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Why would someone come back to life after being declared dead two hours before?

That's what everyone tried to figure out on EVIL Season 1 Episode 2 when the 17-year-old soccer player came back from the dead. 

Getting To Know Each Other - EVIL Season 1 Episode 1

While it was being hailed as a miracle. Kristen, David, and Ben started to wonder whether there was more to the story than they were being led to believe. 

With the media swirling, they realized they had to proceed with caution. 

Chatting about Evil Season 1 Episode 1

Meanwhille, Kristen met up with her former boss, Lewis Cormier, for some answers when it emerged that there could be a link to the case. 

During the meeting, however, Leland Townsend arrived, and threw Kristen for a loop. 

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Evil Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

EMT: I’m not religious; I don’t believe in all that stuff, but c’mon, that girl was dead for three hours. I saw her dead.
Acosta: Do you think it was a miracle?
EMT: I don’t know; I don’t like that word, but something happened. You can call it a miracle, you can call it just weird, but something happened.

You know what I like about sex? That moment when you see in her eyes she wants you. Kristen wants you, or when she bites you. Oh my god. Screams like she’s out of her mind. You can’t tell me that from Madeline. You don’t say she screams like a saint; she screams like a fricking steam engine. I’m sorry. Did that distract you? Why don’t you make up your own prayers? Why do you keep repeating that same old crap over and over again? Who’s on first? I’m asking you who’s on first? That’s the man’s name. That’s who's name? Yes. When then who’s on first? Yes. Go ahead and tell me. That’s it; that’s who. Yes.