The Society Creator Reveals What Would Have Happened in Canceled Season 2

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The Society is dead and buried at Netflix. 

Despite scoring a second season renewal, the streamer canceled the series last week because of difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

As a result, fans have been left wondering what might have happened in the second season, and series creator Christopher Keyser is offering up some teases to fans. 

The End of the Road

“We spent a lot of time talking about the reasons why the children of West Ham became the children of New Ham — what the cause of that was, how they might return home,” Keyser told Variety.

He explained that the second season would have further explored the open field with farmable land, which became crucial as New Ham’s resources started to run out.

Siblings Rise Up

We would have delved deeper into“the establishment of what we called the ‘outpost,’ and the eventual conflict between the outpost and the town over control,” Keyser said, adding that “a descent into greater darkness” would have been something needed for the show. 

“It raised a lot of large questions about the way in which we treat each other, and the way we create caste systems and an underclass,” he said.

“It had big political implications, but also a lot of new relationships — and also resolving questions about who was in power, and who wasn’t.”

The Society 3

The Society Season 2 was set to enter production in March, with the scripts already written, but the COVID-19 pandemic brought the show to a grinding halt. 

Keyser said that the show wasn't a monster hit for Netflix in the vein of Stranger Things, so it probably would have only lasted a few seasons. 

“Anyone who’s on Netflix knows the chances of five seasons are diminishing, unless you have ratings of a certain type… I was not expecting that we would exist for that long,” he shared.

There Is Always One

“But longer than one season for certain.”

“We’ve made the difficult decision not to move forward with second seasons of The Society and I Am Not Okay With This,” the streaming service told Deadline last week.

“We’re disappointed to have to make these decisions due to circumstances created by COVID, and we are grateful to these creators, including: Jonathan Entwistle, Christy Hall, Shawn Levy, Dan Levine, Dan Cohen and Josh Barry at 21 Laps Entertainment for I Am Not Okay With This; Chris Keyser, Marc Webb and Pavlina Hatoupis for The Society; and all the writers, casts and crews who worked tirelessly to make these shows for our members around the world.”

A Watchful Gaze

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