Big Brother Star Claims Producers Wrote Diary Room Scripts, Fed Information To ‘Favorite’ Players

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A former Big Brother star has spoken out about her time on the CBS reality series. 

Christine Varner, who competed on Big Brother Season 16 six years ago complained about stars of the controversial Big Brother 15 being "blacklisted" from future appearances in the franchise. 

She went on to detail her own experience of being on the show, and alleged that production scripted dialogue in the diary room, among other things.

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“My DR sessions were 100% production written by around week 5,” she alleged.

“I was getting so frustrated with them making me say stuff I didn’t believe in, or NOT how it happened…Like they made me say sentences VERBATIM."

"If I got one word off I had to start over. I would get pissed off obviously and not be as nice. I would be in there for hours at a time.”

Christine also claimed that producers stirred the pot to increase the intension in the house, and that they even gave information to their favorite players. 

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“They say things specifically for you to be suspicious to other people through questions," she said.

"That’s how I knew Derrick [Levasseur] and Cody [Calafiore] were coming for me for a couple weeks. And how they feed info to favorites to make them look ‘brilliant.”

Varner added that when it came to the jury house, production did not get in the way of the final vote. 

She closed off with, “My season they were rigged for the people you like, don’t worry.”

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When quizzed about whether she regrets taking part in the series, Christine said that she has no regrets she would not have been "brave enough" to leave her ex-husband. 

Christine made it far into the game, exiting on day 77 of 97, and coming in sixth place. The season was won by Derrick Levasseur. 

As things stand, Big Brother is set to return with another All-Stars edition on August 5. 

However, the previously teased cast reveal and interviews did not go ahead as planned, with producers reportedly scrambling to cast the season during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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