Good Girls Round Table: Will The Ladies Go Through With Operation Rio?

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The ladies are continuing with the plan to get rid of Rio, but boy is it gonna cost them. 

Good Girls Season 3 Episode 9 saw Beth meeting with the sniper and scheduling a day to kill Rio and free themselves from that bond. But will the ladies be able to go through with it? And is the sniper who he says he is? 

Join our TV Fanatics Jasmine Blu, Lizzy Buczak, Meaghan Frey, and Whitney Evans as they discuss the hour. 

Good Girls Round Table

Annie's therapy sessions are getting weird. Where do you see this storyline headed?

Jasmine: As usual with Annie, somewhere inappropriate. So, she's trying to seduce her therapist then, yes? I don't understand what this is.

Why doesn't he just diagnose her with a sex addiction or something and call it a day? Why hasn't she learned that a spark doesn't mean crap and that isn't what an adult relationship should revolve around? HOW hasn't she learned this yet?

I'm so tired of this storyline for Annie. When does she actually grow up or evolve? I sat there mystified by her behavior again and that he can't draw a boundary. Between this therapy stuff and how she was with Gregg again, I was livid.

Stuffed Animal Snuggles - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 9

Lizzy: When are things with Annie normal? She's constantly trying to turn the tables and blame the other person. It makes her feel better and less insecure about her own miserable life. Because let's face it, she's miserable and refuses to admit it.

While it was kind of fun to watch Josh squirm, she was totally out of line. As a professional, he should have been able to control the situation regardless of his attraction to her.

And it goes back to the first thing he said to her: she likes to pursue men that are an unattainable conquest because she doesn't think she deserves love. He also should have had his guard-up with her from the beginning.

The only thing I do value about Annie is that she's unapologetically herself, but again, there comes a time where that stops serving its purpose.

As for where they're going with this storyline... I don't know. Hopefully, Josh shuts it down!

Annie Out - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 9

Meaghan: I wanted to jump through my screen and shake some sense into her. If this was the first time that Annie did something like this I could maybe get one board, but we have been down this road before with Annie, and I'm over it.

They need to let Annie have some character growth. By continuing to let her put herself in these situations and not letting her see there is a real problem with them, it's making it impossible for her to mature.

I feel like Josh is going to give in to his attraction to Annie and it is actually going to be Annie who ends up pulling back once she finally realizes it isn't appropriate, or what is best for her.

Whitney: I think Dr. Cohen needs to bow out of the therapy sessions at this point. I was okay with Annie going back after she tried to come onto him, but I wanted her to continue to work on herself because she was making some progress.

Happy Dr. Cohen - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 9

But now it just seems to be about landing Dr. Cohen, and I’m not about that storyline.

Ruby included Sara in on a scheme and there was some major fallout between the two. React!

Jasmine: I felt like it was leading to this anyway. A good family with good people somehow all becoming criminals. I was interested in Ruby telling Sara that she got into all of this to save her and get her that kidney. I feel like that's something she should have touched on at the beginning when Sara started all of this.

The Hill family is imploding right before our eyes, but at least this is the only real organic, original, purposeful storyline this season.

Once And For All - Good Girls

Lizzy: At first, I was livid, but after Ruby told Sara why she got into this life of crime, I think Sara understood how dire the situation was and how much her parents were willing to sacrifice for her. She was shielded, and it's easy to judge someone’s actions when you don't understand them.

Personally, I think this will prevent Sara from ever breaking any laws again. In a twisted way, it'll help her become a better person. Her parents might be a lost cause, but she isn't.

Meaghan: I don't know what is going on with Ruby and Stan right now, but I think they are both losing their minds. As great as it was to see Ruby come clean to Sara about why she got into crime in the first place, she should have never involved her in one of their schemes.

Sure, Sara knows about Ruby, but that doesn't mean that it should be normalized for her. By bringing her along for the ride on one of her schemes, this is going to become Sara's new way of life, and she is going to continue to go down the dark path she is headed on.

Whitney: I was shocked at first because it brought into perspective just how much Ruby has changed since the grocery store robbery. I would have never thought she would have Sara aid her in a robbery.

But that just shows how far down the rabbit hole she is now. And it doesn’t feel like there’s a way to get out at this point.

Will the ladies go through with the plan to kill Rio?

Jasmine: No. And I'm bored. I say this as a Rio fan, a Manny fan, as someone who likes the potential his character holds, as someone who wrote an entire editorial whining about the finale last time when they implied they killed him off.

But based on this stupid arc this season and them once again squandering their chance to flesh him out, they could have just left him dead and introduced another big bad.

We've said it a dozen times, but it would have been more interesting if they Rio and the girls had to team up against someone or something more nefarious.

Serious Dr. Cohen - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 9

Lizzy: Honestly, I think Beth will go through with it. I think (or maybe this is wishful thinking) that the writers are lulling us into a sense of boredom so they can rip the rug from under us. I think Beth goes through with giving the kill order, but the hitman will either be an undercover cop, OR he's working for Rio.

Rio is always a few steps ahead of her. Beth's been so focused on Rio being public enemy #1 that she's oblivious to other external dangers.

Meaghan: Them killing Rio would be a terrible decision on the part of the writers. Rio is by far the most interesting aspect of the show. I think that a lot of what has made this season so different from the previous one's quality wise is because they are not dealing with Rio as directly as they have in the past.

So, by getting rid of him completely, the show would suffer for it.

Whitney: I agree with all you guys. If the main goal was to just kill Rio, then they should have done that at the end of Good Girls Season 2. They don’t seem to know what they want to do with him this season, and the continued cat and mouse with Beth, in particular, is getting old.

Beth Reacts - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 9

I don’t see them going through with the plan, because I don’t think the sniper is legit. I think he’s going to take off with their money and leave them in another terrible position.

Was Beth right to let Dean stay?

Jasmine: Oh yeah, Dean. I mean, he was honest and told her the truth. They actually communicated. So, yeah, sure.

Lizzy: It may have been the right thing to do, but it's not right for them. They need to give it up. No one wants this... not even Beth.

Meaghan: Yes. Dean admitted his wrongdoings, and he seemed to genuinely feel sorry for what he did. If Beth had kicked him out it would have been the pot calling the kettle black.

Doorway Dean - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 9

Whitney: I need Beth to figure out what it is that she wants from Dean. And whether or not this marriage is truly the best thing for them and their children at this point.

As Lizzy said, I’m not even sure this is what Beth even wants now.

What was your favorite scene/moment in the episode?

Jasmine: Nothing really stood out for me, sorry. I think I spent most of the episode wondering what exactly was the point this season. Aren't there only a couple of episodes left?

Therapy Session - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 9

Lizzy: When the sniper who was supposed to take out Rio for 30k had no arms. To echo Ruby: reaaaaallly? Good Girls and that dark humor!

Meaghan: I had a lot of trouble getting into this episode and that never used to be a problem for me with Good Girls. If I HAD to choose it would be just watching Dean be so proud of the award.

Whitney: This episode was just not a lot of fun. But I did enjoy the scene of Beth and Rio at the bar because it felt the most like the old days. Just watching them talk around things and size each other up like they used to.

Good Girls airs on Sundays on NBC. 

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Good Girls Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Annie: Check your phone!
Beth: I just did.
Annie: Did you check Facebook?
Beth: Cuz a hitman's gonna friend request me?
Annie: Oh, like you're so versed in how they communicate.

Harry: We're rich!
Ruby: Not ours.
Sara: Whose is it?
Ruby: Homeless. Elderly. Underserved youth. Whoever needs it the most, we'll give it to them.
Sara: Why?
Ruby: Because that's what good people do.