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Did Phil get his wish?

On Modern Family Season 11 Episode 5, he decided that he wanted to scare Claire on Halloween. 

In doing so, he found himself at odds with another family member. 

Meanwhile, Gloria felt self-conscious about her age for the first time when someone assumed she was Jay's wife. 

Mitchell Falls In

What did she do to make herself feel better?

Elsewhere, Mitch and Cam made their way to the WeHo Halloween Carnival alone. 

What did Lily do?

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Modern Family Season 11 Episode 5 Quotes

Cam: Mitchell? Judge... Judy!
Mitchell: Your talent. It's like you were touched by a Gayngel.

Claire: Oh, how cute. You tried to scare me for Halloween
Phil: How in the world did that not frighten you? Some of this is my actual blood! I knicked myself putting it on.
Claire: Sweetie, you don't know the first thing about scaring people. It's all about plausibility. And you were awfully casual for a guy that just got an ax in the chest. You know, if you really wanted to scare me, you should have waited until I opened the closet and found you hanging by a necktie.
Phil: Excuse me! I killed myself?!
Claire: Yeah, totally plausible. I mean, you've been so happy all these years, the other shoe is bound to drop, right?