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Riverdale agrees to do an Independence Day celebration. The town is back to normal after The Farm left and Gryphons and Gargoyles faded out as a fad.

Jughead has written some pieces for a writing contest.

Veronica and Archie have started hooking up again.

Cheryl is mad that the town is planning an Independence Day celebration. While Archie, Jughead, Betty, and Veronica build a float for Pop's, Cheryl reveals she will be protesting the parade.

Archie gets a call from Fred, but collapses and drops the phone in shock. FP reveals to Archie and Mary that Fred got struck by a car after he stopped to help another car. They begin on funeral arrangements for after the holiday.

The teens reminisce over their memories of Fred.

Archie has a nightmare of seeing his dead grandfather standing in the foyer of the house. He sees a large group of people holding a memorial dinner in his dining room.

Archie visits Cherry Creak to bring his father's body back to Riverdale. The police haven't found the person who killed Fred, but they give him the location of where the wreck happened.

Archie calls his mother for parental consent to get Fred's body. Archie isn't ready to see his father's body, so he gets Betty and Veronica to confirm the identity.

Jughead agrees to write Fred's obituary.

Cheryl and Toni offer their condolences to Mary. Cheryl asks to do something special for the family.

The teens visit Fred's car when a woman arrives to drop off flowers. The woman is the bystander that Fred helped at the side of the road. She reveals Fred talked about Archie and that he saved her life before the driver hit. The woman says a prayer at the site.

Archie is mad that Fred died saving a stranger in a hit-and-run accident.

FP informs Archie that a man named George Augustine killed Fred. Archie visits George after he paid bail to exact his vengeance. It's revealed that George's son Jeffery was the one who actually drove the car; Jeffery took his dad's car without his permission for a joyride and George took the blame.

Archie thinks his dad hates the man he's become. Veronica talks some sense into him and the group brings Fred back to Riverdale.

FP gives Fred a police escort home. Several of Riverdale's citizens are in a parade route holding up signs for Fred, like Reggie, Peaches, Toni, and Pops. Kevin, Josie, and their parents are waiting with Mary for Archie's return.

Josie sings "Amazing Grace" for Fred's funeral.

Archie conducts a eulogy for Fred.

Veronica finds out from Mrs. Fisher that Hiram paid for all of Fred's funeral arrangements.

Betty visits her father's grave. It has been graffitied about The Black Hood.

During Jughead's voiceover of his obituary, it's shown that Hermione is in jail.

Cheryl conducts a fireworks celebration for everyone during Independence Day.

Archie visits the garage and cries over his memories of his father.

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Riverdale Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Cheryl: Well, well, well. Stop the presses! The Riverdale rag finally reported a story accurately. Not only is there going to some hideous janky parade snaking its way through town, you four are the architects of this outrage.
Veronica: What’s your problem, Cheryl?
Cheryl: My problem, Veronica, is that the Fourth of July is a day of tragedy for Riverdale. Not celebration. Or have you forgotten what happened to my poor brother Jason?
Betty: Cheryl, Riverdale hasn’t held a parade out of respect for what happened to your brother in like years. It’s time.
Jughead: I mean, you don’t have to come.
Cheryl: Oh, I’ll be there, Insufferable Smurf. Front and center. With a sign of protest in one hand and a horn of compressed air to silence any revelry in the other.

Jughead: And if anyone is scared of bears, well don’t be because Archie’s been attacked by, like what, multiple times and still survived? [Laughs]
Archie: Hey. I wear my scars proudly.