Supergirl Season 5 Episode 12 Review: Back From the Future -- Part Two

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Winn Schott is amazing. Why did he ever leave?

Winn saved the day on Supergirl Season 5 Episode 12, and it was as if he never left. He stopped his evil counterpart from killing DEO agents and gave Kara some amazing advice, even though she refused to take it.

Winn was the best part of an episode that did little to move the story forward and showcased the same problems our Super Friends have been dealing with for months.

Kara and Alex - Supergirl Season 5 Episode 12

Winn's reconnection with his father was the strongest story of the hour, and Supergirl could have focused a bit more on that instead of over-explaining the tech issues that Toyman brought about.

Winn's father, the original Toyman, has plagued Winn for years. Winn was always sensitive about him.

Winn was able to confront his father one last time and get closure for his painful past.

Winn: It's not Computer Lad anymore, alright? From now on, it's Toyman.
Kara: Winn, seriously?
Winn: Yeah. You guys when I told you that I was okay being called Computer Lad, are you kidding me? No, I hated that! Computer Lad, no! What? But Toyman, you know that name has always haunted me. But now after having faced my father, he told me that I was better than him. And he was right. So I'm going to reclaim that name and make it stand for good. Hey, it's like the Doctor said, "The future is whatever you want, so make it a good one."
Kara: Nice, Doc Brown.

It was a beautiful moment when his father told him he was the best part of him, that he was better than him, because it's true.

Winn is an awfully good person who deserved recognition from the man who made his life quite difficult. After he got that, he was able to return to the future with a little less weight on his shoulders.

Winn Schott - Supergirl Season 5 Episode 12

Winn returned to the future, and while you can't help but be happy that he's finally happy, it is sad to see him go.

He has always been a great addition to the Supergirl cast, and his friendship with Kara is a highlight of the show.

Winn is an original Super Friend and was one of the main parts of what made the show great on its earlier seasons.

If only there was a way for Winn to bring his family to National City and fight alongside Supergirl forever. Anything is possible. Is that wishful thinking,  or am I setting myself up for disappointment?

Kara - Supergirl Season 5 Episode 12

While Winn was coming to terms with his father, Kara was struggling over whether or not to go out with William.

After many episodes with tiny hints at a romance between the two reporters (many hints of which were nullified during Crisis), William finally asked Kara on a date. She said no.

And even though it was only because their relationship started off on a lie and she has been forever traumatized by Lena's feelings of betrayal, it was a good thing she rejected him.

Winn: Hey Super...Kara.
Kara: Mmhm?
Winn: She is super.
William: Sure.

Kara and William give off major friends vibes and have almost zero chemistry. When we should have been smiling from ear to ear as they were singing karaoke, there was only cringing.

They are sure to revisit their relationship in the future, but we really hope that Supergirl lets it rest as the sparks are just not there.

Lena Luthor - Supergirl Season 5 Episode 12

It is definitely a bad sign when your brother, who is a sociopath and a murderer, tells you that he is proud of you. Shouldn't that make you second guess what you are doing?

Lena was back to trying to trick Andrea to get what she wanted, even though she disguised her deception as trying to help the world.

Yes, Lena means well, but she does thing at the expense of hurting others.

There are always two types of people who want to help the world -- those that do the right thing for the wrong reasons and those that do the wrong thing for the right reasons.

Andrea Rojas - Supergirl Season 5 Episode 12

Lena has had tunnel vision throughout Supergirl Season 5. Her feelings of betrayal have been clouding her judgement and have made her think that what she is doing is right.

It could have been an interesting storyline, but there has been no payoff yet, and we are more than halfway through the season.

While Lena has not done anything terrible to further her algorithm that will help "fix people," all signs have been pointing to it for a while now, and yet, nothing.

Lex: Oh Lena, I am impressed. Sabotaging your friend to get what you want.
Lena: Not to get what I want, for the good of humanity!
Lex: Of course, but that is exactly the kind of thinking we're going to need to defeat Leviathan. Your big brother is proud of you.

It is almost as if they need to get it out of the way to move forward and develop the story because Lena has been doing the same thing for ages now.

Kara and Lena have been one of the strongest friendships on Supergirl, and there is no need to spend an entire season with them apart, especially when a greater threat looms.

It is time for them to get a move on and really start addressing the issues between the two instead of just dancing around them.

Alex Danvers - Supergirl Season 5 Episode 12

Leviathan continues to be mentioned in passing with no real exploration of who they are or what they want.

For a secret organization who was meant to be the big bad of this season, little is known about them.

It's a bit disappointing especially since in one of the cliffhangers on Supergirl Season 4 Episode 22, they were mentioned for the first time, and comic book fans everywhere rejoiced.

A Lex who cares about the emotional state of others, this really is a whole new world.


The development of the villains this season, besides that of Lex Luthor who has always been a joy to watch, has been minimal and unsatisfying.

Let's just hope that a trip down memory lane with Mr. Mxyzptlk on the show's 100th episode will reawaken what once made Supergirl a fantastic superhero show.

What did you think Supergirl Fanatics?

Do you wish Winn could stay forever? Are you sick of the lack of great villains this season? Also, where was Dreamer?

She has been absent from too many episodes this season.

Let me know in the comments, and do not forget that you can watch Supergirl online right here on TV Fanatic!

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Back From the Future -- Part Two Review

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Supergirl Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

A Lex who cares about the emotional state of others, this really is a whole new world.


Winn: Hey Super...Kara.
Kara: Mmhm?
Winn: She is super.
William: Sure.