Tom Ellis Signs a Deal for More Lucifer at Netflix

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Thank God, Tom Ellis just closed a deal to continue playing Lucifer should Netflix be in the market.

Despite FOX's decision to can the series after three relatively successful seasons, Lucifer flourished on Netflix.

And even though they initially canceled the fan-favorite series after the fourth season, common sense got the better of Netflix, and we're anxiously awaiting news on the release of Lucifer Season 5.

TE Signs Lucifer 1

With as fast as fans gobbled up Lucifer Season 4 and the intense conversation surrounding the cancellation survivor, it's hard to imaging the fifth season will be anything but a roaring success.

So why on earth wouldn't Netflix want to move forward with a sixth season?

Now that Deadline has reported Ellis signed on the dotted line for more of his mischievous and comical take on the dark lord, we can remain hopeful that the world will expand beyond the fifth season.

TE Signs Lucifer 2

All of the parts are falling into place!

It's funny to think that executive producers Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson once felt OK with the doors closing on their beloved series after its revival at Netflix.

They signed deals as soon as Netflix began talks with Warner Bros. TV, the series producer, about getting more devilish fun on their schedule beyond the upcoming season.

Luci and Chloe

That must mean that early response to what lies ahead is even better than we hoped.

And let's be honest, with the way that Lucifer Season 4 ended and the enormous sacrifice Lucifer made to reclaim the throne in Hell, there are infinite directions this story can take under the right guidance, and Modrovich and Henderson have steered it beautifully.

Shortened seasons has meant losing a lot of the secondary character development we enjoyed when there were 22 episodes to a season.

TE Signs Lucifer 3

Other than the excitement surrounding Lucifer resuming his reign, such as getting involved with his nephew, Charlie, and how Amenadiel and Linda are dealing with their celestial spawn.

Chloe must be reeling with Lucifer's decision to return to Hell, and how the two make their way back to each other will certainly be worth the watch.

And let's not forget Eve, who is now intertwined emotionally with Mazikeen. Eve sort of disappeared at the end of Season 5, but we're not worried that she won't be back and entertaining as ever.

TE Signs Lucifer 4

And my fingers are crossed that we'll see a lot more with Dan and Ella, who are two of the most complex characters on the series, always surprising us with their latest developments.

The good news is that the entire cast is supposedly on board for more.

Now we just need to sit and wait patiently for word on the release of Season 5.

TE Signs Lucifer 5

Since marketing efforts might want to refer to an endpoint or the continuation beyond the upcoming season, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Ellis' new deal will prompt Netflix to announce soon.

Are you excited? What do you think is coming for the Lucifer gang in the upcoming season?

Hit the comments and revel in this good news.

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