The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 10 Review: Stalker

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Gamma may not be everybody's favorite character, but she proved to be an asset when Alexandria needed her the most. 

The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 10 showed the Whisperer realizing the game was up for her, and that she needed to reach out to Alexandria to secure her safety. 

If you watch The Walking Dead online, you know the settlements are not excited about the prospect of welcoming new people at this moment in time. 

Outside Forces - The Walking Dead

It makes sense after what happened to Siddiq when Dante was the mole nobody knew existed.

There's something different about Gamma. Maybe it's the way she answers questions genuniely. 

Gamma Arrives - The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 10

She understands Alpha's rule is going to come crashing down when everyone learns about her lies, but she also put her life on the line to save Rosita when Beta channeled Friday the 13th and appeared through what we believed was a grave. 

There's something unsettling about one of the scariest individuals on TV seemingly arising from a grave to slice and dice everyone that gets in his way. 

Rosita: The last whisperer we had in here.
Gamma: You killed him?
Gabriel: No. I did.
Rosita: He was the one your people sent to spy on us. He killed my baby's father two days ago.

Even though it was obvious Beta was going to kill people, nobody of note got killed. Laura has been on the periphery for much of her time on the series, and she showed great courage when it came to fighting back. 

Beyond that, she was never really fleshed out. She was the familiar face that would pop up when something was happening within the communities. 

Gabriel Takes Aim - The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 10

The Whisperers making the fake call to deplete Alexandria's defenses was a stroke of genius, but they should have been prepared for it. 

Alpha is smart. She knows how to push the buttons of those who oppose her. That's why she will go down as one of the best villains ever on the series. 

Gamma putting her own life at stake to save Rosita and the children was enough for Rosita to realize the former Whisperer had changed her ways. Aaron will vouch for her when he realizes she did not lead them to a trap, and that will allow her to be one of the many to take Alpha down. 

Alpha: Can you see beyond the darkness? Into the light?
Daryl: No.
Alpha: I'm tingling with joy. As I see the ones who brought me, all around us. Standing there, thank you.

My biggest complaint about the series extends to all TV series: Stop making characters look like noobs with guns. On this show, in particular, it's been years since anyone lived in a world without walkers. 

Where ARE You? - The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 10

Everyone knows to aim for the head. Allowing Beta to escape made sense from a storytelling perspective, but making the characters look dumb by missing the shot rubbed me the wrong way. 

Let's circle back to Alpha because she was on another level during "Stalker." Who would have thought that she and Daryl would engage in a battle this soon? I would have thought it would have taken place further into the season. 

For the first time, Alpha felt vulnerable. She was hurt, well away from her pack, and in the vicinity of a man who has lost a lot at her hands. The scenes in the garage were tense, what with Alpha ushering the walkers in to feast on Daryl. 

But she was out of her depth. The same could be said for Daryl. I appreciate the creative force's choice to take this line of storytelling here. They were both hurt so much that they physically couldn't end the life of the other person. 

On the Hunt for His Friends - The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 10

What Alpha wants is power. That's the recurring theme. She wants people to fear her and having Lydia tell her that her way is not the only way was the icing on the cake that propelled the storyline further. 

Lydia has been MIA since The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 7, and as convenient as it was to have her return at such a pivotal moment, it worked very well. 

Alpha wants me alive. Step towards me.


Alpha's pleas with her daughter to end her life were either mental warfare or fear. Is it possible Alpha didn't like the prospect of going to war with a community that her daughter calls home? 

We've witnessed Alpha's emotions crack on a handful of occasions now. There is immense pressure on her to keep up appearances because the moment she shows some semblance of weakness, her power could be called into question. 

Any Crass Men Looking for a Crass Reward? - The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 10

Now that Alpha has waged war on her foes, though, we're going to get closer to the big battle before we know it.

The Walking Dead battle episodes have always failed to live up the hype, but the show is in a great place at the moment. 

There's strategy that comes with war, and it seems our heroes only really learned that this season. The Whisperers can be anywhere they want at any time, so there's a lot that needs to be taken into consideration. 

Where Did You Go? - The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 10

Unfortunately, we didn't get an update on Magna or Connie, but at least we know there's still hope for them.

However, it's possible their battered and bruised bodies will emerge before long. 

What did you think of the episode? Did you like the darker tone? What did you take from Alpha's desire for Lydia to kill her? 

Hit the comments below. We want to hear from you!

The Walking Dead continues Sundays at 9 pm on AMC. 

Stalker Review

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The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 10 Quotes

Alpha wants me alive. Step towards me.


Alpha: Can you see beyond the darkness? Into the light?
Daryl: No.
Alpha: I'm tingling with joy. As I see the ones who brought me, all around us. Standing there, thank you.