful gesture of trying to keep her from going to another combat zone so soon.

Conflicted Lawyer - The Code Season 1 Episode 8

I have to give Harper credit. She chose to serve when she could have been an associate on the rise in her family's practice back home in San Francisco. 

Unlike, say, Abe, who entered his family's business, which just happened to be the military. Too bad his battlefield injury forced him to be just a lawyer.

Now Harper's family is giving her flak because she came under fire. They humored her hobby of being a military lawyer, but only as long as she doesn't go anywhere near the action.

Are they really surprised that a Marine lawyer might end up in a combat area?

Harper also serves an important role in that she tempers the results-oriented Abe, making him see the big picture even when he doesn't necessarily want to.

But throughout the series, Abe has been willing to do what's right instead just looking for a win. That's essential, because few of their cases have been cut and dried.

Would-Be Father - The Code Season 1 Episode 8

This case was a stellar example of that.

At first, Abe was heading to Afghanistan to satisfy some higher-up concerned with the optics of an Afghan Commander being killed on a U.S. base.

But it only got messier after that.

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The commander was a drug dealer and a pedophile, partaking of the local custom of Bachi Bazi, under which local officials claim boys to use for their pleasure.

Unfortunately, being guests in Afghanistan, the U.S. military can't impose their morality on local customs, no matter how repugnant they are.

Lt. Carter did just that, breaking into the commander's office to free the local boy being held there against his will.

 Sympathetic Defendant - The Code Season 1 Episode 8

Carter was a "lioness," a female Marine who gathers intel from Afghan women, which doesn't violate religious tenets.

None of the local males in command would say a bad word against the commander, in part for fear of re-igniting tribal feuds.

Better to write off the talk of Bachi Bazi as women's gossip, rather than ask the hard questions.

Carter didn't help herself, as her story kept changing. What started as self-defense became breaking and entering with intent to save the boy from the commander. 

And when the boy was found and refused to back her story, Carter was as good as guilty.

Then it was Rami to the rescue, as he served as an interpreter when the lawyers went to question the boy's mother in the middle of the night.

Still Around - The Code Season 1 Episode 8

Rami must have some really important duties in the "Office of I Forget" since he can seemingly be temporarily transferred at a moment's notice.

Once Abe found out the truth that the boy's father had sold him to the commander so that he'd have one less mouth to feed, he did the honorable thing and dismissed the case. He did what was morally correct rather than militarily expedient.

But it was Harper who got him to answer the all-important question of why was the boy with the commander.

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Having the case tried on base made for some interesting moments. One was having Harper create a makeshift gavel for Judge Jett out of an engraved hammer and a block of wood.

Then there was having the lawyers all bunking together in one barracks, and sharing personal secrets, Maya talking about her brother's condition, Trey speaking about IVF, and Harper and her family pressures.

The characters all got to learn more about each other than they would have in an office setting.

Divided Strategy - The Code Season 1 Episode 8

Meanwhile, back stateside, Glenn had to deal with the men in her family.

Asa somehow got it in his head that couples counseling for the two of them was somehow going to help Adam in his recovery.

No wonder, after listening to him babble for a few minutes, she got up and walked out.

Valentina Cruz, the physical therapist, offered Glenn sage advice throughout and was a promising addition. Here's hoping we see more of her during Adam's transition to his new life.

How was the JAG office running with her at the hospital and the top four lawyers in Afghanistan? No wonder there were no scenes there other than the award ceremony at the beginning.

Hopefully, the gang will be back together next episode. Yeah, Rami too.

To review the season thus far, watch The Code online.

Did Abe do the right thing?

Should Maya intervene with her brother?

What complications will Trey face during pregnancy?

Comment below.

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The Code Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Glenn: I'm sorry if I was curt before. You obviously know what you're doing.
Physical therapist: 1,500 amputees, ma'am.

Abe: Glen "One N" wasn't supposed to give you those files until I was airborne.
Harper: And you trusted him?