Katy Keene Season 1 Episode 9 Review: Chapter Nine: Wishin' & a Hopin'

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Will Katy, Josie, Jorge, and Pepper ever learn?

Katy Keene Season 1 Episode 9 gave our core four their own storylines to work with, switched up the way the story was told, and it resulted in one of the best episodes of the series to date. 

We'll start with Katy because she's Katy freaking Keene. 

Her New Position - Katy Keene

If you watch Katy Keene online, you know Katy made her fair share of mistakes throughout the first bunch of episodes. 

Taking the internship with Guy was either going to make her sink or swim, and it changed the game for her. 

Katy is Stunned - Katy Keene Season 1 Episode 9

Gone was the Katy who was passionate about fashion, and in was a young woman struggling to keep her job. 

Guy may have been hard, but at least he taught Katy a lesson about resilience. If she gets something out of this internship, it's that she needs to have a thicker skin. 

Guy is a real piece of work, but he's a master of his craft and does not want the intern to cramp his style. 

Katy taking one of his designs out of the trash to make the fifth garment was a bold move, and one that came back to bite her. 

My favorite aspect of this series is that good things do not come to these characters easily. Katy always finds a way out of the daring situations she finds herself in. 

A Tiff - Katy Keene Season 1 Episode 9

But now Guy might just use her as a model. He likes people who listen to him, and nothing else, especially if he's trying to get a new fashion line off the ground. 

Whether Katy will be able to make this work, I don't know. Gloria's warning about Guy seemed premature, but it was evident he was a nightmare from the jump. 

Did anyone else think Gloria declined the dress because she knew it was a Katy Keene garment? I expected a small scene with Gloria scolding Katy for it. 

As for Josie, it was amazing how she opted to ditch the confines of her EP with Alex's dad. There's only so much one person can take, and the Cabots seem to think they can control everything. 

Josie Searches - Katy Keene Season 1 Episode 9

The Pussycats go all the way back to Riverdale Season 1, and even further back if we include the comic books, so they should get the time to shine. 

Josie's analogy about the Pussycat Dolls was right on the money. Josie wanted a band that equally brought talent to the table, so that there wasn't just one person getting all the limelight. 

That tends to be when bands falter because the less prominent members want some more of that lovely spotlight. 

When Josie arrived in New York, she was swept off her feet by Alex, with him offering her everything under the sun, but it all came crashing down in a New York minute. 

Josie is wise beyond her years, and telling Alex's father where to stick the EP was the best foot forward. 

Gloria Does Not Say Yes to the Dress - Katy Keene Season 1 Episode 9

She wants to have creative control of her brand, and she's only going to get that if she goes independent. 

Alex proved his belief that Josie is talented when he went against his father's wishes and chose to follow his heart. 

Will this result in his trust fund being cut off? Highly likely, but Lucien Laviscount is hitting us in the feels on a weekly basis with his excellent portrayal of Alex Cabot. 

Let's hope he doesn't ask to move in with Josie because that apartment is getting very busy. Just ask Jorge. 

Jorge's feelings about Buzz have never really went away. It was the relationship that could never work because Buzz did not want to come out to his co-workers. 

Jorge and Buzz - Katy Keene Season 1 Episode 9

That's why Jorge had to cut him loose. When Jorge rebounded with the hot fireman that is Bernardo, it seemed like things were looking up. 

But it was only a matter of time before Buzz re-entered the picture. The connection between Jorge and Buzz is undeniable. 

They have chemistry for days, and naturally, that made Jorge wonder what was going to happen. Bernardo's jealousy was starting to show, and he made some great points. 

What I did not expect was for them to have a threesome. Pepper thought she was giving Jorge some good advice, but it's only going to make things complicated in the long run. 

Jorge's jealousy was evident when he woke up the morning after to Buzz in Bernardo's arms. It's possible Jorge could be left out in the cold when all is said and done. 

Pepper Learns the Truth - Katy Keene Season 1 Episode 9

Which brings me to Pepper. Her dark secrets are finally starting to see the light of day, and leaving her wife in a Moroccan jail was horrid. 

The most striking revelation was that Pepper's been lying about her age. Where the heck did that come from? While I don't think she's the kid from Orphan, she's hiding a lot. 

What did you think of Katy's decision? Did Jorge go too far by having sex with both the men in his life at the same time? What did you think of Josie telling Mr. Cabot to keep his money?

Hit the comments. 

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Chapter Nine: Wishin' & a Hopin' Review

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