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Phoebe gets the nail polish the ladies have been using for the counterfeit bills recalled, leading the ladies in bad shape. Beth assures them they won’t have to make money anymore, as they have the $30,000 to pay Max’s cousin to kill Rio.

Annie and Lila begin studying for the GED, and she learns that Lila and Dr. Cohen don’t have sex and don’t live together after 9 years.

The girls meet Max’s cousin who tells them they need a sniper for the job, and that he’s contacted another person to help them.

Ruby comes up with a new nail polish combination to use, but it doesn’t pass. Rio meets up with Beth and tells her he can’t use the money. He then has her reach into an envelope and pulls out a gun. He informs her that it was the gun Mick used to kill Lucy.

The ladies try to figure out a way to get nail polish, and Ruby agrees to steal it. She brings underserved women to a nail salon, has Sara create a distraction in the bathroom, which allows her to get the keys to the room the polish is in and steal it.

Dean wins an award at work, but the night of the ceremony, Beth gets a call to meet with the sniper. He tells her that it will cost $60,000.

After the ceremony, Dean goes back to the office and sees Gayle there. The two later share a kiss.

Dean tells Beth about the kiss and offers to leave, but she tells him to stay.

Good Girls
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Good Girls Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Annie: Check your phone!
Beth: I just did.
Annie: Did you check Facebook?
Beth: Cuz a hitman's gonna friend request me?
Annie: Oh, like you're so versed in how they communicate.

Harry: We're rich!
Ruby: Not ours.
Sara: Whose is it?
Ruby: Homeless. Elderly. Underserved youth. Whoever needs it the most, we'll give it to them.
Sara: Why?
Ruby: Because that's what good people do.