Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 3 Review: Spectator Slowing

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A fresh nutjob can be enjoyable as well.

The BAU took a break from chasing the Chameleon to figure out the motivation of an oddball bomber on Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 3.

The most important development in this episode was the return of J.J., after she was shot by Grace Lynch on Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 1.

Probing Explosions -- Tall - Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 3

J.J. appeared none the worse for wear after her ordeal, and she was able to take the necessary shot in the end.

Even better, she and Reid seemed to have returned to the close relationship they had before she admitted, six months ago, her deeper feelings for him.

Back to Work - Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 3

It's good they straightened that out on Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 2.

As his mother Diana suggested, Spencer is doing his best to move on and find Miss Right. Maybe he could hook up with Cat Adams again.

She's a past unsub worthy of revisiting in this final season. Plus, how many of the standout villains are still alive? Shout out your living favorites you'd like to see again in the remaining seven episodes.

This episode's unsub was somewhat justified in his motivation if extreme in his actions.

Who hasn't shaken his or her head at "lookie loos," gawking at or even taking photos of someone else's tragedy?

Scattered Targets - Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 3

Rather than simply feeling bad for an unfortunate soul and his or her family, they unnecessarily inject themselves into the incident.

So it was understandable that Shelby Mattson felt that the loss of his mother was being trivialized by the five strangers who stopped by his infamous residence.

It's just that his reaction was way, way, way out of proportion.

You have to wonder how such a case even gets forwarded to the BAU.

Three bombings in three adjacent states could just be a coincidence, especially when there didn't appear to be any connection among the victims.

Judging Books by Their Covers - Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 3

Then there were so many things that didn't make sense to the profilers. That included hand-delivering the packages and not offering up any kind of manifesto.

Then why did the first two bombs kill while the third only critically wounded Rhonda and her daughter?

Then there was that whole headscratcher of the unsub blowing up the male cadaver in the yellow dress and designer sunglasses. That was just plain weird.

No wonder the team got a slow start on this one, as the unsub's actions were particularly irrational, even by BAU standards.

Fortunately, Simmons and his military training were able to conclude that the bombs were all produced by one bomber.

Difficult to Connect - Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 3

More on Matt and his "Mr. Mom" day later.

They might be still spinning their wheels if Reid hadn't thought of trying to find a common denominator among the victim's family members.

Then running those faces by Rhonda's parents, the only victims' family members which they had on hand.

What are the odds that those two joined with three others on a cruise, then took a ride in a rental car through the Canadian countryside that just happened to go by an infamous murder house where eight people had been poisoned?

Yeah, that's a stretch. Too bad nobody had money down on such a coincidence happening.

Unpleasant Gift - Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 3

Then Rossi and his cognitive evaluation with Fred filled out the details of the event, including the angry young man in the background whose special shrine was being stepped on, literally.

The trouble was that Shelby had meticulously plotted out his revenge. He boldly walked into the hospital and chatted with Laura to get the information he needed to lure her away later.

Then he left the fake bomb in Sophia's room so that he could make his getaway.

Shelby's explaining to Laura about how his mother had to pick lunches for those deriving some enjoyment from visiting the ruins of Hurricane Katrina certainly made clear his hatred of such people.

But that scene also pointed out his madness as only one of the five cruise visitors had any interest in that site of Shelby's mother's death.

Drawing a Bead - Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 3

Garcia had established Shelby's identity by then and the BAU was able to arrive in time to save Laura, with Prentiss calling his bluff and J.J. ending his threat.

The big question was what did Simmons find more stressful: being involved in that investigation remotely or attempting to amuse his four offspring?

Did Matt's storyline add anything to the case of the week?

Of course not. But such a storyline is important since, among team members, only he and J.J. have families.

It's essential to show that BAU members can have normal lives outside of the office, that their private lives aren't ruined by the work they undertake.

Stay-at-Home Dad - Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 3

For someone who is often away from home, Simmons thought quickly on his feet. He knew enough to abandon making a fancy meal with his kids (imagine grocery shopping with that bunch!) for pizza.

Then, after making the mistake on pinning his entertainment hopes on a board game he had never opened, he appealed to his children's imaginations and made it work in the end.

Bedrest was killing Christy, having to leave everyone in Matt's hands, but he managed to set her mind at ease.

And what a cute family Matt and Christy have! Still, no one can blame them for wanting to stop at five.

Still, he'll ready eager to get back in the field.

Tara at Work - Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 3

To review the family episodes, watch Criminal Minds online.

Did you understand the unsub's rationale?

Were you glad to see J.J. return?

Did you enjoy watching Matt being a dad?

Comment below.

Spectator Slowing Review

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Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 3 Quotes

J.J.: It feels like old time.
Reid: It does.
J.J.: That's good, right?
Reid: It's great.

Simmons' son: She made you a sandwich. It's tuna fish and peanut butter.
Christy: Yeah, I see that.