Defending Jacob: Chris Evans and Michelle Dockery Tease Potential Season 2

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Defending Jacob was a resounding success for Apple TV+, but there has been no indication about whether a second season could be made. 

Defending Jacob Season 1 wrapped up the storylines nicely, but the question remained about whether Jacob was a killer. 

Now, stars Chris Evans and Michelle Dockery have opened up about the series returning for more in a new interview with Deadline

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“I mean look, I’ll say this. Sometimes what matters more to me than the script, than the role, is the people, you know?" Evans told the outlet.

"The process of acting is such a tricky one and it can be really exacerbated by the wrong environment, and when you find a sweet spot, when you have a playground that you can’t wait to get to because everyone makes it such a safe environment to take risks, it’s understandable to miss it and maybe want to revisit.”

Helping Their Son - Defending Jacob

Dockery was similarly enthusiastic about returning to work on a potential second season. 

“We thought we were closing the door but I don’t know, I feel like there’s always an opportunity to revisit something and especially if the audience out there, there’s an appetite for it, so who knows?" she said.

"But as Chris was saying, this was such a pleasure, so we had such a wonderful time and yeah, I would jump in a heartbeat to do it all again.”

William Landay's novel, which the series was based on, does not have a sequel, and the TV iteration was always billed as a miniseries. 

Happiness Begins - Defending Jacob Season 1 Episode 8

However, it's not uncommon for TV shows to outlive their source material. 13 Reasons Why went on for three more seasons after the source material wrapped. 

Some shows even deviate from the source material, so a potential second season would probably come down to the storyline. 

It's hard to imagine Apple TV+ not wanting to work with the cast again, especially given that the series was well-received. 

The ending was also ambiguous, meaning there are some different directions the storyline go if the opportunity is given to expand the franchise. 

Saving His Son - Defending Jacob Season 1 Episode 7

What do you think of this? Would you like a second season, or do you think Defending Jacob Season 1 Episode 8 was a perfect conclusion?

Hit the comments. 

You can stream Defending Jacob globally on Apple TV+.

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