The CW Cheat Sheet: Dynasty on the Bubble, Batwoman a Lock for Renewal

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We're now a month into the 2019-20 TV season, and there are already some big surprises. 

The CW has some big decisions to make as it heads into midseason and beyond. 

The network has a bias towards renewing series, but might this be the season that the network wisens up and starts to cancel shows again?

Look at this Suit  - The Flash Season 6 Episode 1

The network's superhero slate is a shell of its former self, but all of the DC TV shows continue to pull in strong ratings post-airdate. 

Let's take a look at how the current scripted roster is performing. 

The Flash - Certain Renewal

The Flash Season 6 is averaging 1.42 million viewers and a 0.53 rating in the demo. This is down 12% and 16% from last season. 

In Live+7, the show is adding over 80% to the demo tally. Add in the fact that it will be the longest-running Arrowverse series after Arrow wraps its run, and that it is the network's highest-rated series, it will be back. 

Back in Gotham - Batwoman Season 1 Episode 1

Batwoman - Certain Renewal

This Ruby Rose-led spinoff is leading off The CW's Sunday slot. It is currently averaging 1.51 million total viewers and a 0.37 rating in the demo. 

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The network probably expected better, but the series is scoring strong gains on the DVR front, with the most recent figures putting the gains at almost 80%. 

It should get more episodes this season and is certain to return in 2020.

Mia Smoak - Arrow Season 8 Episode 2

Arrow - Ending

The series that kickstarted The CW's Arrowverse is ending after eight seasons. It is currently averaging 808,000 viewers and a 0.32 rating in the demo. 

Sam with a Plan - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 2

Supernatural - Ending

Sam and Dean will take down their final demon in 2020. As of now, the series is down almost 20% year-to-year and is currently averaging 1.19 million viewers and a 0.32 rating.

The Gym's Future - Riverdale Season 4 Episode 3

Riverdale - Certain Renewal

The series may be crazy, but fans are even crazier for it to continue. Riverdale Season 4 is currently averaging 949,000 viewers and a 0.32 rating in the demo. 

What's more, the series is doubling its demo tally with a week of DVR factored in. It continues to benefit from a lucrative Netflix deal that keeps people around the world talking about the show. 

It will probably be around for as long as The CW wants it. 

Hope Searches - Legacies Season 2 Episode 2

Legacies - Certain Renewal

This spinoff of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals is holding up well in the ratings. Legacies Season 2 is currently pulling in 809,000 total viewers and a 0.30 rating in the demo. 

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Even more promising is that the show is down just 5% in the demo year-to-year. With Arrow and Supernatural ending, it's likely that Legacies will become a member of the network's top 5 next season. 

The network could pair it with either Nancy Drew, Roswell, New Mexico, or even the in-development Good Christian Bitches reboot. Hey, they're both set in schools!

Kara Danvers2 - Supergirl Season 5 Episode 3

Supergirl - Certain Renewal 

Supergirl has been on a slippery slope ever since she defected from CBS to The CW. Supergirl Season 5 is currently averaging 1.05 million viewers and a 0.28 rating. 

The series is down over 20% in the demo year-to-year. However, Supergirl remains a solid option in delayed viewing, regularly flying 100% higher. 

Still, the constant erosion may be a cause for concern, and it could result in the network renewing the series for a truncated final season, especially if the network presses on with the Arrow spinoff featuring the canaries. 

The latter could be paired with Batwoman. 

A Difficult Decision -- Tall - All American Season 2 Episode 1

All American - Likely Renewal

All American is the only returning CW series that has managed to increase in the ratings year-to-year. 

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The ratings aren't great, but up is up, and it shows that people did catch up on it between seasons, likely thanks to Netflix. 

All American Season 2 is averaging 749,000 viewers and a 0.25 rating. It is another series building around 100% week-to-week with DVR. 

It should be back unless there is a collapse in the second half of the season. 

Emotional Reunion - Tall - Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 3

Black Lightning - Certain Renewal

Black Lightning is continuing to dip in the ratings. With 710,000 viewers and a 0.25 rating, it is down almost 20%. 

However, the show does get a good boost in delayed viewing, so the network will definitely keep it around for another season. 

Running Late - Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 3

Nancy Drew - On the Bubble

Nancy Drew is holding up well out of Riverdale. Currently averaging 928,000 viewers and a 0.21 rating, the series could continue. 

But we need some more date before ruling it as a likely renewal. 

Macy is hot - Charmed (2018) Season 2 Episode 2

Charmed - Certain Renewal

Charmed is down almost 30% in the demo after moving to Fridays, but it is actually improving on what Dynasty was doing in the slot last season. 

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Charmed Season 2 is pulling in 691,000 viewers and a 0.19 rating. It is leaping 100% with delayed viewing factored in. 

On top of that, the show successfully rebooted itself with a genuinely intriguing new storyline. 

Carrington Foundation Fundraiser - Dynasty

Dynasty - On the Bubble

Dynasty has never been a heavy hitter in the ratings. Dynasty Season 3 is currently averaging 431,000 viewers and a 0.11 rating. 

The show's future is likely tethered to the global licensing deal with Netflix. But, for the first time ever, the series is not airing the day after CW globally. 

Dynasty Season 3 Poster

Instead, all of the episodes will drop next spring when the current season wraps on The CW. It's strange to change something that was apparently working well ... unless it is no longer working well. 

If Netflix pulls the plug on the deal, then look for Dynasty to make a swift exit from The CW's schedule. Riverdale's deal remains intact, with episodes airing in territories outside the U.S. just hours after the episodes play out stateside. 

Katy Keene, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Roswell, New Mexico, In the Dark, and The 100 are all on tap for midseason. 

What are your thoughts on these predictions?

Hit the comments below. 

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