Riverdale Casts Veronica's "Dangerous" Sister for Season 4 - Watch Trailer

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Riverdale is bringing in a new member of the Lodge family for Season 4. 

During the show's New York Comic-Con panel, it was revealed that Mishel Prada would take on the role of Veronica's "dangerous" older sister. 

Given that the Lodges are not exactly known for being the nicest of families, then it's not surprising to hear that Hiram's eldest child will arrive to cause trouble. 

Mishel Prada Attends Event

It's unclear what brings Hermosa to town, but it probably has something to do with her father being in jail. 

Whether Veronica and Hermosa will be friends has not been revealed, but given that Veronica turned against their father, there's a good chance they will be adversaries. 

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It has not been revealed which episode is Prada's debut, so fans will have to watch the show when it debuts later this week. 

A brand new trailer was unveiled for Riverdale Season 4, and some of the cast members, as well as EP Roberto Aguirre Sacasa, were at NYCC to tease what's to come. 

The Andrews - Tall - Riverdale Season 4 Episode 1

The trailer featured many wild moments, including hookups, fights, and drama. 

Molly Ringwald revealed that Riverdale Season 4 Episode 1 was her goodbye to Luke Perry, who passed away earlier this year. 

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Fred's death will haffectArchie. The red-head will set out to be a better person to keep his father's memory alive. He does that by making the gym more of a community center to allow people to drop in and out at their own desire. 

His ultimate goal is to rid the streets of crime, but he knows that's not going to be easy. That's why we see him in the trailer suiting up. 

Archie and Mary - Riverdale Season 4 Episode 1

But Archie always seems to get himself in trouble, so time will tell if his plan actually works. 

Riverdale Season 4 Episode 1 will be a standalone tribute episode to Luke Perry, while Riverdale Seaso 4 Episode 2 will pick up months later. 

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The second episode picks up with the teenagers living with Veronica, because her parents are in orange jumpsuits thanks to their myriad of crimes. 

Have a look at the full trailer below and hit the comments with your thoughts on it. 

Friendly Support - Tall - Riverdale Season 4 Episode 1

Remember you can watch Riverdale online right here via TV Fanatic. 

Riverdale Season 4 launches Wednesday, October 9 at 8/7c.

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