All American Season 2 Episode 2 Review: Speak Ya Clout

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What does it say about the characters on All American when the only people who appear to have their acts together are the two recovering addicts?

Olivia and Asher are now the models of stability on All American Season 2 Episode 2.

Scary, isn't it?,

Layla Gets Angry - All American

It's chaos for everyone else.

OK, that's a little harsh. Two of the mothers -- Grace and Laura -- were pushing down their inner turmoil because they had children for whom to care.

Bad Dad - All American Season 2 Episode 2

That's because the fathers involved were off finding themselves, pretty much to no one's benefit.

Only Dillon remained blissfully ignorant. But then he wasn't in this episode, when Corey's hard-won progress with the James family went awry.

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What was Corey thinking?

After all those years away, his Crenshaw family was beginning to accept him again. He even got a job as the South Crenshaw football coach.

Did he need a quarterback that badly that he had to bring in Darnell from Nevada? It's only spring. Why not wait to see how Chris's rehab goes?

Stranger at Home - All American Season 2 Episode 2

By importing Darnell, he revealed his surrogate son and a second family in Nevada first to Spencer, then to Grace. No one could blame them for not taking that news well.

Then there's the whole question of who Dillon's father is. That answer becomes even more important now. 

Unfortunately, Dillon's paternity is going to screw up at least one and maybe two families. And the truth is going to hurt Dillon either way.

Would Spencer cut Corey some slack if Spencer knew Corey left because of Billy and Grace's affair? Corey was the victim there.

Still probably not, because Corey could have come back at any time. Instead, he created a new family in another state rather than trying to repair his family in Crenshaw.

Disappointed Player - All American Season 2 Episode 2

What I don't get is why Spencer is still vacillating between South Crenshaw and Beverly? Yes, Crenshaw is his home. But he's created a new home in Beverly Hills and college recruiters are more likely to find him there.

But Spencer is one of the many who wasn't thinking straight.

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Where to start?

Jordan. Yeah, Jordan's the biggest screwup right now. By far.

Yes, thanks largely to Spencer, Beverly High won the state championship. And it's fine to celebrate that, for a while.

Headed for Trouble - All American Season 2 Episode 2

Like until, say, the next football season starts. 

But unlike the self-effacing Spencer, Jordan, along with his wingman JJ, were more than content to serve as the poster boys for the state champions.

If that meant celebratory day drinking or bringing home bimbos for overnight stays, so be it.

Laura was letting Jordan get away with everything and Billy was nowhere to be found.

Fortunately, Olivia was there to call him on his crap. And Chanel did creepily look like a young version of Laura. Jordan is heading for therapy.

Difficult Call - All American Season 2 Episode 2

The fight Jordan provoked at the restaurant was a necessary wakeup call, at least for Laura and Billy.

Laura started acting like his parent instead of his friend, and Billy realized he had to get back in Jordan's life, whether Jordan wanted that or not.

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Jordan's getting grounded with a primitive cell phone should help to focus him on school and football and not all those other distracting activities.

Layla should join Jordan in therapy. They both can discuss their daddy issues.

Poor little rich girl is heading for a crash and won't talk to anyone -- not Olivia and not Spencer. She's snapping at everyone although, granted, many people deserve it.

Poor Little Rich Girl - All American Season 2 Episode 2

And no one knows where to find her as she's hiding at that roach motel.

At least she finally admitted to Spencer that her father isn't living with her and that she's had it with school.

But with all the stuff on his plate, what's he supposed to do with that, beyond being supportive after the shock wears off?

Layla has been through some shit, no doubt. But if she's unwilling to seek help herself, how can anyone else help her?

Poor Coop was still being blasted as a snitch for doing the right thing, getting rid of a dangerous gang leader.

Talking Again - All American Season 2 Episode 2

So now she was keeping her mouth shut, trying not to set off her fellow students or her mother.

No wonder her music was coming hard to her. She wasn't being true to herself, as both Patience and Spencer told her.

Finally, the aptly named Patience's voicemail hit a chord with her, helping her come up with lyrics to her music. And those words got through to her religious mother in the end.

After Grace's words to him on All American Season 2 Episode 1, Billy crawled out of the bottle at last.

Just in time, as too much of his championship team was spending time partying rather than practicing.

Newfound Resolve - All American Season 2 Episode 2

No wonder the series has been focusing on drama over football, because the Eagles weren't ready to play.

Getting blown out by Encino should bring everyone out of their funk, now that Billy has decided to return as coach.

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His team, especially Jordan, could use a little discipline now.

Billy's next step has to be begging to be let back into his family.

Now that Chris broke up with Olivia, how long before she and Asher become an item? And how much of a mistake would that be?

To catch up on the young season, watch All American online.

Who is in the most trouble?

Who is making a comeback?

Where should Spencer play?

Comment below.


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All American Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Olivia: Hey, does she look like ...
Spencer: Your mom. Yeah,

Olivia: Ever since Dad moved out, [Laura]'s been trying way too hard to make our lives seem normal.
Spencer: Ain't nothing normal about this.