Hulu's Little Fires Everywhere First Look: When Does it Premiere?

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Another day, another announcement for an upcoming series we cannot wait to watch.

Little Fires Everywhere is an adaptation of Celeste Ng’s 2017 novel of the same title.

And while the book was a bestseller, with backing by Reese Witherspoon's Hello Sunshine and Kerry Washington's Simpson Street as well as the two on board to star, well, we see anther hit for Hulu.

Little Fires Screengrab

Little Fires Everywhere follows the intertwined fates of the picture-perfect Richardson family and an enigmatic mother and daughter who upend their lives.

The story explores the weight of secrets, the nature of art and identity, the ferocious pull of motherhood – and the danger in believing that following the rules can avert disaster.

The cast includes Reese Witherspoon (Elena Richardson), Kerry Washington (Mia Warren), Joshua Jackson (Bill Richardson), Rosemarie DeWitt (Linda McCullough).

Also starring are Jade Pettyjohn (Lexie Richardson), Jordan Elsass (Trip Richardson), Gavin Lewis (Moody Richardson), Megan Stott (Izzy Richardson), Lexi Underwood (Pearl Warren), and Huang Lu (Bebe).

Little Fires Cover

The series is produced by Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine, Kerry Washington’s Simpson Street and ABC Signature Studios, a part of Disney Television Studios. Liz Tigelaar (“Life Unexpected,” “Casual”) will serve as creator, showrunner and executive producer.

The series is also executive produced by Reese Witherspoon, Kerry Washington, Lauren Levy Neustadter, Pilar Savone, and Lynn Shelton. Author Celeste Ng serves as producer.

Witherspoon is familiar with fires because once one was lit underneath her after an unfavorable look on the cover of Time years ago, the prolific actress and producer decided to take her future into her own hands.

Already a star because of hits from the time of she debuted in The Man in the Moon to Legally Blonde (which is getting a revival, I hear) and beyond, Witherspoon wasn't going to allow herself to get pigeonholed nor was she not going to get the respect she deserved for her myriad talents.

Reese Witherspoon vert

In recent years, Witherspoon reignited her production company under the name of Hello Sunshine, and off she went.

In addition to producing movies and television, some productions on which she also takes a leading role, Witherspoon has launched a successful podcast and a book club.

Little Fires Everywhere extends her reach all across the television medium from HBO's Big Little Lies to the Apple TV+ series, The Morning Show, and with the upcoming Netflix series, From Scratch, starring Zoe Saldana.

Even better, Hulu's Little Fires Everywhere sees Witherspoon working with another fiery talent, Scandal's Kerry Washington.

Kerry Washington Vert

Washington recently starred on a Netflix series titled American Son about a woman and her husband who sit through a fateful night in a police station awaiting their son's fate.

It's a harrowing portrayal of a mother in pain, and Washington slayed with her performance.

Last year, Washington starred on the Norman Lear specials All in the Family and The Jeffersons, and this year, she's still on board as a producer of the popular revival of Norman Lear's greatest hits.

Little Fires Everywhere comes from female entertainment powerhouses, and we can't wait to see how it plays out.

Get you first look at the series now, and mark your calendars for the March 18th premiere on Hulu!

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