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Did Maria manage to get the group to play nice?

On Station 19 Season 3 Episode 5, she took everyone on a team-building camping trip that did not go to plan. 

Maya + Pruitt - Station 19 Season 3 Episode 5

Meanwhile, first-time campers nearby were in danger following a bear attack. 

Did everyone survive?

Elsewhere, Pruitt took steps to repair his relationship with Andy after their big bust-up. 

Sullivan went to extreme lengths to find relief from the pain in his leg.

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Station 19 Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Andy: What are you … what are you doing here?
Pruitt: I like camping. Maya invited me.
Andy: Are you checking up on me?
Pruitt: I’m going to the woods. I’m soaking up the nature. I could use it.
Andy: You’re checking up on me.
Pruitt: One could argue that you should be checking up on me. You’re not the only one who lost Ryan.
Andy: You … you called me a slut. You told me I was compromising your legacy. Are you here to apologize because I could use an apology. But guilt because Ryan died? I’m not biting.

Pruitt: You hiding from your team, captain?
Maya: It’s been a lit bit bumpy sir.
Pruitt: Promotions are always bumpy. You’ll get there. Hey, how’s Andy doing? She still wont talk to me about Ryan, and I’m worried about her.
Maya: I have no idea how Andy’s doing. She moved out over a week ago.
Pruitt: She moved? Where?
Maya: I don’t know. She won’t talk to me either. She thinks I stole her job; they all do.
Pruitt: Yeah, you’ve definitely got a morale problem.
Maya: What do I do?
Pruitt: It’s not that complicated. You just need some team building. Get them out of the station – field trips, beach days, camping.
Maya: Camping?
Pruitt: Build a fire, drink some beers, eat some s’mores. It goes a long way.
Maya: So I order them on their day off to go camping with me?
Pruitt: It’s not an order, it’s an invitation.