All American Season 2 Episode 8 Review: Life Goes On

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What was Spencer thinking?

With no immediate plan, Spencer walked away from football, the Bakers, and Beverly Hills on All American Season 2 Episode 8.

That's good, because it appears his friends in Crenshaw are going to need him when the series returns Jan. 20.

Offering Advice -- Tall - All American Season 2 Episode 8

His decision came out of nowhere.

After Spencer was named the 57th-ranked high-school football player in the nation, it seemed that he would return for his senior season.

Championship Player - All American Season 2 Episode 8

Also, he would go through the dramatic process of being recruited by major college football programs.

Football would be his way to escape from his grief over Corey's death.

But it was evident that his heart wasn't in it anymore. That became clear when he glumly accepted his championship ring, thanked Billy, then went to clean out his locker.

As he told Corey, football was just his way to connect with his father. It was a very touching scene when Spencer planted his championship ring on Corey's grave.

Maybe now Asher will get the chance to make his mark that he so desperately craves.

Common Bond - All American Season 2 Episode 8

This could continue the evolution of All American from being a sports drama about Spencer and his teammates into something different and maybe something more.

Or maybe Spencer has to step away for a time to deal with his grief. It's easier to leave football behind during the offseason.

Maybe Spencer will end up rededicating his life to football to honor Corey.

Also, sports are full of stories of athletes signing that big pro contract and pulling their families out of difficult neighborhoods. For all the giving she does for others, Grace certainly deserves that.

Only time will tell.

Speaking Truth - All American Season 2 Episode 8

Spencer won't have the opportunity to get stuck in his sorrow, as he has others to take care of.

Let's start with Layla.

For all her advice to Spencer about how to handle the death of a parent, Layla had never processed her mother's death, choosing instead to push off the pain.

JP dumping on her that her beloved mother suffered from depression on All American Season 2 Episode 5 didn't help her state of mind in any way.

Layla had been going off the rails all season, although it did appear that outpatient treatment was helping. But apparently not.

Bad Call - All American Season 2 Episode 8

Instead, she was obsessed with her mother's death and how she truly died, to the point of trying to re-create that car accident.

At least afterward she had the common sense to call Spencer, the most levelheaded person she knows.

They may not be back together, but they are good for each other.

Finally, Layla did the right thing, checking in for much-needed, inpatient treatment. 

Although how she's ever going to pass this year of school, with all those absences, it's hard to say. Can you say "summer school"?

Coaching Highlight - All American Season 2 Episode 8

And after Coop keeping Spencer in line for much of the series, Spencer was now getting the chance to return the favor.

Coop, normally on such an even keel, was acting like an ass toward Patience, deliberately not telling her about JP's interest in Patience's voice.

First Spencer, then Patience herself, called Coop on it. Fortunately, Coop was smart enough to apologize publicly to Patience, and they made up.

And damn, Patience does have a good voice. Coop was right to fear losing her, but pushing her away wasn't helping.

Then, just when Coop's music career was looking up after the successful mixtape-launch party, Tyrone shows up.

Championship Family - All American Season 2 Episode 8

How is he possibly out of prison already? That's one big question to answer when the show returns.

So it's going to be helpful for Coop to have Spencer nearby.

Spencer's also now got another "brother" in Darnell. It wasn't unexpected that Grace would invite him to stay with them. She's got a history of bringing home strays.

Wouldn't it be wild if Darnell ended up taking Spencer's place at the Baker home and playing for Beverly? Or do he and Spencer both end up at South Crenshaw?

It's hard not to feel badly for Billy.

He thinks things are looking up at home, but then Laura served him with separation papers. Then Spencer, his meal ticket, quit football.

Consolation Ring - All American Season 2 Episode 8

There goes that college job that he would have gotten for delivering Spencer.

The Baker twins encountered their own drama.

First, why didn't lawyer Laura insist on a paternity test?

That would have spared Jordan some heartache. 

He was right to blame Simone for deceiving him. But building a nursery already was a bit extreme.

However, Olivia was right when she declared that what was important was the baby, not Jordan's hurt feelings.

A Couple Again - All American Season 2 Episode 8

It was good to see that eventually, Jordan continued to man up, even when he no longer had to. And let's face it: Jordan will make a better fun uncle than a father.

Olivia continues to be the other wise person on the show, except when it comes to her relationship with Asher.

After she set Jordan straight about Simone and her baby, Olivia encouraged Asher to get answers from his parents.

Asher found out that Gwen used to be an escort and Harold had been one of her clients.

Admittedly, not a great meet-cute story, but hardly cause to ostracize her from seeing Asher. Now he's pissed at both parents, which is hardly progress.

Olivia's idea that she could shut off her and Asher's feelings for each other by fiat was ill-conceived. At least they both recognized that and gave in.

So lots of good dangling storylines to pick up in January, starting with what will Spencer become now that he isn't a star football player.

To catch up during the hiatus, watch All American online.

What will Spencer do?

Is Coop in danger?

Are you glad Layla admitted she had a problem?

Comment below.

Life Goes On Review

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All American Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Jordan: How am I supposed to do this, Dad?
Billy: You'll figure it out.

Layla: You're going to be OK, Spencer.
Spencer: When?
Layla: Eventually.