Project Blue Book Season 2 Episode 5 Review: The Men In Black

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The CIA can do whatever they want.

And on Project Blue Book Season 2 Episode 5, it seems that Harding and Valentine are shaking in their boots.

Did they ever expect someone would challenge their authority?

Mimi on the Job - Project Blue Book Season 2 Episode 5

Before that even happened, Hynek got up close and personal with the Men in Black, and even became a temporary member of their secret club.

The battle now seems to be about the real truth between the people "in the know" and the narrative that the Air Force and the CIA want the world to know. The only problem is that the CIA and the Air Force aren't working hand-in-hand, and, now, the Air Force is under the gun.,

It's suspicious that after Quinn sought Dan's help with finding Hynek that all of a sudden the CIA decided to go after Project Blue Book. Perhaps, now that they know some new information via Dan (a la Quinn's reveal about the classified object), they can eliminate the middle man.

On the other hand, if the CIA wanted to know where the Men in Black were and even where the objects were, why didn't they just have Rebecca figure it out for them?

Searching for Clues - Project Blue Book Season 2 Episode 5

It seems that Rebecca can only get her information from "touching" someone, per se, close to a particular situation. That's why she was able to lead Quinn and Dan to Hynek's whereabouts, by "touching" Quinn.

Hynek is a devious little guy, saving Ernest the way he did, which eventually saved himself. He was so proud of himself.

I also love how "connected" Hynek and Quinn have become, so much so that Hynek knows (or hopes) how things will play out, leaving Quinn clues to where he was.

It was surprising, though, how quickly Quinn trusted Dan. Maybe Quinn doesn't yet know how dangerous the CIA is. 

I wonder, though, if had he given Mimi some leeway in the beginning, if they could have figured it all out without involving Dan. Mimi deserves the credit for saving her husband.

Lost at Sea - Project Blue Book Season 2 Episode 5

If Quinn would have involved Mimi from the beginning, it might have saved them all a lot of trouble. But Quinn didn't have a choice. 

Now, Dan is in their group, and the three of them are like the Three Musketeers, toasting each other on a job well done. It was sweet, but Quinn and Hynek have no idea how a spy works.

And Dan is definitely a spy! Why else would he be in the CIA?

Again, I go back to why he was so helpful when Hynek and Quinn visited the base on Project Blue Book Season 2 Episode 3. It's just not the CIA's style to be so welcoming.

But the CIA is a new organization and Hynek and Quinn are babes in the woods. Still, you'd think Valentine and Harding would have given them some type of warning, but maybe they don't have any idea, either. 

What they need to do is put Mimi on the case because that woman has more brains than all of them, and it's refreshing to see a woman with her intelligence being in the mix, especially during that era.

Mimi could have just sat back and worriedly twisted her hanky hoping Quinn would find her husband soon. Instead, she took the bull by the horns, and with the help of Quinn's assistant, found the information that Quinn would eventually need.

The other fabulous thing was that she didn't hide the fact that she was looking where she wasn't supposed to be looking. 

For a woman to do that in that era? That shows a lot of balls.

Meeting with the Man in Black - Project Blue Book Season 2 Episode 5

Quinn didn't question her about it, and he probably won't, because, as I said earlier, without Mimi's help, who knows what would have happened to Hynek?

As much as I hate to say it, it would be a great thing to see Susie and Mimi start working together. 

Susie has her own mission to accomplish, but it does seem that the tide is turning for her as far as allegiences go. Susie is a badass in her own right, and her and Mimi working together to help out their men would give them a hell of a lot of power.

And Hynek and Quinn both know they have strong women by their sides, so the possibility that could happen is very strong.

Gun Fight - Project Blue Book Season 2 Episode 5

However, Susie's true colors have yet to be shown, and if Quinn does find out that Susie is a Russian spy, he's going to have to make a hard decision on what exactly to do.

If it all comes to that, of course.

Right now, Hynek and Quinn need to work on keeping the CIA from shutting down Project Blue Book, and they're going to have to rely a lot on Harding and Valentine.

But will the generals play along? We'll have to wait and see!

Over to you!

Is Dan to be trusted? Or did he do the job he was paid to do? 

Who will find the UFO objects first? The CIA or the Air Force?

What do you think about Mimi's bold actions?

Hhow will Susie fit in?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts! If you need to catch up, you can watch Project Blue Book online right here via TV Fanatic!

The Men In Black Review

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