Former Child Actor Scott Schwartz on the Feldman Fiasco: "His winky-dinky is more important than the global pandemic; that's how he thinks."

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Welcome to Part 2 of TV Fanatic's exclusive feature interview with former child actor Scott Schwartz (The Toy, A Christmas Story) regarding first-hand knowledge of Corey Feldman's "friendship" with Corey Haim, the alleged "Hollywood industry pedophilia ring," Charlie Sheen, and much more.

If you haven't read Part 1 yet, catch up here.

Just to note, we have received a response from Corey Feldman and have an exclusive quote to present, which will come at the end of this series of interviews.


We also have inquired with Mr. Feldman about possibly granting a follow-up interview. More information on that, as it comes.

Regarding Scott Schwartz and Feldman's allegations against Charlie Sheen that we explored in Part 1: Scott has been close with Corey Haim's mother, Judy, for several decades -- ever since he and Haim met on set and became good friends.

Schwartz is sure "if something would have happened between Haim and Sheen, [Corey Haim] would have told his mother. Never said a peep. That was it." 

Scott Schwartz tongue on pole

We pick up now, just after Haim's tragic passing. We segue into the topic when Schwartz is asked about Haim's parents' feelings towards Feldman.

"Let's see," he says. "I think he comes one step under Satan. There's the Devil, Satan, and I believe Corey Feldman comes right after.

"They have no love for this person at all, because he's done nothing but play on their emotions and feelings and talked about their kid, badmouth their kid."

On the day of the passing, Schwartz was with the Haims in the morning at Corey's apartment -- a day full of painful tears and grief. He had left before Feldman's arrival but heard all about the visit when he arrived the next afternoon.  

"Now, there are two or three other people there," he recalls. "Bernie had gotten there -- Corey Haim’s father -- and they are livid; they are just beyond upset about something.

Corey Haim and father with Scott Schwartz

"And Bernie proceeds to tell me that Corey Feldman showed up and offered them $250,000 to shoot the funeral to re-edit into Season 2 of [The Two Coreys] so they can rerelease it on TV and DVD and all of that.

"His best friend in the whole world is still at the coroner’s office, and he's already thinking about money. How can he make money?"

Schwartz recounts that several weeks prior, the two Coreys had met up to discuss pre-production for a sequel to License to Drive -- called License to Fly. Haim had written the outline and treatment. Together they were working on a script.

"They're talking big money," he elaborates."Fox was interested. Between this [project] and another series thing with the two of them -- [it would have been], like, a half-million dollars for each kid.

Judy Haim and Scott Schwartz

"And then Corey Haim passes away. Feldman just lost all that money.

"When Corey Haim went in a box, the half a million dollars went in the box with him -- with Feldman’s money. Now he’s got to figure out a way to get money.

"This is your best friend in the whole world? How would you go from being an emotional wreck -- supposedly -- to showing up and offering the parents money to shoot the funeral, to make a spectacle of the funeral?"

The Haims were none too pleased and "said no and, 'Get fuck out of our apartment- -- excuse my French, but that's what he said," claims Schwartz.

License to Drive cast

Feldman then appeared on Larry King to address the world, Schwartz remembers. "Feldman said on Larry King’s show that Corey Haim’s parents asked him nicely not to come to the funeral because it would be a media circus.

"This is what he said as though he's Michael Jackson or George Michael or Prince.

"He believed that he was that kind of an icon that people are going to be running at him in the airport, and Access Hollywood and Extra -- and whoever the hell else was around -- were going to run after him in Toronto, at the funeral."

Schwartz says the story Feldman came up with was, again, "bullshit. They didn’t tell him, 'Don’t come to the funeral at all.' They just wanted him out of their apartment because of the money thing for the funeral.

Corey Haim funeral

"But at the time, he's just gone through a divorce with his wife, and he had no money. He couldn't even afford to get on a plane: no credit card or whatever.

"So his excuse to King was, 'It would have been a media circus had I shown up.' All total bullshit."

So did Feldman ever visit Haim's gravesite?

"I inject myself into this," says Scott Schwartz. "I, at the apartment on that Friday, talked to Bernie and said, 'Tell me when and where,' and he said, 'It's in Toronto; it’s on Tuesday.' I said, ’Okay, I'll make the flight arrangements.’

Corey Haim 3

"He goes, ‘No, because you don't need to come. Because we know you love our son. Corey Haim knows you love him. I know you love him. My wife knows -- Judy knows -- you loved him.

"You don't need to come and waste money. Make a plan come later. What are you going to do? You’re going to fly all that way to look at a box? Don't do it. Come later; save your money.' 

"Okay, fine. So I made a promise that by September 1st, I would go to Toronto around the middle of August.

"I'm making my flight arrangements trying to figure out exactly when; I figured it would be like September 6 or 7, and just on a whim, I called Feldman.

"We were not the best of friends. We did hang out. We played poker, that kind of shit. Let me rephrase that: we went to the movies once, and I played poker. That was about my existence with him. But I felt it was necessary to call. So I called.

Corey Haim Prayer for ther Rollerboys

"So I called him up, and I said, ‘Listen, I'm making a plan. I'm going to go and see Corey Haim; have you gone yet? And Feldman says, ‘No, I've been very busy.’

"I said, ‘Look, I'm making the plans, the tickets aren’t greatly expensive. I will pay for you to get on the plane with me. I'll pay for the rental car; I’ll pay for one night at the hotel for each of us.

"We will go there. We will see Judy. We will see Corey. We'll have dinner. We will get up the next morning, and we will come home. I will take care of it. I think it's the right thing; you need to go.’

"He's like, ‘You know, I’m just so very busy. I just don't have time for that right now.’

Scott Schwartz red carpet

"That was 2010. It wasn't until some time around 2015-14 -- somewhere in there -- that he actually ended up going to Toronto because he was doing an autograph signing.

"So, he was making money while he was going up there, and somebody else paid for the plane ticket, and he had somebody give him a ride over to Judy, and she went over to the gravesite with him.

Feldman was now at Haim's gravesite with Haim's mother, Judy. She's only there to accompany him. But things got darker from there.

He continues, "Feldman asked her if she would come down and take a picture with the two of them at the gravestone," he recounts. "And she said 'No,' she didn't want to do it. And he begged and pleaded with her, played on her emotions, blah, blah, blah.

Judy Haim - Corey's mom

"And she's crying and all this stuff. [Feldman] said, ‘Listen, it's just for me, I'm not going to put it out anywhere; it will be private, I just want to have it.’

"And so again -- playing on her emotions and all that -- finally she reluctantly agreed. Otherwise, he was going to drive her nuts.

"So they did. They took a picture at the gravesite. Forty-eight hours later, he put it on social media. The same picture with the two of them at the gravesite, which is exactly the opposite of what he said he was going to do with it."

It's hard to imagine why Feldman would feel contempt for the mother of his "best friend." Scott Schwartz says there are a few reasons for that:

Corey Feldman and Judy Haim at Corey Haim's Grave

"Well, number one, of course, was he didn't get the shots of the funeral. He didn't make money there.

"Then when Feldman was doing Coreyography -- you know, he was writing the book -- he wanted Judy to have something to do with it. Nope. She said no and spurned him again.

"So there were bad feelings there, at this point, between him and her.

"And she didn't like him anyway; she could not stand him. Then you go to the TV movie, A Tale of Two Coreys. And, again, the people from -- I believe it was Lifetime -- called Judy Haim and wanted to know some insights and stuff.

Two Coreys again

"[Judy] basically said, “Who's a part of this project?” And of course, "We're taking the main parts of the script -- or some of the script or whatever -- from Corey Feldman's book Coreyography, and he's going to be a producer.'

"She said, 'Nope, I want nothing to do with it.'

"And then you get to the new documentary [(My) Truth]. Here we go. He actually had his manager reach out to Judy to say, ‘We're going to do this,’ and she said, ‘I want nothing to do with this; would you please stop talking about my son?'

"This is a woman who lost a child and has not had a minute’s peace in, say, eight years.

Corey Feldman - My Truth film -- coming soon

"She's asked him repeatedly throughout the years, 'Stop talking about my son. Talk about you all you want. God bless, enjoy. Stop talking about my kid; let him rest in peace.' Corey Feldman could care less. It's all about the mighty dollar."

We haven't seen the documentary yet -- who has a spare $20 lying around these days, especially during Coronatine? But Scott has.

Feldman has promised to name names of key players in this Hollywood industry pedophilia ring he alleges passed Haim and himself around from molester to molester.

"I watched it!" exclaims Schwartz. "The first 45 minutes, he's bashing Judy Haim -- calling her a bad mother, bashing Corey Haim.

My Truth documentary poster

"And then the rest he talks about [how] in Hollywood, what goes on, -- managers or agents or photographers aren’t properly vetted, that we know -- if they’ve ever been convicted of a crime or any kind of pedophilia, that kind of stuff."

So if the Coreys were best friends, one must wonder why Feldman would devote half his film to badmouthing Haim.

Scott -- having watched -- fills us in: "Just you know, the drug addict [thing], and all the issues he had, and the problems, and he did it to himself, and all of these people took advantage of him and all of this."

But he doesn't stop with just the one Haim. "[He says], 'Judy was a bad mom because she wasn't around," Schwartz continues. "I'm going, ‘Are you crazy? I know differently; I was there!’

Corey Haim and fam

"Judy Haim went through a bout of cancer! There are pictures of them when she had Haim kissing her head and forehead, and he actually shaved her head and all this stuff. He was as good as a son could be and as close as a son could be.

"Now, if your mother is such a bad person, how do you have this kind of relationship with her?

There was jealousy there because Feldman did not have a good relationship with his mother. She had her own issues -- drug and alcohol-related. And Bob Feldman -- Corey Feldman accused his father of stealing all his money, which was bullshit as well."

We will cover the Bob accusations shortly, but first, Scott wants to debunk another claim by Feldman: that Judy Haim was behind the Wolfpack.

Corey Haim shaves mom Judy's head

The "Wolfpack" is what Corey Feldman refers to as a group of people who are out to take him down at his every move.

"So, Wolfpack -- this is great stuff," Schwartz excitedly explains. "There’s a guy on the East Coast; he's an Internet radio guy, does a show. Whatever.

"I've never been on the show. I have met the man, and he's just your average-Joe, kind of cool dude -- the furthest thing from a computer wiz or rocket scientist.

Corey Feldman in court getting protective order

"You're going to find he’s an average guy. He's the “leader” of the Wolfpack. These are a group of people that Corey Feldman has accused of wanting to hurt him or injure him. No. They just don't like him! They know he is full of shit.

"There's a girl in Texas, there’s a girl out in California that's about an hour and a half from LA, and then there's Judy Haim, a 70-year-old woman; she's the “ringleader” of all of this.

"I've actually asked Judy, I said, ‘How computer literate are you?’ And she's, like, ’Well, I know how to go to Google, and I know how to do my email.’

"So, I asked stupid questions like, ‘Can you do a spreadsheet?’ No. ‘Do you know what Adobe is?’ No. She didn't even know what Adobe was. No Photoshop.

Feldman playing live

"So, these four people -- the two girls are in their 30s, they’re both moms I believe; they just don't like this guy. So they go on social media, and they bash him for lying about Corey Haim. This is the Wolfpack!

"There's been nobody that’s ever threatened him. Nobody that's ever said, ‘We're going to harm you’ in any manner. No. They just call him an asshole. He doesn't like that.

"He doesn't like it when people don't agree with him. If you say something negative towards him on his social media, he immediately deletes and blocks you. I'm deleted. I’m blocked!

"Wolfpack is an imaginary group of people because they all know this guy on the East Coast. And there it is. There's your Wolfpack!"

Corey Feldman on hospital bed

In March of 2018, you may recall Feldman in the news reporting from a hospital bed that he was stabbed in his car while waiting at a stoplight.

Scott Schwartz recalls Corey Feldman, "said he was driving home, and he stopped at a stoplight -- and he drives a BMW.

"Now, logic and reasonability say that if you're driving a car, especially a sports car of any kind, when you put the car in drive, the doors lock.

"And he claims he was at a stoplight. Not parked -- he didn't park at the stoplight, he just stopped at the stoplight. People ran around his car, opened up his car door, and stabbed him with a syringe. This is what he claims.

Corey Feldman on hospital bed 2

"Of course there is no video footage up. And they took him to the hospital; they did a police report, TMZ [reported on it]. There's only one thing missing: they couldn't find anything on him!

"There's no puncture mark; there's no wound, there's no stab, there's no syringe mark, nothing. It's caca. There is a picture of him lying in the hospital bed, holding his E-cigarette. And he is laughing; he’s smiling.

"Now, let me ask you a question. If somebody just stabbed you supposedly with a syringe, are you going to be sitting in a hospital room smiling? Probably not. But there was nothing found. Nothing, zero, doesn't exist."

So the "Wolfpack" was blamed for the "attack," along with other incidents, including one report by Feldman via Twitter showing a photograph of Wolfpack propaganda left at his doorstep while he was out. 

The Wolfpack leaves propaganda at Corey Feldman's doorstep

In another report that Schwartz recalls, Feldman was walking across the street, and he thought a truck was trying to hit him, "and he had to run for the curb."

"He actually claims that the driver of this truck was trying to hit him. Now, of course, there's no truck; there's nobody.

"They have no evidence, no proof. Nothing. Because there’s nothing there. He just goes on social media, 'Oh my God, I almost got hit by a truck, they’re after me! They want to kill me!' "So did this really happen? Who the hell knows? But it sounds like, 'Any PR is good PR.'"

Corey Feldman red carpet

Quite recently, the Wolfpack was credited (by Feldman) as having hacked into his server when he was hosting a screening and digital streaming event for the new documentary. 

Schwartz responds, "If somebody is trying to hack into something, they can get an IP address. They can find out where the signal is coming from, to my knowledge -- nothing [was reported to be found].

"But at that screening, the girl that is his publicity girl [mentioned] the two girls' names at the theater – she just said their names -- and said they’re hacking into the things. That's why -- they don't want anybody to see it.

My Turth movie - hacked site image

"[But] what would they care? Their names aren’t being mentioned; they're not being accused.

"Yeah, we could go the other way and say, ‘Oh, well, they were trying to stop him from making money.’

"Seriously? Two women who have no background in computers, Judy Haim with no background in computers, and a guy on the East Coast who does a little radio show; oh yeah, these are geniuses!

"Stephen Jobs and Bill Gates -- It's utter nonsense.

My Truth hacking during pandemic

"Now, could something have happened at the hosting point with the Web Company? Who the hell knows?

"Maybe he didn't pay them, and they didn't want to show it; we have no idea. Other then he claims it got hacked. Who the hell is going to hack?"

The hacking could lead to questions of potential self-sabotage.

Schwartz has a line on possible reasons for an act of self-sabotage, were that the case (though he's not saying that, necessarily):

Corey Feldman live chat wolfpack post

"From different sources of people that talk to me -- because everybody seems to have my number and they'll call -- [Feldman] has something around 5,000 or 6,000 buys for this thing, and he was looking for a couple of 100,000 buys.

"He was looking for millions of dollars and instead got bupkis.

"So maybe it’s, ‘We can show it again and we can try, and do it, and we’ll just use an excuse,’ and whatever.

"And people were pissed, but it did get out there; it did end up showing, and some people saw it, and then it was put out there in the free world of the Internet."

Feldman did socially attack folks who complimented him on the film, though, after having seen it online -- copies that Feldman says were pirated.

Corey Feldman and social media pirate

But even of those who did see the film that night or the pirated versions, some were disappointed in the lack of information revealed.

"Of course," says Scott. "They want to hear what the hell is going on; that's what they paid for, but that's not what he delivered.

"He delivered more rhetoric nonsense bullshit accusations of the same people that he's already accused and we've already seen, who's been out there.

"Nothing; zero," Scott said.

Rebellious looking Coreys

"And then he actually had the balls -- and it takes monstrous balls; you got to have the biggest cajones I've ever heard of -- to turn around and tweet in early April that there's going to be another showing, and he is so proud that his documentary was the last thing shown at the Directors Guild -- 'but don't worry, we're going to do it again.'

"This was supposed to be one time only. He's going to do it, and that was going to be the end of it. No, of course not, because he didn’t make enough money. Now, he’s going to go and try and make more money again. Always about the money.

"The ego, the absolute stupidity of this man that -- the world is in a pandemic, but he's just so happy his movie was the last one seen at the Directors’ Guild. Seriously?"

Speaking of our current pandemic, Scott says he knows what Feldman was up to as the quarantine orders began to set in around the world.

Corey Feldman, Coronavirus, and the DGA

"We are now mid-April," he says, "and we have been quarantined, or the stay-at-home policy [has been in effect] now for a month.

"In late March, while we were in this pandemic, he and his wife went to Jamaica to an adult function -- an adult resort in Jamaica. To have fun, to go out and party, whatever. While we're in the pandemic, the whole world.

"The fact that he went to Jamaica and went to an adult resort, that's his business. I don't care what he does; that's not why I'm saying this. It’s the when: during the pandemic.

"I'm going to say this -- you can leave it or take it out -- his winky-dinky is more important than the global pandemic. That's how he thinks.

"The never-ending ego. The never-ending search for the publicity and the PR in all of this. If you go to a site like TMZ and you see people are staying home, for the most part, other than some idiots, but then they’re running a thing about Corey Feldman. 

Corey Feldman and wife, or angel?

"Here we go again with the pedophilia ring, and we got to get these people and take care of them. We got to say their names -- but he doesn't say anybody! Other than people have already been stated in public. This stuff is beyond wrong."

Feldman is now an ambassador of Child USA, a nonprofit organization committed to ending child abuse and neglect, a position with which Scott Schwartz takes some issue.

"Now, he wants to be the head of Child USA to protect kids and all that. This is the person -- a guy who's been on drugs for over 30 years? He lied, he blatantly lied.

"You can say anything you want about Corey Haim. Why? Because Corey Haim cannot speak for himself. He can make up any load of bullshit he wants. There is no question about it. This is wrong.

CHILD USA announcement - Feldman

"[Feldman] doesn't do this because he wants to actually help people. He wants the publicity out of it. He has never done anything for anyone that wasn't with selfish motives, never.

"Talk about the wrong guy for this job. He has done drugs for 30+ years, not exactly a good example of what any child should be around. If he's sober, I'm the #1 pick in the next NBA draft.

"I was the President of A Minor Consideration, which is a 501c3 charity for child labor laws, for two years.

"It's a total nonprofit; no one got paid to be a part of it, all we got out of it was the inner knowledge that we helped former and current child performers in some small way. Good guidance, I used to call it. 

Scott Schwartz and A Minor Consideration

"I didn't get any publicity out of it. I did it because I wanted to give back to former, current, and future child performers.

"We helped via providing doctors, therapists, and getting laws changed in the United States to improve different conditions, keep kids safe, educating them and their parents to the different things that could occur while they are a child.

"Preventative care one could call it.  

"Monetary issues would always come up with every former child star, and we promoted things like the Coogan Act.

"The Coogan Act was supposed to be nationwide to have a certain percentage of a child performers funds to go into an account for that kid till they were 18. To this day, it's still not nationwide, but someday it will be. 

Corey Feldman on Dr. Oz

"[Feldman]'s hurting people, but he doesn't care; he wants to make money. He hurt Charlie Sheen and his family. They have to hear this bullshit and go, ‘We know it's nonsense.” But it affects people.

"Alphy Hoffman has a child who, I believe, is in college, although again, I have not seen him; I do get phone calls from different people, and they kind of let me know what's going on with people.

"His daughter’s being threatened at college because her father is accused of molesting Corey Haim, which is false!

"This is a 20-year-old girl, 21, something in that vicinity. She has to answer to things about her father that never happened 30-something years ago, but this is what Corey Feldman said."

Bret Hart and Corey Feldman Tales from the Dead Zone

Schwartz circles back to how this behavior affects Judy Haim: "Two bouts of cancer, living on government assistance. She needs this just like she needs a hole in the head. She needs peace and quiet. She needs to grieve, still.

"Her son is buried seven minutes away; she needs peace of mind; she needs to rest in peace. Feldman doesn't care. He has no soul; he has no heart. His heart is black."

Corey Feldman at screening

We said we would get back to Feldman's accusations that his father, Bob, stole his earnings from his childhood fame.

Some side trivia for you: Bob is an acclaimed musician and songwriter. He co-wrote such hits as "My Boyfriend's Back" and "I Want Candy." His resume is significant and impressive; you can read more on him here.

"They had more of a buddy-buddy relationship," Schwartz expands. "Was Bob Feldman the perfect parent? No, I don't think there is such a thing as a perfect parent; that's just the way that goes.

"Although I think Judy Haim is pretty damn close. And Bernie Haim was a damn good guy too. They were both solid people -- Canadian, good-hearted, kind.

"Bob grew up with a different cloth; he was here in Southern California and the mother or whatever.  I know that they had their ups and downs; they probably did things that father and son shouldn't do: smoke pot or whatever.

Bob Feldman

"But Bob was a business owner. He was a musician. He sang, he played guitar he was really good. His band played all over the country; business is good.

"His son goes for emancipation, and he tells the whole world, ‘My father stole all my money. I don't have any of my money.’

"Well, business dried up, there are no more gigs -- 'Your kid called you a thief! Your kid says you stole his money. You're a bad person!' That's wrong.

"Bob Feldman has all the records; he has all the documentation he -- his life is ruined. He is lucky that he has a place to live. He barely scrapes by in life."

Bob Feldman's band, The Strangeloves

But Schwartz says he tried to help. He was at poker night at Feldman's house and tried to help Feldman with the math.

"I got there early," he says. "So we set everything up, and Corey Feldman and I were talking, and I said, ‘What is this nonsense with your father stealing your money? This is ridiculous.'  

"He says, ‘Oh, no, no, I made $1.2 million, and I don't have anything to show for it.’ I said, ‘Wait.’ And I got a big legal pad out. I grabbed one from his desk.

"I said, ‘Let's write this down, $1.2 million. Okay, that's not what you made, that's what you grossed. You have an uncle, Uncle Sam. You give him 30% of your money or more.

Corey Feldman in leather

"Then you have your other cousin, the cousin  -- the state of California, they take 8% to 10% of your money. Then you have an agent who takes 10%, a manager who takes 10%. Then you have PR people; you're paying $3,000, $4,000, $5,000 a month.

"And I put it all on a piece of paper. I got it down -- it was like $40,000 at the end of the day that was leftover. And I included clothing, gas, parking, what it costs to maintain a vehicle, everything.

"And I said, ‘You know what? This is funny because between the time that you are four and 16 and a half -- whatever for 12, 13 years -- you didn't eat a meal.’ I had never written down food.

"And this is not a kid who always went to Burger King. You have a nice dinner here; you go out there, you go to this place and have dinner, you go to this place to have lunch. You're spending money. Whose money is he spending? He is spending his own money.

Corey Feldman Angelic 2 Tour

"Did Bob Feldman steal money from his own kid? No. That's bullshit. This is part of the Corey Feldman ‘I’m a victim’ thing. This was almost the beginning of it.

"Because by saying, ‘Ah, look, my father stole all my money,” he got jobs. People were giving him work because he was playing the victim. Because he had nothing.

And of course all this time, he's doing drugs as well. How are you going to tell him, ‘How much did you blow on coke last week, man?’ You can't ask that question.

He might have [Dancing on Ice] -- or whatever the hell it was -- in London because, in the US, none of those people wanted him. In London, he made like $75 grand or something like that.

Corey Feldman's band on Today

"And he turned around he got back, and he bought a brand new $40,000 BMW because he had money.

"The fact that you got a wife, you got to provide, you got to have a house, you got to have money to pay your bills.

"And then he went into the studio and recorded another album that nobody will buy. He might sell a couple of hundred copies to his diehard fan, but other than that, it ain't going to be on the billboard 100, okay."

Funny story about Feldman's CDs, though; Scott recalls, "When Corey Haim passed away -- it was the Friday, and Judy was emptying his closet and his drawers. 

"And in there was a stack of five or six CDs that Corey Feldman had given to Corey Haim. Every time he came out with a new album, he had to give it to his 'buddy.'

Corey Feldman ANgelic 2 album
Corey Feldman Mercy album

"Or he’d give it to him when they were at an event or whatever the hell it was -- an autograph signing -- whatever it was.

"And Corey Haim never opened one of them. Wouldn’t listen to it if you paid him! If you have a CD with -- I can't even say it, it's so horrific, the example I’d give.

"It's just the worst crap you've ever heard, and then Haim wanted none of it, but of course he took it politely, ‘Oh thanks!’ And then he took it and threw it in his drawer. Never opened them up, never listened to him, couldn’t care less. Garbage."

Can't get enough Corey talk? There's more to come. Be on the lookout for Part 3, coming very soon -- in which Scott talks a bit about Feldman's relationship with the King of Pop and more!

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