Lucifer Season 5 Episode 8 Review: Spoiler Alert

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The first half of season five has come to a close and wow, there is so much to unpack.

Dan has done as the archangel Michael has directed him, and shot Lucifer.

Chloe is not happy.

Lucifer got Shot Season 5 Episode 8

Chloe: What the hell are you doing?!
Dan: What am I doing? What are you doing? He’s the Devil, and you’ve known about it all this time?
Lucifer: I have never hidden my devil-ness from anyone.

Luckily for Lucifer, this is the time when he suddenly becomes invulnerable again, so he doesn't die.

Not only is he indestructible again, but he has his mojo back, too. What does that mean for him and Chloe? Has he decided not to be vulnerable around her anymore?

This is not the only question on Chloe's mind during Lucifer Season 5 Episode 8. She is also questioning their arrest of the Whisper Killer.

Soon, Chloe realizes Les Klumpsky is nothing more than a copycat and only killed the last victim.

Chloe Visits Jail - Lucifer Season 5 Episode 8

While she obsesses over investigating the Whisper Killer, Lucifer obsesses over possible ways to get revenge on Dan for shooting him. He will soon come to regret this, though.

As Lucifer is putting together petty plans for revenge (I mean, seriously Lucifer, Dan didn't even leave a scratch), someone breaks into Chloe's place and kidnaps her.

Lucifer and Ella immediately begin their search for Chloe. I get they are the ones who care the most about Chloe, but why wasn't there an actual detective involved in this case from the beginning? They didn't even call Dan. 

Lucifer and Ella did great on their own, though. Lucifer channeled his inner Detective Decker and spearheaded their search for Chloe.

Ella at Killshare - Lucifer Season 5 Episode 8

First, they find Killshare, a dark web chat site for those interested in killing. The fact a place like this even exists in the first place is frightening and even Lucifer is disgusted they allow murderers (potential or otherwise) such an outlet.

Ella: What was that about not walking into a killer’s lair? Do you think Chloe’s here? Should we call for backup?
Lucifer: I’m all the backup we need.
Ella: You’re just an actor!

What's even more frightening is when they find the true killer.

That morning, Pete gave Ella the key to his apartment. She freaked out, thinking it is just way too early in their relationship for that, but Chloe was able to talk her down. Pete is a good guy, after all.

Pete told Ella he had a box of research on the Whisper Killer at his place, so she used her key to go get it. What she found was unsettling.

Ella Wins - Lucifer Season 5 Episode 8

Pete had a secret room where he grows stargazer lillies, which are the flowers he leaves on all his victims.

When he showed up the moment Ella was about to leave, the tension was thick as he realized Ella had discovered his secret. 

Not to be dramatic or anything, but I had to pause and pace the room to prepare for the possibility of Ella's murder. Like, no way they kill Ella Lopez, resident ray of sunshine, off the show. I won't stand for it.

Luckily, our Miss Lopez was one step ahead of Pete and had taken one of his syringes from the room and knocked him out with it.

Ella and Pete in Interrogation - Lucifer Season 5 Episode 8

Back in interrogation, Pete reveals he has some serious mommy issues. His mother used to scream at him all the time and loved her stargazer lillies, so naturally he made it his life's mission to silence women.

The only time I ever feel anything is when I’m hearing them choke on their own blood… unable to talk.


As he spills everything, Ella comes to the realization that he intended to kill her too, and was just using her to stay ahead of the investigation. The psychopath says he tried with her, because even though Ella talks so much, everything she says is just so sweet. She can even make a serial killer try to be nice.

The only time I ever feel anything is when I’m hearing them choke on their own blood… unable to talk.

Even Ella's light can't bring Pete out of the darkeness. He is a lost cause and it's really heartbreaking, for Ella's sake.

All season long, Ella has been talking about how she has a weakness for the bad boys. Then the one time she tries to switch it up and give a good guy a chance, he ends up a serial killer. Ella is going to have a long way to go to move forward from this.

Chloe in a Cave - Lucifer Season 5 Episode 8

Even though he is a psychopathic killer, Pete is actually innocent of Chloe's abduction. 

That credit belongs to the evil twin, Michael.

Michael wastes no time in playing with Chloe's fears over Lucifer's recent changes.

Just like Lucifer can’t create desires, I can’t create fears. I just expose what’s already there and, girl, you reek of fear.


Lucifer is invulnerable again and he still hasn't told her he loves her. Despite Chloe's assertion she and Lucifer are stronger than ever, Michael knows she's worried about that. No doubt, she's thinking about the timing of this invulnerability. It comes right after they slept together.

Lucifer Finds Chloe  Season 5 Episode 8

A theory: maybe they've been viewing this vulnerable situation all wrong. Perhaps it isn't simply that Lucifer wants to be vulnerable around her. Instead, maybe he was vulnerable around her all this time because he was unsure of where they stood.

Lucifer has held a candle for Chloe from the beginning. It hasn't always been one-sided, but there has always been something in the way. Now, though, he isn't questioning anything with her. He knows they love each other. She knows the truth about everything.

Perhaps the invulnerability is simply his security in their relationship now. He's sure of them now. I don't for one second doubt Lucifer's feelings for her. 

Dan seems to be on board with it all, too, now.

Dan Argues with Lucifer Season 5 Episode 8

Maze had to track him down and bring him to the station. Lucifer quickly realizes it was Michael who led Dan to see his face, and it was also Michael who encouraged him to shoot Lucifer.

When they work together and find Chloe, Dan seems to realize Lucifer truly cares about Chloe. Is it possible they are over this bump in the Bracelet Bros road?

Maze knows, too, that Lucifer and Chloe are soulmates. She, though, is resentful of that fact.

Michael knows exactly what it is Maze fears. She simply wants a soul, so she can have meaningful attachments here on Earth. Michael doesn't have Lucifer's no-lying rule, so there's no telling how much truth is in his promise to her.

Lucifer Kicked Through Glass Season 5 Episode 8

It makes sense why Maze teamed up with Michael. She expressed her desire to have a soul and Lucifer scoffed at her. So, she jumped at the chance to get what she wants. As a bonus, she gets to punish Lucifer.

Michael has taken his Jan Brady sibling envy to another level.

It's not enough that he targeted Chloe, Dan, and Maze. Now, he goes after Amenadiel and Charlie, his own nephew.

They realize he's the one who made Charlie sick in the first place (although it was merely a common cold). But the realization that Charlie is a mere mortal instead of angelic, sends Amenadiel in a downward spiral. He's in such a frenzy, he not only slows down time, but stops it all together.

Amenadiel Freezes Time - Lucifer Season 5 Episode 8

His spiral is at a really inopportune time as Lucifer was finally about to tell Chloe those sweet three words she'd been waiting to hear. But as Michael says, it's not that simple to get over a fear.

The subsequent fight that ensues in the frozen police station was epic. 

Maze, having chosen to fight with Michael, finally tells Lucifer why she's mad at him, as she slings demon blades his way.

Lucifer: I’m sorry, Maze, but I gave Lilith my word.
Maze: Which is apparently more important to you than I am!

She knows how much Lucifer prides himself on his word and his honesty. She thought, though, that they were close enough for him to tell her something this large. She has to understand he's existed since the beginning of time. He's known Lilith longer than Maze, so of course he would keep her secret. 

Angel Fight - Lucifer Season 5 Episode 8

It looks like the four of them plan to fight to the death until their heavenly father finally makes an appearance.

We'd known prior to the season's release that God would be coming to the show. According to co-showrunner Joe Henderson, Dennis Haysbert was their top choice for the role and we are super excited about the decision.

Only 11 words, and we're already hooked to the idea of him as God.

The second half of the season couldn't get here fast enough.

God Himself - Lucifer Season 5 Episode 8

Hopefully God's presence will stop this in-fighting and get Michael together and quickly.

Courtesy of the Lucifer writers twitter, we know the first episode back is titled "Family Dinner." Henderson tweeted this episode caused tears at the table read. This tells us the family reunion won't be all sunshine and rainbows.

Athough, after Michael's actions, we never expected that.

Over to you, Fanatics! What did you think of the first half of the season? Are you as anxious as us for the second half?

Sound off in the comments and let us know!

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Lucifer Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Ella: I mean, how long did it take Lucifer to say, “I love you?”
Chloe: Uh… well, every relationship is different. You know, you probably shouldn’t compare yourself to others.

Chloe: What the hell are you doing?!
Dan: What am I doing? What are you doing? He’s the Devil, and you’ve known about it all this time?
Lucifer: I have never hidden my devil-ness from anyone.