Lovecraft Country Season 1 Episode 4 Review: A History of Violence

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After four episodes, Lovecraft Country continues to frustrate occasionally, but it is more often fascinating.

On Lovecraft Country Season 1 Episode 4,  following the theory that "A good offense is a good defense," Tic and company decide to head east to Ardham, where their troubles began.

I guess they forgot the concept that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Making Plans -- Tall - Lovecraft Country Season 1 Episode 4

Tic, Leti, and Montrose didn't make it back to Ardham, but they certainly found plenty of trouble.

What was frustrating?

Unhappy Surprise - Lovecraft Country Season 1 Episode 4

Let's start with that we need to know, in a tale powered by magic, how dead is dead?

By this, I wonder if Misha Green and the other powers that be actually got rid of Tony Goldwyn (Samuel Braithwhite)  and Courtney B. Vance (Uncle George) and after one and two episodes, respectively.

If so, talk about a waste of talent!

Still, it doesn't seem real likely, does it?

George has already made contact from the other side via the Ouija board on Lovecraft Country Season 1 Episode 3. And can we really trust anything Christina has to say about Samuel?

Unexpected Arrival - Lovecraft Country Season 1 Episode 4

Then there are intriguing characters who get introduced and seemingly discarded.

There was the irritating racist Dell on Lovecraft Country Season 1 Episode 2. But since she was still alive the last time we saw her, she's likely to be back.

This time out, we got introduced to Yahima, the indigenous she/he that Titus had conned to translate pages from the Book of Names for him.

Which dovetailed nicely into my other pet peeve: how much suspension of disbelief does any one series need?

Of course, suspension of disbelief is a healthy part of any science-fiction, fantasy, or paranormal show. It's escapism, after all.

New Ally - Lovecraft Country Season 1 Episode 4

Tic was able to translate Yahima's ancient indigenous dialect, because, what, Titus's blood running through his veins gave him that ability? Leti and Montrose just rolled with it because they didn't get it either.

So we get Yahima's sad back story, she becomes a siren upon leaving Titus's chamber (again, roll with it), and finally agrees to help Tic with translation.

Only to have Montrose kill her. Huh?

"Why" is for the next episode. Let's just make the jump that Montrose knows more than he's letting on, or he's trying to protect Tic from getting in deeper. Or both.

Either way, that's going to kick the hell out of the fragile bond that was forming this episode between Tic and Montrose. And how long before the paternity question pops up?

Bonding Time - Lovecraft Country Season 1 Episode 4

Anyone else expecting Dora to make an appearance, despite the whole being-dead issue?

To get to the bottom of this Sons of Adam mystery, Tic, even though he's the one with the power, has to stop being such a male and trying to blunder blindly forward on his own.

He's trying to protect Leti. He refuses to ask Montrose for help. He has to realize, as Leti so delicately put in, "You're not the center of the fucking universe."

On their journey to the center of the earth, it took Tic's bravery, Leti's fearlessness, and Montrose's intellect to get them as far as they got.

Order Wanna-Be - Lovecraft Country Season 1 Episode 4

They would be even further along if they stopped keeping secrets from each other. But those will just have to keep slowly leaking out at inappropriate moments, I guess.

At least we got our "Leti, You is My Woman Now" moment, when Tic and Leti stopped fighting their attraction and kissed. Of course, it can't be that simple, but at least their feelings are out in the open now.

There's still quite a bit going on with those orbiting the main trio.

What to make of Christina? Sure, she's an ambitious, conniving bitch, but I blame Samuel for most of that. She's still trying to prove herself to him and his followers.

And watching her play hide-and-seek with that group of children makes you realize that she hardly had a normal childhood. It's almost enough to make her a sympathetic character.

Having Fun - Lovecraft Country Season 1 Episode 4

I said almost. Especially when compared to Captain Lancaster, who's kind of Order adjacent. When he was introduced on Lovecraft Country Season 1 Episode 3, he just knew too much to be your standard racist cop.

It's one thing when Christina's father talked down to her. It's another when it's some nobody Order wanna-be.

I do hope that Christina and/or William put Lancaster in his place.

It was interesting to see that William survived the implosion of Ardham Lodge on Lovecraft Country Season 1 Episode 2. Is he just a handsome Aryan with good timing, or does he have one of those invulnerability spells himself?

And whatever does he want with hard-luck Ruby? Is she going to be a pawn in Christina's mind games with Leti?

It isn't hard to feel sorry for Ruby. By helping out the sister, she now feels betrayed her, she missed out on her dream job at Marshall Field.

Hard Day - Lovecraft Country Season 1 Episode 4

I hate to break it to Ruby, but the skinny colored girl was going to get the position instead of her anyway. Body shaming will always exist.

Finally, it's great to see that Hippolyta is going to inject herself into the narrative. You don't cast Aunjanue Ellis just to play the sassy wife. 

Hippolyta walked off with the orrery, which is the key to finding the stolen pages. Only she doesn't know it.

And now she's driving to Ardham with spunky daughter Diana. They are both wonder women, so watch out!

Unexpected Passenger - Lovecraft Country Season 1 Episode 4

To figure out the narrative, watch Lovecraft Country online.

Will Tic realize he needs help?

What does Montrose know?

What will Hippolyta discover?

Comment below.

A History of Violence Review

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Lovecraft Country Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Don't let the men fool you into thinking it's always about them. [Tic's] blood may have power in it but that's only because Titus spelled it that way. It doesn't make Tic special. Not really. Certainly not enough to get away with murder.

Christina [to Leti]

Smells like Tulsa.