Animal Kingdom Renewed: The Codys are Here to Stay

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The Cody family saga is not over yet.

TNT has renewed Animal Kingdom for a fifth season the network announced today.

The series is currently in its fourth season, and the big question plaguing fans has been if Smurf (played by Ellen Barkin) will survive her battle with cancer.

Cool Woman At Chemo - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 6

The network didn't offer any details on Ellen Barkin's character, so let's just speculate that the seemingly indestructible Smurf will triumph once again.

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That's a huge relief, right?

But now the question is how will she beat the beast, and how will this affect the final job she has planned with her boys?

Contemplating a Job - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 7

On Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 9, Smurf had returned from visiting Jed's farm where she was very interested in what he had hiding behind a locked door.

Although, it's not clear that the job she has in mind is a hit on Jed's bunker, it seems more probable than not.

Through flashbacks we learned that Jed is a survivalist who also had a mean streak as well as issues with his brother, Colin.

Ready to Go - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 8

As you know, Colin is the love of Janine's life yet he's nowhere to be found in the current day.

So one can suppose that Jed had something to do with Colin's death (because that's what we're all thinking, right?).

And this hit on his bunker is maybe not only a form of revenge but also a way for Smurf to take care of her kids when she's gone.

Taunting Frankie - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 6

Gold, guns, and a ton of canned food will help her boys for quite some time. 

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But there's trouble brewing in Cody family of which Smurf isn't aware. J has a dark side he's keeping secret. Pope is more involved with Angela than ever. 

Angela has some questionalble ulterior motives -- though J might've put an end to her, hopefully.

Tall Pope on Ramage - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 6

Craig's focus is going to be elsewhere now that he's a new daddy.

But the biggest trouble is with Deran.

How far is Deran willing to go to protect Adrian? Will he cooperate with Detecive Pierce? Or will he throw his boyfriend to the wolves and stay loyal to his family?

On the Beach - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 6

Deran has some difficult choices to make in the very near future.

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Plus, whatever happened to Frankie, and will she be back?

The Codys have many issues to resolve and many more stories to tell and jobs to do.

Like all fans, we hope every character returns for the fifth season. What kind of Animal Kingdom would it be without Smurf and all the others?

J is Concerned - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 6

The only character we wouldn't be sad to see go is Angela. And hopefully J's trickery will send her on her merry way.

So, tell us Animal Kingdom Fanatics, are you happy for the renewal?

Do you think Smurf will beat cancer? Could the series survive without her?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

Animal Kingdom airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on TNT.

If you want to check what all the fuss is about or need to catch up, you can watch Animal Kingdom online right here via TV Fanatic.

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