Brooklyn Nine-Nine Boss Explains Jake and Amy's Baby Decision

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine wrapped its most recent season with the birth of Jake and Amy's baby. 

On Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 Episode 13, the Jake arrived in the nick of time to see his son being born, and the pair called their new arrival Mac. 

If you watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine online, you know this is a nod to Jake's hero, Die Hard's John McClane. 


Series creator Dan Goor opened up about the decision in an interview with TV Line, noting that there were some other other options. 

"Hans Gruber," he said. "Hans Gruber Peralta. And there were others. It was hard, but it was somehow easier than naming Gina's baby Enigma, because she could have been named anything.

Running Late - Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 Episode 13

"'Do we name him after one of their fathers?' That felt really wrong," he continued.

"'Do we name it after Captain Holt?' That felt like too much. When we settled on Mac, it just felt right. But we did go back and forth for a while between that and… not naming him, just so we didn’t have to worry about it until next season."

Additionally, Goor stated that Jake and Amy having children was not always part of the plan, but noted that he is "happy we went through with it."

"Episode 6, where they mostly dealt with [trying and struggling to get pregnant], is one of my favourite episodes that we've ever done, and I'm happy we had the opportunity to do it.

Baby Time - Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 Episode 13

"And I think it'll give us some storylines for next year that'll be fun and interesting…. We just started the [virtual writers room] up, but I do look forward to that."

Many TV shows have ceased production in response to the coronavirus pandemic, but Brooklyn Nine-Nine was not slated to enter production for months. 

With the virtual writers room being set up, the creative minds on the show will start to break some new stories and start the writing process. 

It's unclear whether there could be a delay on the horizon for eigthth season, but given that the show premiere at midseason this year, there's a good chance there will be no delay. 

Mature Jake - Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 Episode 12

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