All American Season 2 Episode 4 Review: They Reminisce Over You

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The big hanging question was what was that text about that Corey received?

Whatever it was caused him to leave Crenshaw at the end of All American Season 2 Episode 4.

Corey seemed to be getting his act together.

Things Don't Go Well -- Tall - All American Season 2 Episode 4

Grace, Spencer, and Dillon were trusting him again.

He became the head football coach at South Crenshaw and brought in his surrogate son Darnell to play quarterback for him.

Repairing a Friendship - All American Season 2 Episode 4

At the reunion, he and Billy even made up, which, considering their tangled history, was saying something.

At least each now had some understanding of what the other was dealing with during senior year when they drifted apart.

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The best part of this episode was the flashbacks showing how Billy and Corey had grown up together almost like brothers until they had a falling out in high school.

Of course, Billy and Grace having an affair when she was married to Corey and he was married to Laura certainly didn't improve matters.

Even today, Billy is still overshadowing Corey, even after both their marriages have been wrecked.

Getting Tighter - All American Season 2 Episode 4

Billy just had to show up for the reunion to get the football field, where Corey was coaching, named after him. That had to hurt.

So why did Corey leave Spencer, Dillon, Grace and even Darnell, who had just come west to be with him?

He's gotta be dying. That text had to be bad medical news and he doesn't want to burden them with his decline. 

Or maybe something having to do with the ex-girlfriend who was serving overseas. But that wouldn't have caused him to take off with little explanation.

That does explain why Chad L. Coleman (Corey) kept being listed as a guest star in the credits. 

Reunion Surprise - All American Season 2 Episode 4

Now, when the next episode airs Nov. 11, the fallout will begin, for all those who had just grown to trust Corey again.

Spencer was having troubles even before Corey's departure, as he kept trying to determine what was going on with Layla.

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In short, she needs to go back to her therapist (you just know she's had one) because Spencer is way out of his depth trying to diagnose what's causing her behaviorial changes.

Failing when he asked her directly about her cutting, he attempted subterfuge, which he just doesn't do that well.

Having Coop invite Layla to help her with songwriting made perfect sense. And it would have worked, if only Spencer would have stopped texting every five minutes.

Secret Hideout - All American Season 2 Episode 4

Layla may be mentally unbalanced but she isn't stupid.

Coop did get to see Layla get into a verbal altercation with the rapper who beat Coop in the freestyle battle on All American Season 2 Episode 3, an act that was both out of character and dangerous.

At least now Coop knew Spencer wasn't overreacting about Layla.

When Spencer couldn't locate Layla, he recruited Olivia to help him find her. Olivia can't resist a good reclamation project. Just ask Asher.

They broke into Layla's hotel room, the style of which could best be described as Beverly Hills Hoarder.

Family Reunion - All American Season 2 Episode 4

Layla didn't appreciate their concern for her welfare when she returned from her latest retail-therapy session and broke up with Spencer because he had called her father.

I don't know why that pissed off Layla since her father has never shown any inclination to be there for her, unlike Spencer.

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It's just as well they've split, though, because with Corey leaving, even stable Spencer will have plenty of drama in his life. He doesn't need Layla's as well.

Speaking of Asher, he's having to be the stable member of his family. Imagine a mother expecting her son to serve divorce papers on his father.

It must suck for a teenager to have to be the adult. Asher handled a bad situation as well as could be expected.

Young Heartbreak - All American Season 2 Episode 4

But what's the secret that's keeping his mother from spending time with him? The last thing a recovering addict needs is surprises.

How much longer before Asher and Olivia get together? As Gwen noted, they do make a cute couple.

Just when Jordan appeared to be getting his shit together, he messed up again, taking big-hearted Olivia and guilt-ridden Billy down with him.

Laura was nice enough to give him back his phone so that he could continue to juggle too many girls.

Since Olivia wants Jordan to go to the reunion to support their dad, she offers to let him borrow her car for his "date."

Facing Interrogation - All American Season 2 Episode 4

Big mistake. First, he crashed the car trying to keep one girl from finding out about another. Then he cracked under Laura's pressure and threw both Olivia and Billy under the bus.

Way to take responsibility, bro! It's a good thing Jordan is attractive because he isn't that bright.

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Next the wrath of Laura will fall on Jordan's enablers.

The only person who came out of this episode better off was Grace.

Family Arrival - All American Season 2 Episode 4

Spencer had encouraged her to get back together with Micah after she blew him off because of all the Corey drama.

Not wanting to show up single at the reunion dance, Grace invited Micah to be her date.

By evening's end, he seemed to have forgiven her for ghosting him. She should hang onto Micah and stay away from Billy as much as possible. Corey shouldn't be a problem although he will cause future problems with his absence.

To catch up on the young season, watch All American online.

Diagnose Layla.

What's wrong with Corey?

Will Jordan ever not be grounded?

Comment below.



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All American Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

I'm sorry, Jordan. I didn't realize how hard it is to be you right now.

Laura [to Jordan]

You can't be the single girl at the reunion looking thirsty.

Coop [to Grace]