Shameless Boss Teases Emmy Rossum Return

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Shameless wrapped its 10th and penultimate season Sunday night. 

As we look ahead to the final season, all eyes are on Emmy Rossum and whether she will return to the series in any capacity for its final season. 

If you watch Shameless online you know Rossum's Fiona Gallagher exited the South Side on a plane to start a new life somewhere else. 

Goodbye, Fiona - Shameless Season 9 Episode 14

Shameless showrunner John Wells has now opened up about a potential return for Rossum. 

"I’ll certainly ask her," Wells told Entertainment Weekly, while also noting that the actress is busy with many other projects.

"We all love each other and we’ve been through wonderful things together, so I’ll ask her and hopefully, she’ll be available at the time that we do it."

"But we’re so far from knowing what that would be and when that would be, and she’s just started on her new project for the Peacock, Angelyne, so I’m going to leave her to that for quite some time…until I start bugging her," he continued. 

Given that Shameless Season 11 is slated to begin airing this summer on Showtime, and the fact that Rossum is busy with other projects, it does seem like it will be tough to get the actress back. 

Turn Up the Beat - Shameless Season 9 Episode 12

If she has signed a contract to appear on Angelyne, then that will be the priority, because right now, there is no contract to state that she has to return to Shameless. 

It will all come down to timing, and if Rossum's schedule aligns with that of the production demands, then fans might catch up with Fiona for a short time. 

Fiona's storyline reached a natural conclusion, but the character was not part of the Gallavich wedding on Shameless Season 10 Episode 12

It's difficult to imagine her not picking up the phone or appearing in a video chat with the happy couple. More glaring was that Ian (Cameron Monaghan) admitted in a tearful moment that he missed his late mother, Monica. 

Fiona Attends a Meeting  - Shameless Season 9 Episode 13

There was no mention of Fiona in the installment. Fiona's strong bond with her family has always been at the center of Shameless, so it was a little frustrating. 

It would be nice for Fiona to me mentioned in the final season! 

What do you think of the showrunner's sentiments? Do you want Fiona back on the South Side?

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