Blindspot Season 5 Episode 5 Review: Head Games

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That was remarkably quick.

Weller escaped, and Jane received amateur surgery during Blindspot Season 5 Episode 5.

So by the end, the team was together again and back in the fight against Madeline.

Strategy Session - Blindspot

After, you know, they take care of their payment to Ice Cream.

That's only fair since he did save their asses (except for Reade) back in Iceland on Blindspot Season 4 Episode 22.

Research Session  - Blindspot Season 5 Episode 5

They just can't catch a break while on the run, can they?

Rich went out to find blood for Jane only to have that guy turn over their location to Ice Cream.

It's the final season of Blindspot, so maybe that's why these two storylines got wrapped up so promptly.

As the episode title suggests, this was all about head games.

Ivy tried to bullshit Kurt at first, planting the seeds about Jane's gunshot and Bethany's predicament, attempting to get him to trade the rest of his teammates for those two people he loved most.

Being Interrogated - Blindspot Season 5 Episode 5

Then she hit him with this super-duper truth serum, which was supposed to get him to spill his guts.

All that did was set free the ghosts that haunt Weller in his mind.

She wasn't tricking him using anything with which he hadn't already wrestled.

Once again, TPTB found a creative method of injecting faces from the past into this final season.

Jane's former Sandstorm handler/lover Oscar, killed on Blindspot Season 1 Episode 23, introduced a montage of those who didn't survive right after Kurt voiced that the good guys always find a way to escape.

Haunted Weller - Blindspot Season 5 Episode 5

That got Weller to slip up, admitting that the squad was hiding out in a bunker.

But as Jane pointed out later, Europe (especially Eastern Europe) is rife with abandoned Cold War-era bunkers, so that admission was hardly a dealbreaker, especially since Patterson found a bunker that was totally off the grid.

Then his father Bill accused Kurt of being a killer just like him, resurrecting the Taylor Shaw storyline from early in the series.

Don't ask me who all the people, supposedly killed by Weller, were in the shadows during that scene. I suspect many of those existed just in his mind.

Painting the guard at the door as grownup Bethany was the tipping point for him. Kurt knew that much of what he was seeing was caused by the truth serum, and that was too big a whopper to swallow.

Weller's Interrogator - Blindspot Season 5 Episode 5

That snapped him back to reality and Ivy.

He taunted her that his teammates would bug out even if she did have the location of the bunker and that Ally had successfully spirited away Bethany before Madeline's people could find them.

He managed to enrage her to the point she kicked him and broke his chair, freeing him, for that ridiculously easy final escape, as he knocked out Ivy and three other guards. He even had the foresight to grab the memory card from Ivy's camera.

There wasn't even any tension when he held the gun on Zapata because you just knew she would be able to talk him down from his paranoid state.

It fell to Jane, after her ordeal, to explain to Weller that all he'd been through was just an extended period of soul-bearing, drug-aided psychoanalysis and no harm, no foul.

Injured Leader - Blindspot Season 5 Episode 5

It wasn't as bad as, say, being operated on by a computer geek.

Yeah, psychological torture loses out to being shot in the gut, for sure.

Once again, Jane's colorful history with Sandstorm enabled her to talk Patterson through removing the bullet and diagnosing the severity of Jane's injury. This wasn't her first off-the-grid surgery.

All that time working on delicate circuit boards gave Patterson the steady hands for an operation.

The upside of Jane's being shot was that Tasha's secret came out, much to her annoyance.

Hands Up - Blindspot Season 5 Episode 5

Since Rich was the only other person to know about her pregnancy, wasn't this moment inevitable?

Once Jane's wound was packed with gauze, and she passed out, the spotlight swung back to Zapata, much to her discomfort.

Since she hadn't processed her pregnancy yet, little wonder she wasn't in the frame of mind to accept her teammates' congratulations and that she'd rather run off to Germany, without backup, than deal with all that mushy stuff.

And, man, didn't it stretch credibility when essentially Rich and Patterson stuck a pin in the map then directed Tasha to where Weller was being held? Little wonder he was suspicious when she just turned up there.

This marks the second consecutive episode with no Madeline and Weitz, which has to be considered a win.

Making Plans - Blindspot Season 5 Episode 5

Madeline works best as an icy offstage bogeywoman whose spirit hovers over every scene.

And Weitz is going to screw thing up for the team, just wait and see.

The big question now is what Madeline will do to Ivy. It's the third time that fugitives have messed up Madeline's plans and escaped on Ivy's watch.

It was closer this time, but horse shows and hand grenades and all that.

It wouldn't do for a highly placed law-enforcement official like Madeline to round up another group of mercenaries, so I supposed they'll have to reach an accommodation.

Smaller Squad - Blindspot Season 5 Episode 5

To follow Ivy's mishaps, watch Blindspot online.

Did Jane and Weller get out of the life-threatening crises too easily?

How is Tasha going to deal with doting teammates?

What will Ice Cream make the team do next episode?

Comment below.

Head Games Review

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Blindspot Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

The FBI built you to be unbreakable. My job is to unbuild you.

Ivy [to Weller]

Weller: Why don't we skip to my favorite part: Where you ask where my team is and I refuse to give them up?
Ivy: You know what my favorite part is? That you believe that.